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March 2014 Newsletter
Dear Families and Friends of LEH,
Welcome back
After over three month...
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March 2014 newsletter


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Transcript of "March 2014 newsletter"

  1. 1. March 2014 Newsletter Dear Families and Friends of LEH, Welcome back After over three months away in America it was both a relief and delight to welcome back Chloe and Charlotte. It has been lovely looking through their photographs and hearing about their experiences and we gratefully thank the medical teams and everyone who has supported Chloe and her family throughout this time. In our thoughts and prayers Adam Dixon is still undergoing treatment in Newcastle. If anyone who is not in direct contact with the family would like to send any messages of support please bring them into school and we will gladly forward them. Communication Unfortunately the server that manages our school website is experiencing problems and our school web site is no longer live. Despite promises from the web page provider, efforts to restore the web site have not been successful and decision has been made to create a new web site for the school. We will keep you informed of the developments. To find out what’s been happening throughout school please visit our blog at Communication is a two way thing and letters are regularly given out to inform parents and children of what is happening in and around school. Please check your child is bringing home letters and challenge them if you have not received a letter for a while. Our texting service only allows us a certain number of characters and can only be used in certain circumstances, Parent’s consultations Thank-you to all the parents who met with the teachers to discuss their child’s learning and progress. We trust that you found the meetings informative and that your child’s learning and progress was clearly explained. Many parents filled in the anonymous questionnaires’, thank-you, these are currently being analysed and the results will be shared with you in the near future. Any parent who did not get the opportunity to fill in a questionnaire please contact school. Sports relief Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March 2014 On Friday 21st March we are inviting children to come into school in a sports kit this can be a kit they wear for a sports club or their school PE kit although children not wearing their school PE kit must bring it to school on this day to change into. Throughout the day the children will be engaging in sporting activities and learning about sports relief. If any children wish to bring a donation for the activities this will be forwarded to Sports relief. Commitment and responsibility We are noticing that some children, who initially signed up to a club or group, appear to be choosing to stop attending mid-way through the series of sessions or before a performance. Whilst we accept that there may be very valid reasons that are unavoidable, this sometimes does not seem to be the case. Often we need a certain number of children to take up the offer of music lessons or sports coaching to make them viable. If there is not enough interest, regrettably we are unable to offer the club, When children are ‘giving – up’ the impact is felt by others as is the case when children no longer want to take part in a production. Taster sessions are offered and we ask that children use these. Potential industrial Action – Wednesday 26th March As you will be aware some teaching unions have voted to hold a strike on 26th March. This action is being taken as part of a campaign against proposals to make changes to public sector pay, working conditions and pensions provisions going forwards. The staff who are members of the affected unions have met and agreed that they would not be participating in this strike action. They have taken this decision in the interests of the pupils of the school. Whilst I am sure that you would have been supportive of any member of the school staff who chose to take part in the strike action I am very confident that you will appreciate that your child’s needs have been put first. The school will therefore be open on the 26th March 2014. Universal Free School Meals The government is introducing a new policy that means from September 2014 All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be eligible for a FREE school meal. We anticipate that most parents would want to take advantage of this as it worth over £400 a year per child, but we would like some indication from Year 1 and Reception parents as the likely hood of their child/children having a school dinner each day. As you can imagine this policy may present us with a few logistical issues that we need to be prepare for. Please can you indicate what is most likely for your child. This is not a binding contract and you will of cause be free to change your mind. Attendance Thank-you to all the parents who have chosen to not to take a holiday during school time. Between, September 2012 to March 2013 there were 428 absences due to family holidays; in September 2013 to March 2014 this was 206. I would also like to inform you that penalty warning letters are to be phased out in place of penalty notices as parents are fully aware of the new government legislations. Inset Days School will be open on Friday 4th April School will be closed to all pupils on Friday 23rd May and Friday 6th June With kind regards, Katharine Dews (Acting) Headteacher
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