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  • 1. “The children in this school will make the world a better place‟. S.I.A.S /R.E. Inspection Sept 2007‟” Green Lane, Ledston, Nr Castleford, WF10 2BD Tel: 01977 557758 http://ladyehastings.blogspot.com/ Headteacher: Mrs C Bean
  • 2. 28 April 2014 Dear Parents/Carers I hope that you have all had a good weekend and enjoyed the Easter holidays! I am delighted to be writing this letter on my first day as Headteacher of Lady Elizabeth Hastings. As you will be aware, I have been working closely „behind the scenes‟ with Mrs Daws, staff, governors and the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Clarke, to ensure that this wonderful, happy and welcoming school has continued to thrive and to ensure that the children have continued to enjoy the very best educational experiences as possible. On my frequent visits I have been very impressed with the children‟s love of learning, the way they demonstrate Christian values as they go about their school life and with their resilience and determination as they strive to achieve their very best! Attendance Attendance at the end of Spring Term 2 was 97.8%. From September to April 4th our running total stands at 96.4%. This is a significant improvement on this time last year and I would like to thank all parents and carers for helping us improve these figures. Children in all year groups will be taking important assessment tests over the next 12 weeks and I know that you will agree with me when I say that it is vitally important that your child(ren) attend school every day. Assessments and activities designed to help your child transfer easily from one year group to another, are planned carefully and differentiated to meet your child‟s individual learning needs. Class Teachers do this on a daily basis right up to the end of term in July. I am unable to authorise any holidays in term time and must remind you that if you take your child out of school, a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued. School Dinners On the reverse of this letter is a copy of next week‟s dinner menu. Please note that in future this will go out on the back of the Friday newsletter, which will be done weekly. This term we are having to tighten up our procedures with the collection of dinner monies and with a change of ICT infrastructure imminent, we are asking parents to revert back to a very simple system of paying for dinners weekly in advance . From next week, all Dinner Monies must be sent in on Mondays, for the week ahead, (or Tuesday in the event of a Bank Holiday). Please go through the menu for the week ahead with your child each weekend and decide on which days
  • 3. he/she would like dinners. We would like parents and carers to follow the procedures outlined below;- Share the menu with your child/ren and choose the days on which a school meal is desired. Make sure that your child knows which day he/she is having a dinner. If your child has school dinners every day, send the correct payment in a named envelope and write on the envelope the total amount enclosed for X5 days. This should be either £9.50 for Reception to Year 4 children or £9.75 for Year 5 and Year 6 children. If your child normally has packed lunches but would like a school dinner on any of the Lunch Club days i.e. Monday, Wednesday or Friday, please write the days on the envelope and enclose the correct money i.e £ 1.95 or £1.90 x 1, x2 or x3. Please put the envelope in the child‟s book bag and remind him/her to hand into the Class Teacher on Monday morning. Teachers will ask your child to check their book bags. The post box will be removed on Friday as we would like to revert to the system where your child is responsible for handing in payment to class teachers. We aim to chase up all missing monies on the first Monday of each week. I am aware that some parents pay in advance for the term, or pay in arrears. For this term, I would politely request that parents pay weekly using the procedure outlined above. I will keep you informed as soon as we have an up to date electronic system of paying for school meals. Yours sincerely C BEAN Headteacher
  • 4. Lady Elizabeth Hastings School Menu Week Commencing 5 May 2014 Monday School Closed May Day Bank Holiday Tuesday – Lunch Club Sausage, Mash, Beans Apple Crumble and Custard * Wednesday – Lunch Club Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, Nann Bread Jam Sponge and Custard * Thursday Shepherd‟s Pie, Baby Carrots, Gravy Rice Pudding and Jam * Friday – Lunch Club Fish, Chips, Peas, Tomato Sauce Ice Cream and Assorted Sauce * JACKET POTATOES WITH VARIOUS FILLINGS, A SELECTION OF SANDWICHES OR WRAPS AND FRESH FRUIT ARE AVAILABLE DAILY THIS WEEKLY MENU CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE