Scottish Jazz Federation Promoters Forum Digital Audience Development

Scottish Jazz Federation Promoters Forum Digital Audience Development



Creative content communications company Inner Ear present a strategy for online promotion of events.

Creative content communications company Inner Ear present a strategy for online promotion of events.



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Scottish Jazz Federation Promoters Forum Digital Audience Development Scottish Jazz Federation Promoters Forum Digital Audience Development Presentation Transcript

  • Scottish Jazz Federation  Promoters Forum
    • A strategy for social media events promotion by Inner Ear
    Digital Audience Development
  • Digital Audience Development
      • Inner Ear
        • Website
        • Social media use
        • Radio Magnetic
      • Social Media Services
        • Platforms
        • Networks
        • Tools
      • Online Promotion Strategy
        • Step-by-step
        • Reference to Jazz Bites
        • Discussion on how this applies to your events
  • Inner Ear
      • Digital media production and promotion
      • Established 30 September 2000
      • Content creation
        • Audio, video, blogs and images
      • Content communication
        • Social media marketing
      • Training and consultancy
      • Use of social media
        • Website
        • Ideas Blog
        • Delicious
        • Issuu
        • Vimeo
        • Twitter
  • Radio Magnetic
      • Inner Ear's own entertainment media brand
      • Alternative and underground music internet radio station
      • Broadcast began: Monday 19 March 2001
      • UK's longest running independent internet radio station
      • Shop front for Inner Ear
      • Promotional platform and testing ground for content
      • Online content and real presence at events
      • Active in social media:
        • Blog-style website
        • Facebook
        • Mixcloud
        • Twitter
  • Terms and Definitions
      • Digital media: content
      • Social media: conversation
      • RSS
      • Embeddable Media
      • Tags
      • Interaction:
        • Friends, fans and followers
      • Services:
        • Platforms, networks and tools
      • Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
  • Social Media Platforms
    • For events campaigns, you can seed content on platforms like these:
      • YouTube (video)
      • Audioboo (audio soundbites)
      • Mixcloud (preview mix)
      • Spotify (playlists)
      • Flickr (promotional photos and flyers)
      • Issuu (event programme)
  • Social Networks
    • Content will be shared on these social networks :
      • Facebook (fan page and events)
      • Twitter (@radiomagnetic and #hashtags)
  • Social Media Tools
    • To syndicate content, and help realise the campaign, we will utilise these tools:
      • Eventbrite (invites and ticket sales)
      • PayPal (ecommerce)
      • Google Maps (location)
      • Google Calendar (scheduling)
      • Posterous (blog)
      • Twitterfeed/ (linking services)
      • Cotweet/Tweetdeck (sharing the workload)
      • Twtqpon  (offer ticket offers through Twitter)
  • Online Promotion Strategy
      • Define the Campaign
      • Create and collate  content
      • Host content on your blog
      • Setup statistics  and measurement tools
      • Schedule post publication
      • Seed content on social media platforms
      • Syndicate across services using connecting tools
      • Share through social networks
      • Start conversations with social media engagement
      • Sell tickets
      • Document the event
      • Use content to reward audience
      • Continue the conversation
      • Analyse   effectiveness and plan your next event
  • Campaign
      • Event: Jazz Bites
      • Date: Thursday 11 November 2010
      • Location: CCA, Glasgow
      • Time: 7.30pm—10pm
      • Artists: The Nova Scotia Jazz Band, John Goldie Band, Breach and John Flemming Quartet
      • Ticket Price: £6
      • Target: reach 10,000 people
      • Channels: see platforms , networks and tools
  • Content
    • Create
      • Audio
        • Preview teaser
        • Promotional mix
      • Video
        • Event trailer
      • Images
        • Digital flyer
      • Text
        • Blog posts
      • Interactive
        • Event invitation
    • Collate
    • Audio
    • Cloudcast mixes
    • Spotify playlists
    • Video
    • Music videos
    • Images
    • Artist photos
    • Text
    • Press releases/biogs
    • Interactive
    • Invitation responses
  • Create: Blog Posts
      • Consider what you want to say about your event
      • Plan out a series of posts
      • Post content  can vary, from an in-depth interview to a single image
      • Media widgets can be embedded on to posts
      • Multiple posts can be created at one time and scheduled for future publication
  • Create: Invitation
      • Create  an event invitation on your website or in Facebook
      • If you want to sell tickets directly but don't have a shop on your site, use a service like EventBrite
      • Or, link to a ticket sales link on the venue's website
      • Make sure links are correct and  targeted
  • Host
      • If we were promoting this event as our own we would:
      • Post on our own website
      • Or setup a Posterous blog to use for promoting events
      • Place content on website and blog (can be either/or)
      • Create links between blog and social networks
  • Statistics
    • To measure effectiveness of the campaign, we will use the following analysis tools:
      • Google Analytics (website stats)
      • Google Alerts (mentions in news and blog posts)
      • Tweetreach (Twitter campaign penetration)
      • Feedburner (RSS feed subscription tracking)
  • Statistics: Google Analytics
  • Statistics: Feedburner     
  • Schedule
      • Use Google calendar to plan post publication
      • Invite colleagues to collaborate
      • Schedule content updates
      • Refer to calendar when adding new content to blog
      • Create multiple posts and schedule for future publication
  • Schedule: Google Calendar    
  • Seed
    • Upload created content to relevant platforms, favourite, like and link collated content
      • Videos to YouTube
      • Audio soundbites to Audioboo
      • Promotional mixes to Mixcloud
      • Playlists in Spotify
      • Photos and pictures to Flickr
      • Event programme to Issuu
  • Syndicate: Twitterfeed    
  • Syndicate: TweetDeck    
  • Syndicate: Cotweet    
  • Syndicate: Twtqpon    
  • Share: Facebook
    • radiomagnetic
    • We manually post content on Facebook
    • Encourage audience engagement with games and challenges
    • Start conversations
    • Likes and comments increase exposure exponentially
    • Two-way link with website
    • Content collated through Facebook is then used on Twitter
  • Share: Twitter
    • @radiomagnetic
    • Posts from Facebook are automatically tweeted
    • Retweeted often
    • Use specific, generic and branded #hashtags
    • Check often
    • Take it in turns to monitor and respond
  • Start Conversations
      • To track the effectiveness of specific campaigns, use a unique #hashtag and encourage everyone to use it in related tweets
      • In promoting this event, we used  #jazzbites
      • Retweet content from Facebook
      • Even a limited number of retweets and mentions can have a wide-reaching affect
      • Reach can be tracked and measured
  • Track Conversations: Tweetreach
  • Sell Tickets
      • Ticket sales can be promoted in a similar manner
      • Combining a service like twtqpon with conversation starters in Twitter and Facebook can encourage people to promote the event for you
      • Use a unique #hashtag as your promotional code
      • Use content to promote ticket coupon code
      • Consider what keywords and trackable links you will use
      • Use content and communication to channel sales
  • Document and Reward
      • SJF could make audio and video recordings of Jazz Bites
      • If so they should  obtain permission from artists performing
      • Necessary music licences  from bodies such as PRS, MCPS and PPL should be obtained
      • Audience members could be encouraged to capture their own media content and share it online
      • Event #hashtags can be used in Twitter and similar tags on all social media platforms to track reach
      • Content is shared with audience members to reward them
  • Continue the Conversation
      • Curate both created and collated content to continue the conversation
      • Distribute content through a strategically aligned suite of social media services
      • Ask the audience for feedback and respond positively
  • Analyse and Plan
      • Conduct   analysis using Google Alerts and Twitter Search
      • Measure campaign reach with Tweetreach , Feedburner and Google Analytics
      • Evaluate what worked , and what didn't , in the campaign
      • Take learnings into account when planning next campaign
      • Setup new goals and define protocols (tags and #hashtags)
      • Plan next campaign
  • Further Information
        • [email_address]
        • [email_address]
      • http://www.
      • http://www.
      • http://www.
      • http://www.
      • http://www.
      • LinkedIn: search in groups for Inner Ear
      • Twitter:  @innerearuk