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  • Making moneytube

    1. 1. Making MoneyTube Realising the potential of facilitating financial networking by creative content communications company Inner Ear
    2. 2. MoneyTube • Video is increasingly popular ‣ • People want to experience information ‣ • Trading happens easily online ‣ • Connecting people makes business better ‣
    3. 3. Content & Communication • Inner Ear creates digital media content and communicates it through social media • In the social media universe, we believe ‣ Content: matter ‣ Communication: energy • Information inspires interaction
    4. 4. Economic Ecosystem • We’re a small company with big ideas • We’ve just formed a consortium with other creatives because we know working together can help us grow • Recently we’ve been thinking about how an online trading space could help companies develop • Enabling individuals and organisations to identify and explore the economic ecosystem they inhabit will help them develop ideas, find partners, attract funders and realise potential
    5. 5. Potential • CBAN is a well presented website, informative and nicely designed, but could be developed further • In business, especially online, nothing exists in a vacuum • MoneyTube could combine: ‣ CBAN’s collaborative finance system ‣ A video exchange for matching up entrepreneurs and investors ‣ An information resource ‣ Our ideas for creating an online trading space for IP, products and services
    6. 6. Experience • The interface should be bold, simple and stylish, like Vimeo • Users can upload their short video pitches, supplier services or investor statements • Content will be sorted by categories (tree-like) and tags (non- hierarchical)
    7. 7. Resources • MoneyTube will provide guidelines to creating videos ‣ (A bit like VideoJug Pages) • Users can contribute their own guides and how- tos as blogs or media files ‣ (Similar to HubPages) • People can share resources with each other, and embed them on other sites ‣ (As with Issuu, Slideshare and other platforms)
    8. 8. Interaction • Based on tags, Moneytube will make recommendations to users to view other videos which could be: ‣ Other pitches (for partners, joint ventures and collaboration) ‣ Supplier offers ‣ Compatible investors • Users can comment on videos, blogs and documents • All content can be shared and embedded
    9. 9. Marketing • Embeddable content will act as inbound marketing tools to build the MoneyTube brand and drive traffic • We’ll take a strategic approach to social media marketing employing targeted tactics • Facebook fan page and LinkedIn group would encourage conversation in those networks • Twitter profile would establish position of voice of authority in business development • Site blog would build connections with other sites, platforms and bloggers
    10. 10. Commercialisation • Sponsorship • Advertising • eCommerce • Royalties from deals done in the trade space • Spin-off documentary and feature productions for TV, radio and online media
    11. 11. Realisation • We can help you make this happen ‣ Site and database design and development project plan ‣ Content management plan and protocols ‣ Revenue model investigation ‣ Design and activation of marketing strategy • We’ll need money and a partnership framework ‣ Split project into phases ‣ Calculate costs for each phase ‣ Raise money ‣ Make it happen
    12. 12. Contact • To discuss these ideas and find out how Inner Ear can help you bring them to life, contact Dougal Perman ‣ ‣ 0141 226 8808 ‣ Twitter: @innerearuk ‣ ‣