Part 7: Panel Discussion


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Robin Warsnop chairs a discussion with the conference speakers, Ritchie Somerville, Roger Carter, David Slocombe, Aoife Behan & Bronwen Robinson.

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Part 7: Panel Discussion

  1. 1. Technology Solutions for Tourism Conference Friday 1 March 2013 Where Technology and Tourism Collaborate Panel DiscussionTuesday, 19 March 13
  2. 2. Panel Discussion  Robin Worsnop, Chair of ETAG & Chief Executive, Rabbies Small Group Tours  Ritchie Sommerville, Programme Strategy Manager, City of Edinburgh Council  Roger Carter, Director, Team Tourism Consulting  David Slocombe. Head of Mobile Development,  Case Study: Aoife Behan, Director, Jelly and Gin  Case Study: Bronwen Robinson, Director, ZolkC Ltd  Panel DiscussionTuesday, 19 March 13
  3. 3. “Bronwen, how important is it for the industry to collaborate together to sell the city of Edinburgh?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  4. 4. “Aoife, from the perspective of the social media, Blogmany was a fantastic example of something that can work.”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  5. 5. “Bronwen, tell us about the strategic partners that were involved and the duration of time that was needed to pull that project together.”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  6. 6. “Roger, we’ve seen how mobile has overtaken PCs. How do you see the future development of that in terms of the visitor experience?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  7. 7. “Given the move to mobile, and when you go abroad data is so expensive. Why, for somewhere like Edinburgh, is free public wifi (especially for tourists) not the only and primary priority?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  8. 8. “David, you’ve seen other destinations across the world, where they are delivering us free wifi. Is it going to give them the edge, in terms of economic development?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  9. 9. “Ritchie, with technology advancing at the rate that it is and the advent of 4G and eventually 5G, how will that impact on the current provision of wifi, particularly in the connected city model?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  10. 10. “David and Aofie, how do you suggest small collaborations can work more effectively and more efficiently?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  11. 11. “Aofie, what’s more important: getting your customer engagement right or getting your technology stategy right?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  12. 12. “Once you’ve built a community or trying to justify investment in a new App or engagement, have you got any ideas, tips, tools that you use to put a value on a fanbase or twitter following? ”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  13. 13. “Ritchie’s outlined what’s out there in terms of what’s available. Roger, what innovations are going to potentially come out of this?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  14. 14. “Bronwen, can you tell us about the project that you did with The National Trust?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  15. 15. “You spoke about what customers need. What do you they need? Are there any quick hits for the businesses here?”Tuesday, 19 March 13
  16. 16. To learn about ETAG visit For information on conference exhibitors, go to Audio, video, web and slidecast production for ETAG by creative content communications company Inner Ear:, 19 March 13