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Multi-Screening - The Who, What, and When for Marketers 6-11-13 10am PDT
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Multi-Screening - The Who, What, and When for Marketers 6-11-13 10am PDT


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Marketers have been paying attention, and are utilizing the activity on multi-screens to push their brands in several ways: by leveraging the small screen during big live events, by incentivizing ad …

Marketers have been paying attention, and are utilizing the activity on multi-screens to push their brands in several ways: by leveraging the small screen during big live events, by incentivizing ad engagement, by gamifying ads etc. Find out how to exploit the full potential of the multi-screen viewing experience and succeed in this new era of personalized marketing.

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  • 1. Winning with Mobile in the Multi-screen world
  • 2. A  li%le  bit  about  me    In  140  characters  –      VP  Marke)ng  @InMobi;  SFBayarea;  powerpoint  junkie,  loves  technology,  hollywood,  bollywood,  and  everything  mobile    Twi%er:  @shrikantlatkar    Linkedin:‎    
  • 3. InMobi is in MIT’s top 50 disruptive companies of 2013
  • 4. Highlights of our consumermedia consumptionbehaviorMulti-screen impact onpurchase behavior10 interesting case studiesthat you can learn fromKey topicscoveredtoday
  • 5. Multi-tasking has now become a way of life with the ever increasingcapabilities of smart phones and tablets
  • 6. Understanding the MediaConsumption Behavior
  • 7. Mobile devices ranks 1st in media consumption10893925237357.0HOURSOF MEDIA PER DAYTHE AVERAGE MOBILEWEB USER CONSUMESUsing mobile(ex SMS/calls)Watching TVListeningto RadioOnline viadesktop/laptopReadingMagazines /NewspapersTabletdevicesminutesminutesminutesminutesminutesminutesSource: InMobi & Decision Fuel, On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research, Wave 2
  • 8. Mobile has started to impact purchase behaviour0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%11%43% 48%31%10% 18%40%
  • 9. and it continues to grow across all stages of the funnelIntroduced you tosomething newSaved youtime or moneyHelped you findsomething nearbyBeen relevant towho you are/whatyou are doingInfluenced yourin-store purchaseInfluenced you tobuy via your mobile20122013 75% 67% 69% 55% 45% 46%49% 37% 38% 25% 17% 20%
  • 10. of mobile users are ascomfortable with mobileadvertising as they arewith TV or onlineadvertising59%
  • 11. Multi-Screen behavioramong global consumers
  • 12. Mobile devices have become an always-on companion to TVwatching62%of mobile web usersengage in mobileactivities whilewatching TV (Wave 2-2012 Nov)39%of mobile web usersengaged in mobileactivities whilewatching TV (Wave1-2012 Feb)
  • 13. Multi-screen behaviour is highest among Gen M55%59%65% 62%69%65%61% 64%Affluents YoungProfessionalsYouth MobileMothersGen M Urban Youth Techies Millennial(20-34)
  • 14. Mobile web users are mainly engaged in social activitieswhile watching TV11%9%15%17%18%30%46%48%OtherShopping onlineInformation:content irrelevant to TVInformation:show running on TVInformation:products seen on TVPlaying games/ listening to musicText messagingSocial Networking
  • 15. Impact of multi-screeningon ad-engagement andother brand lift metrics
  • 16. 69%Increase in brandrecall72%Increase inpurchase intentSource: Nielsen study
  • 17. Likelihood of recalling Advertisers on favorite show
  • 18. Instant action based on what was seen on the TV
  • 19. 10 Ways Marketers areUsing the Multi-screenphenomenon
  • 20. Idea:60% of the Super Bowls 111 million viewerswould be using a second screen during thegame.Impact:•  3 TV spots viewed by 132m people•  9 million screens/ consumers accessedCoke bears on FB, Twitter,•  Average time spent by visitors = 28 mineach1. Leveraging the small screen during big live events
  • 21. 2. Incentivizing ad engagementIdea:Reward app users with a free sodafor tagging the drink-makers newPepsi MAX spotImpact:50,000 digital coupons generatedfor users who tagged the spot
  • 22. Idea:Viewers who downloaded the iPhone appcould use it to “capture” on-screencharacters by physically swiping theirphone at the ad. Users were encouragedto keep viewing the ad to catch all thecharacters.Impact:Within 2 weeks of launch, achieved 10,000app downloads, and over 100,000 hits onYouTube.3. Gamifying TV AdsHonda Jazz - “This Unpredictable Life”
  • 23. Idea:Enigma bear mascot helping consumers to “revealtheir soft side” Shazaming the TV spot led viewersdirectly to a mobile version of that siteImpact:•  Youtube views: 250,000+•  Site visits: 56,266•  Messages sent: 13,500•  Rich Media impressions: 25 Mn•  New FB fans: 55,000•  Quarterly sales value- 8.8 Mn (highest since 2007)•  Share of Multi-packs: 7.7% (more than double oflast yr)•  Highest volume and value market share4. Bridging a campaign’s TV and digital elementsCornetto Enigma / Shazam for TV
  • 24. Idea:Lets users “shop your favorite shows.”“Shop Like a Star,” allows app users tochoose from among an actor’s favoriteeBay categories, with purchasesbenefiting the celeb’s favorite charity5. Syncing e-commerce with TV contentWatch with ebay App
  • 25. Idea:X Factor added a synchronized Xtra Factormobile app that can rate performances,interact with other viewers and accessbonus content such as song lyrics. LiveView and watch episode highlights.6. Sponsoring Second screen extrasVerizon / The X Factor
  • 26. Idea:To bring interactivity to the SuperBowl game by allowing fans to to playtrivia, participate in polls, and engagewith each other through Twitter.Users could win one of 20 Chevys orother prizes.Impact:700,000 app users interacted in realtime with the commercials and thegame for a chance to win Chevys.
  • 27. Idea:2011: #SoLongVampires2012: #BraveryWinsImpact:• The #SoLongVampires became #8most popular Super Bowl ad.• 4x increase in mentions during theweek leading up to the Super Bowl• The ad has had 6.4 million viewson YoutubeImpact:The #BraveryWins got just5000 mentions on twitter,but the ad got 8 Mn viewson youtube.8. Spurring social chatter with Hashtags
  • 28. Idea:A trailer for Prometheus ran in the U.K.and featured the hashtag#areyouseeingthis.These Sunday night viewers had addedincentive to tweet: During the nextcommercial break, a 40-second spotshowcased some of the tweets the first adhad elicited.Impact:•  At one point that evening, the hashtagwas the No. 2 trending topic in the U.K.9. Enabling real-time interactivity
  • 29. Idea:Red Bull-sponsored backcountry freestylesnowboarding competition was Shazamable whenit aired on NBC in March. Shazam users couldaccess point-of-view footage for severalcompetitors, enabling them to see both the wideview on the big screen and the snowboarder’sown dizzying perspective on a second screen.Impact:•  The numbers were “through the roof,” with thepercentage of viewers who Shazamed theshow in the single digits versus what’stypically decimal places. Video viewership wasaround 130%, meaning users watched morethan one video.10. Creating Trans-media opportunities
  • 30. 4 must-dos for amarketers to leveragemobile and multi-screen
  • 31. 1. Know your audience 2. Keep it Simple3. Be Relevant 4. Engage and Re-engageAn integrated mobile strategy for multi-screen
  • 32. Thank you You can reach me at: shri@inmobi.comShrikant LatkarVP of Global MarketingSan Francisco