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Multi-Screening: The Who, What, and When for Marketers 6-12-13 10am IST
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Multi-Screening: The Who, What, and When for Marketers 6-12-13 10am IST


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Marketers have been paying attention, and are utilizing the activity on multi-screens to push their brands in several ways: by leveraging the small screen during big live events, by incentivizing ad …

Marketers have been paying attention, and are utilizing the activity on multi-screens to push their brands in several ways: by leveraging the small screen during big live events, by incentivizing ad engagement, by gamifying ads etc. Find out how to exploit the full potential of the multi-screen viewing experience and succeed in this new era of personalized marketing.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. InMobi | June 12th, 2013Mobile and Multi-Screening
  • 2. Agenda ‣  About InMobi‣  Research Objectives and Methodology‣  Media Consumption & Multi-screening‣  Understanding the Motivations of Multi-screening‣  Impact of Mobile on Purchase Behavior
  • 3. About InMobi
  • 4. InMobi enables brands, publishers, and developers to engageglobal consumers through mobile technologies
  • 5. 578M mobile consumers 93.4B impressions per month 165 countriesInMobi touches 40% of mobile Internet users globally,on average 200 times a month through 26,000+ sites and appsNorth America119 MNORTH AMERICA149 MEME246 MJAPACAfrica35 MAFRICALatin America22 MLATIN AMERICA
  • 6. InMobi is in MIT’s top 50 disruptive companies of 2013
  • 7. Methodology
  • 8. ResearchObjectives‣  Understand consumer mediaconsumption behavior around theworld‣  Keep up to date with new trendsand track changes over time‣  Find what’s working and whatresonates well with consumers
  • 9. Methodology‣  Survey distributed on-device through InMobi’sglobal mobile ad network, and administeredthrough Decision Fuel and On Device Researchmobile web platforms‣  Results targeted to be representative of mobilepopulation with full range of OS and device types‣  Wave 1 fielded in Q2 and Q3 of 2011‣  Total sample of n=23,165‣  Wave 2 fielded in Q2 and Q3 of 2012‣  Total sample of n=16,700‣  Conducted qualitative interactions diary in theUS‣  Required participants to check in and answer 4questions when using mobile phone‣  Total sample of n=117
  • 10. Media Consumptionand Multi-screening
  • 12. 10286793733306.2HOURSOF MEDIA PER DAYTHE AVERAGE MOBILE WEBUSER IN INDIA CONSUMESUsing mobile(ex SMS/calls)Watching TVListening to RadioOnline viadesktop/laptopReadingMagazines /NewspapersSample size: n=2,004Tabletdevicesminutesminutesminutesminutesminutesminutes
  • 13. Base: Global Average, n=12,72321%22%22%23%24%24%27%27%27%28%28%28%28%32%Daily Media Time - % Spent on Mobile
  • 14. 63%of mobile web users inIndia engage in mobilemedia activities whilewatching TVSample size: n=2,004
  • 15. 11%8%11%11%18%26%49%57%OtherShopping onlineSeaching for content not related to what you are watchingSearching for information about the show you are watchingSearching for information about products you see on TVPlaying games or listening to musicText messaging/ Instant messagingSocial Networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)Sample size: n=1,371How do you typically use your mobile while watching TV? (top 2 activities)Social networking is the main activity while watching TV,followed by text messaging
  • 16. 35% 32% 18%50%Mostly viadesktopEvenly splitbetween bothMostly via mobile50% now use mobile as eithertheir primary or exclusive meansof going online‘How do you typically go online to surf the web?’Only viamobileBase: Global Average, n=14,632
  • 17. COMMUNICATIONEmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.68% 22%SHOPPINGTravel, purchases, banking etc.20% 34%For mobile web users, mobile is the preferred device to be used for entertainment,entertainment and searchENTERTAINMENTVideos, games, music etc.51% 16% 23%GETTING INFOSports, news etc.42% 17% 20%Sample size: n=2,004
  • 18. Understanding theMotivations of Multi-Screening
  • 19. 41%31%27%21%13% 10%Its easy touseIts alwaysthereI can use itprivatelySavesmoneyBoredom I dont own acomputer“It’s easy touse”41%“It’s alwaysthere”31%WHY?Sample size: n =1,579
  • 20. Impact on PurchaseBehavior
  • 21. WHERE?31% in ameetingor class55% socialevent81%Waitingfor something82%Lying in bed51% Spendingtime with family22% in thebathroom61% Commuting51%Shopping63% Whilewatching TVSample size: n=2,004Mobile is becoming an important companion,particularly for the in between times
  • 22. Mobile is on par with TVin impacting purchase decisions0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%11%Which two forms of media most impact your purchasing decisions?41%48%34%4%17%Sample size: n=1,66844%
  • 23. 19%16%29%36%No opinion, I dont think much aboutads on my phoneLess comfortable, I find themintrusiveEqually comfortable, Im getting usedto seeing themMore comfortable, I find them to bevery usefulCompared to other forms of advertising like TV or online, howcomfortable are you with mobile web and mobile app advertisements(not SMS)?Sample size: n=1,930of mobile users are as comfortable with mobileadvertising as they are with TV or online advertising65%
  • 24. Thank you!