5 Essentials to Get More Downloads for Your Mobile App


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From on the top tactics and techniques to market your mobile app and build your userbase.

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How smart targeting can maximize your app's exposure in the app stores
Use different ad formats to reach different demographics and new pockets of users
Key details to include when promoting your app to ensure maximum results
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5 Essentials to Get More Downloads for Your Mobile App

  1. 1. Increase your downloads | Jose Martinez
  2. 2. With over 1.5 mn apps out there …
  3. 3. Incentivized Advertising Display SearchAdvertising Advertising Provide 1.Paid Get users to “Search” Installs review friendly description Get users to And many rate the app more methods 2.Cross 3.organic Promotions Installs …how would you increase your app’s visibility?
  5. 5. Use Different Ad Provide Adequate5 essentials to Formats Information onmaximizing the the Adsimpact of paidadvertisingTarget the right Track conversions Run Experimentsusers
  6. 6. Use Different Ad Formats
  7. 7. Different Ad Formats Banner and HD Banner ‣  320x48,300x250 and 320x50 for older smart phones for smaller screen size Benefits of using ‣  640x96 and 640x100 for newer smart phones with larger screen size ; 1024x768 for tablets different ad formats:1.  Engage with user Interstitial with different ‣  Interstitial ads (320x480) are a powerful yet non-intrusive way of showing your ads to the user formats ‣  Multiple engagement points and calls to action possible2.  Less user fatigue3.  Reach large user base due to Rich Media & Video Ads maximum scale ‣  Highly engaging HTML5 ads with various user interactions ‣  Embedded video units for increased engagement
  8. 8. Regular Banner& HD Banners Regular Banners HD BannersClick Through Rate (CTR) 0.52% 1.75%Conversion Ratio (CVR) 1.85% 1.97%‣  CTR: CTRs tend to improve by 20-30% on average peaking at around 70% improvements.‣  Conversion Rates: Click to conversion rates improved by 7-10%
  9. 9. Regular Banners vs Interstitials 10x more real-estate 5x CTR 4.5% 0.9% Banner Interstitials 4.5x Conversions* 55K 12K Banner Interstitials * Conversions for 50M impressions
  10. 10. Rich media mobile ads have the highest click-though-rates, compared to any other ad format.
  11. 11. Rich Media Ad Formats Example
  12. 12. Expandable Ads
  13. 13. ‣  Refresh your creative at regular intervals to avoid user fatigue (recommended: once in 2 weeks) ‣  Use a combination of regular and HDKey Takeaways Banners to leverage real estate smartphones with large screens ‣  Leverage Interstitial ads smartly ‣  Budget permitting, opt in for Rich Media ads as well
  14. 14. Provide Adequate Info On The Ad
  15. 15. Have an interesting Rating is a big motivator forand catchy tile image people to click on ads Add the rating of Provide the Category, Size, your app to the ad and description of the app   Provide a clear Call To Action for the user State clearly whether the app is a free or a paid app (together with the price) Things you don’t want to miss showing on your ad
  17. 17. Target Smartly
  18. 18. A wide range of targeting parameters are available. Choose wisely! Retargeting DeviceBehavioral Context Demographics Geography Historical Category
  19. 19. ‣  Android developers need to exclude devices on which the app is not supported ‣  Use special targeting features such as Some Geo Targeting or Demographic targeting wisely.pointers for ‣  If your app is >30 MB, target only Wi-Fi as your users cannot download targeting a large app on 3G ‣  Run an experiment with broad targeting first. Work with your ad network to analyze the data and then identify the segments that deliver the best results.
  20. 20. Example of Requirement: A taxi company wanted to increase downloads of their good application by users who tend to use their services targeting Solution: They targeted their ads at users in airports of all tier 1 cities in a specific country. The banners shown to users in each city carried localized information, such as specific destinations in that city Results: The CTR saw an increase from 1% to 4% with the targeted ads. The developer received thousands of new downloads from the campaign
  21. 21. Conversion Tracking
  22. 22. Know where users are coming from WhyConversion Know which segment provides better ROI Tracking Optimize campaigns based on above
  23. 23. What to keep in mind while ‣  Not reliant on UDID alone choosing a good ‣  Works Across Web & Appsconversion tracking ‣  Tracks any Conversion platform ‣  Tracks Post Install Events – Subscriptions, In-App Purchase, User Sessions etc. ‣  Multiple Event Tracking ‣  Easy Integration ‣  Integrates with your ad network for campaign optimization ‣  Real-Time Dashboard
  24. 24. •  Non reliant on UDID alone •  Requires integration of an SDK into •  Uses accurate Device Fingerprinting the application technology •  Can track all conversions •  Can track post install events •  Can track LTV of Users using InMobi’s LTV Platform •  Works on both web and app inventory – meaning larger coverage •  Uses an API and does not require an •  Is dependent on UDID, ODIN1 additional SDK within the app •  Can track conversions only when •  Can track post install metrics Device ID is available •  Provides visibility into user LTV by passing the User IDIntegration Options Available – SDK vs S2S
  25. 25. Our Recommendation – Digital Fingerprinting‘Device Recognition’ technology Device Fingerprint is read without identifies the device uniquely changing the native app user experience User sees an ad & User is taken to User downloads & clicks on it the app store launches the app
  26. 26. Serve Ad Track Conversions Optimization Calculate performance & CPD of campaignIdentify segments where adis performing bestSelf-Learning Network For Continuous Optimization = Better ROI
  27. 27. Run Experiments
  28. 28. Experiment with recommended budgets for 5 days to find your ideal spend Experimentation Ongoing – Maintain CPI
  29. 29. ‣ Put aside an early budget for experimentation ‣ Choose what works best forExperiment you and launch a full fledged campaign based on results from the experiments ‣ Run with a flexible CPC in order to achieve scale while maintaining CPI
  30. 30. ‣ Figure out ideal spend to get maximum conversion at theTop 3 Focus best ROIpoints during ‣  Integrate with the ad networkExperimentation andconversion trackingPhase platform right from the beginning to collect critical data. ‣  Analyze data to see which segment converts well
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