Advanced Analytics, Targeting, and Monetization with InMobi and Unity


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Given that a lot of effort and money is spent trying to acquire high quality users, it is extremely important to understand user behavior within your app once you acquire them and figure out how to maximize the time spent and money earned from each user. In this webinar, Pratik Shah, Product Manager at InMobi will discuss a few smart techniques to maximize app revenues using the LTVP platform. He will also demonstrate how to integrate the LTVP platform into your app using the Unity plugin in less than 5 minutes.

About the presenter:

Pratik Shah, Product Manager

Pratik is a Product Manager at InMobi and excited about building products that expand the mobile app ecosystem. In his previous life in Investment banking industry, he was an Account Manager at Aegisoft, a New York based high frequency algorithmic trading startup, exiting successfully by acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Besides being an avid hiker on trails such as Everest Base Camp & Yosemite, he has also been active in several associations such as Cambridge MBA ventures, Silicon Valley Comes to UK & Asha for Education.

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Advanced Analytics, Targeting, and Monetization with InMobi and Unity

  1. 1. Maximize your users
  2. 2. Agenda‣  Ecosystem needs‣  InMobi LTVP‣  Actions at Work‣  Getting started 2
  3. 3. 700K iOS & Android apps 60% app developers don’t profit 30% apps used only once It’s a tough world out there.. Only user focused app businesses will win!
  4. 4. Monetize through in-app purchase AND ads?How do I Maximizeeach user’s value? Maximize Acquire users engagement effectively SOLUTION: levels for allUnderstand ALL of your users and usersact upon each one differently 4
  5. 5. Keep it simple: Focus on value maximization during ‘ARM’ cycle Basics ‣  App value = Number of users * LTV of each user Acquisition Retention LTV of each user ‣  Lifetime value ‣  LTV = value * engagement USERS Value levers ‣  Monetization ‣  Virality ‣  Loyalty Monetization ‣  UGC & Community ‣  Feedback ‣  Marketplace (Downloads, Ratings & Comments) In order to focus on monetization, it is important to look beyond monetization..
  6. 6. InMobi LifetimeValue Platform (LTVP) Increase engagement & monetization
  7. 7. LTV Maximization — How It Works 1. INSIGHTS 2. SEGMENTS 3. ACTIONS ‣  Virtual good sales ‣  Ads ‣  Rewards ‣  Cross promote ‣  And more + User events such as Segment users by app Monetization and engagementpurchases or level completion usage and user attributes by segment 7
  8. 8. Tracking based on user events within the app 1. INSIGHTS 2. SEGMENTS 3. ACTIONS ‣  Revenue trend, virtual goods ‣  Engagement time spent, app launches ‣  User Profiles country, carrier ‣  Capture insights unique to your app with custom events 8
  9. 9. Flexible segmentation to define target user groups 1. INSIGHTS 2. SEGMENTS 3. ACTIONS ‣  Purchase History ‣  Engagement ‣  Advancement ‣  Country ‣  Custom Events 9
  10. 10. Maximize LTV with targeted actions 1. INSIGHTS 2. SEGMENTS 3. ACTIONS ‣  Increase monetization of paid users with virtual goods sales ‣  Increase monetization of non-paying users with ads ‣  Increase retention by rewarding highly engaged users ‣  Cross promote to exhausted users 10
  11. 11. Actions at Work Responsive Targeting
  12. 12. Identify pattern:Hardcore users would pay a lot forcertain featuresSegment using rule engine:IF (user time spent == high) & (appsection == ‘tough’)Timely unlocksTarget segment: Hardcore users Display offers at right time
  13. 13. Identify pattern:High paying users in developedeconomies tend to purchase a lotduring holidaysSegment using rule engine:IF (user purchase history == high) &(date == 31st Oct) & (country ==USA || UK)Holiday promotionTarget segment: High paying US andUK usersAdd cyclic bursts to your sales
  14. 14. Identify pattern:New users are likely to be delightedto see a tailored messageSegment using rule engine:IF (App launches < 5) & (country ==China)Localized ‘welcome’Target segment: New Chinese usersIncrease retention beyond day 1
  15. 15. Identify pattern:User engagement can be improvedwith a social tauntSegment using rule engine:IF (user time spent in last month <50% of average time spent)Social ‘taunt’Target segment: Waning usersIncrease engagement by 30%
  16. 16. Identify pattern:Highly engaged users from USA aremost likely to give you viral upliftSegment using rule engine:IF (time spent > 300 hours) &(country == USA)Incentivize viralitySegment: Social influencersReduce your CPA by as much as 50%
  17. 17. Identify pattern:Advanced users in your top appdon’t have other apps in yourportfolioSegment using rule engine:IF (levels crossed > 25) & (! Usingomegajump)Smart cross promoteSegment: ‘ripe’ usersIncrease ROI by acquiring known users
  18. 18. Getting started..
  19. 19. 1. Insights ‣  INTEGRATE EVENTS API to send data — app open, purchase etc ‣  VIEW INSIGHTS charts to analyze in-app behaviorGet started in 2. Segments3 simple steps… ‣  USE SEGMENT BUILDER to create groups of users ‣  VIEW SEGMENT REPORTS to understand segment trendsLaunch in less than 15 minutes 3. Actions ‣  INTEGRATE ACTIONS API to ask for actions at specific places in app ‣  LAUNCH DYNAMIC ACTIONS on targeted segments 19
  20. 20. Sign-up below & ask for invite code: Unity Asset Store to download plugin and get started! 20