5 big mistakes managers make


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It's a fact: Everyone makes mistakes, and between mistakes lies the opportunities for success. However, this never means that mistakes are good. Indeed, they are sometimes fatal. This presentation highlights 5 Big Mistakes Managers make, and presents practical solutions to avoid them.

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5 big mistakes managers make

  1. 1. 5 Big Mistakes Managers Make Dr. Nader Al Mallah Managing Director ideas Holding Group, Bahrain
  2. 2. Who doesn’t do mistakes? “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” George Bernard Shaw “Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to not make the same mistake twice.” Stephanie Perkins; Lola and the Bo y Next Door5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  3. 3. Greatest Losers… Who are they? Say: Shall We inform you who will be the greatest losers by their works? Those whose effort goeth astray in the life of the world, and yet they reckon that they do good work. Holy Quran; Chapter 18 (The Cave), verses 103-1045 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  4. 4. Case #1: I work hard but… Sarah is working hard for the whole day, but she is being unproductive. She is not sure if what she is doing is what she suppose to do. She is even confused, what to do first…5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  5. 5. 5 Big Mistakes Managers Make Mistake #1: Just: Do It…Failure to define or communicate Goals & Objectives…
  6. 6. Defining and Communicating goals & Objectives… When people don’t have clear goals, they: » Cant be productive as they have no idea what they are working for, or what their work means. » Cant prioritize their workload effectively. » May complete their project tasks, but in the wrong order.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  7. 7. Defining and Communicating goals & Objectives… What should Managers do? » Learn how to set SMART Goals for the team » Use Team Charter to specify where the team is going » Use principles from MBO to align teams goals to the mission of the organization.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  8. 8. Case #2: The Underperforming Team Simon, the Sales Manager of ECS, is upset with the performance of his team. When asked about the reason for their underperformance, Simon said: “They don’t appreciate the company’s efforts and initiatives. We just paid them a salary increment and a bonus 3 months ago, yet, their sales reports are not progressing!!”5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  9. 9. 5 Big Mistakes Managers MakeMistake #2: You just got an increment!! Misunderstanding Motivation
  10. 10. Motivation DOSE NOT always Mean MONEY » Many managers assume that people only work for monetary rewards » Money has a temporary motivation effect » Different people are motivated by different means5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  11. 11. Motivation DOES NOT always Mean MONEY What should Managers do? » Understand Individual Differences in Motivation » Learn and understand the different Motivation Tools » Keep goals, objectives and expectations clear, and motivate their teams to achieve them » Go beyond Common Denominators in motivation » Never Punish achievers by rewarding non-achievers5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  12. 12. Understanding Motivation: McClellands Theory » Based on Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Needs (1940s), David McClelland in 1960s identified 3 motivators that we all have regardless of our gender, culture, or age:  Achievement  Affiliation  Power5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  13. 13. Understanding Motivation: McClellands Theory » Achievement  Has a strong need to set and accomplish challenging goals.  Takes calculated risks to accomplish their goals.  Likes to receive regular feedback on their progress and achievements.  Often likes to work alone.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  14. 14. Understanding Motivation: McClellands Theory » Affiliation  Wants to belong to the group.  Wants to be liked, and will often go along with whatever the rest of the group wants to do.  Favors collaboration over competition.  Doesnt like high risk or uncertainty.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  15. 15. Understanding Motivation: McClellands Theory » Power  Wants to control and influence others.  Likes to win arguments.  Enjoys competition and winning.  Enjoys status and recognition.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  16. 16. Case #3: I Have No Choice.. The Sales Staff at Roza Company were upset with the continuous mistakes made to their monthly commission pay. To avoid this, the HR Manager, Mary, took this responsibility herself, and started to do all commission calculations every month. “No one can do this task without mistakes, so I have no choice other than doing it myself because I cannot rely on anyone in this department”, says Mary.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  17. 17. 5 Big Mistakes Managers MakeMistake #3: Do it, or Do it my way Misunderstanding Delegation
  18. 18. Misunderstanding Delegation » Unless you delegate tasks to your subordinates, your team will become inefficient and demoralized. » Unexplained tasks delegated to others will result in unsatisfactory results. » Delegation is NOT Dictation » Delegation is NEVER throwing tasks on others to complete, but Distributing formal Authority5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  19. 19. Misunderstanding Delegation What should Managers do when delegating a task? » Consider Individual Capabilities, Knowledge and Skills » Ensure to Explain delegated tasks and expected outcomes » Give Authority to the team members » Acknowledge Successful Completion and Mistakes as they occur » Train staff and NEVER Dictate5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  20. 20. Case #4: Will Ensure Not To Miss It… Mark is a talented sales representative, but he has a habit of answering the phone in an unprofessional manner. His Manager, Jack, is aware of this problem, so he noted it in his notebook to ensure not to miss it during the performance review at the end of the year.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  21. 21. 5 Big Mistakes Managers MakeMistake #4: I Never Close My Door!! Lack of Communication & Feedback
  22. 22. The Most Common Mistake Survey What one mistake do companies make most in managing their employees? Lack of Communication between Staff & Management Lack of Recognition and Praise Lack of Training, Development & Learning Opportunities Lack of Flexibility in Work Schedules Lack of Authority given to employees Dont know OR No Answer Source: Accountemps | Participants: Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), April 20125 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  23. 23. Lack of Communication & Feedback » Employees need to Know so they Do the right thing » Communication is a Bidirectional process » Managers Must NOT Wait for staff to complaint or ask » Performance Review is a ‘Review’ not a Punishment » Isolating employees simply means: Unexpected, Unwanted, Unwelcomed Outcomes5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  24. 24. Lack of Communication & Feedback What should Managers do? » Provide clear information in a timely manner » Listen, Listen, and Listen » Never delay a feedback » Take the initiative to talk to the team members and never wait for them to talk or complain » Ensure to pass clear messages about what you expect, organization goals and objectives, project outcome, etc. » Reduce to the minimum paper / electronic communication and use Face-to-Face and Voice5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  25. 25. Case #5: I’m OK with that… Anne is an Administration Manager at Cobra Shoes Company. She has been in this job for 8 years, and in the company for more than 20 years. Anne refuses to use an electronic system to automate the admin day to day activities. “I know every one is talking about technology, but I can’t rely on it. I can’t imagine loosing all my work just because a hard desk didn’t work or electricity suddenly went off”, says Anne.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  26. 26. 5 Big Mistakes Managers MakeMistake #5: We used to do it this way… Fear of Change
  27. 27. Overcoming Fears of Change The only one who really likes change is a wet baby5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  28. 28. What Fear of Change Can do? » One of the most common reasons for resistance to change » Brings in Stress & Anxiety » Stops thinking of practical solutions to problems » Extremely affects productivity & morale » Leads to Loosing opportunities and market competition » Leads Loosing talents5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  29. 29. What frightens people? » Fear of Unknown; uncertainty » Fear of Failure; need for perfection » Fear of Success; what is next? » Fear of Upsetting Others; perceptions » Fear of Leaving a Comfort Zone; habits » Fear of Looking Stupid; self-confidence » Fear of Loosing job; competency, security, prestige5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  30. 30. Overcoming Fears of Change Always Remember… It’s perfectly normal and healthy to be a bit fearful, confused or unsettled by workplace changes at first. It’s quite normal to feel nervous and upset when things go out of our control, at first. The unhealthy part occurs with inappropriate or unhelpful Responses.5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  31. 31. Overcoming Fears of Change …and Remember: “People are enemies of what they don’t know” Imam Ali (AS)5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  32. 32. Overcoming Fears of Change What should Managers Do When Facing a Change? » Acknowledge the change » Acknowledge fears » Accept feelings and seek support » Designate “Worry Time” » Communicate » Stay positive » Adjust to change5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  33. 33. Overcoming Fears of Change » Be flexible to accept new tasks » Get involved in the change to understand the rationale » Reduce your stress by mediation » Increase your value » Keep working5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  34. 34. Overcoming Fears of Change When you are driving the Change… inform Explain Assure5 Big Mistakes Managers Make
  35. 35. Thank YouDr. Nader Al Mallah Managing Directorideas Holding Group, Bahrain