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Nano technology
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Nano technology


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Nano Technology,

Nano Technology,

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Presented By, K.Iniya
  • 2.  Nanotechnology is the development of engineering processes at the atomic and molecular level of matter.  A Nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or ten hydrogen atoms placed side by side.
  • 3.  Nano robots are nano devices that will be used for purposes of protecting the human body against pathogens.  The Main element used will be carbon in the form of diamond or fullerene nano composites.  Many other Light elements such as oxygen and nitrogen can be used for special purposes.
  • 4.  The powering of nano robots can be done by metabolizing local glucose and oxygen for energy.  They will have simple onboard computers capable of performing around thousand or fewer computations per second.
  • 5.  Molecular NT device designs should incorporate provisions for built-in safety mechanisms,  Absolute dependence Dependent on Broadcast transmissions
  • 6.  Subassemblies do not function independently.  Address the potential dangers of MNT.
  • 7.  The Design of medically-active microscopic machines will be the consequent result of techniques.  The Feasibility of such achievements in nano medicine are classified into two primary capabilities for fabrication,  Fabrication  Assembly of nano scale parts
  • 8. The Nano robots lives in a world of Viscosity. The Gravitational force here is very Negligible. In this world very low Reynolds number is assumed for Kinetic Energy.
  • 9.  The Reynolds Number is a Conventional index.  It provides a convenient measure of the laminar flow characteristics of fluid flow around a moving Nano robots.
  • 10.  Virtual reality was considered a suitable approach for Nanorobot design  The nano device design must be robust enough to operate in an aqueous environment.  The Nanorobots use a macro transponder navigational system for Nanorobot positioning.
  • 11.  The System might involve external signal from beacon placed at fixed position outside the skin.  The molecule can be pumped by the molecular sorting rotors in ~10seconds.
  • 12.  To cure skin disease.  For Dental system.  Work on immune system.  To prevent Heart attacks.  Life extension.
  • 13.  Make surgical instruments so precision.  Product could be vastly improved.  It would require less material and less pollution.  Made something well beyond today’s Medical Technology.
  • 14.  Nanotechnology still resides in University Laboratories and Government research facilities.  In Nanotechnology most of the work is done to be in future. Only the concept has been proposed.  The Scientist are not making long promises for this future.