Iab the social media obsession jan2011
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Iab the social media obsession jan2011






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Iab the social media obsession jan2011 Iab the social media obsession jan2011 Presentation Transcript

  • The social media obsession and how businesses can benefit
    Amy Kean, head of the IAB social media council
  • Today in 30 minutes...
    Is everyone obsessed with social media?
    Using obsession to build business (lessons from Lady Gaga and co.)
  • We asked brands...
    What kind of general information would persuade you to
    allocate more budget to social media?
    63 % want to know how to do it
    60.9% want more case studies
    52.2% want consumer research
    (Only 13% want to know more about what it is...)
  • Is everyone obsessed?
  • “To dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings or desires of a person...To think about something unceasingly or persistently.”
  • ‘Social’ = 13% of all online display advertising expenditure in the UK
  • Exclusive IAB and 247 social survey......How much has social media overtaken our lives?
  • Over a quarter of of 18-34 year olds login to social networking sites as soon as they wake up
  • When do you normallylog in?
  • Have you ever seen pictures of the following on a social networking site?
  • 47% of 18-34 year olds have uploaded a picture of a meal they were eating on to a social network site
  • How did you hear that Michael Jackson died?
  • How do you want your brands to be?
  • How do you make complaints about brands?
  • 1 in 4 people who complained on Twitter or Facebook want a response within the hour
  • How long should it take brands to respond?
  • X-Factor is a national obsession with regular viewers representing around 47% of the adult 15+ population (over 20 million people)
  • Have you done any of the following whilst watching The X Factor?
  • 65% of X Factor viewers ‘watch’ social networking sites at the same time
  • Obsession is good for advertisers!
  • Obsession is good for advertisers!
  • Using ‘obsession’ to build business
  • “I like to watch my performances sometimes. I like to watch the lighting. I often argue with my lighting designer on the show; as much as I like to light the show for the room, it's important to light the show and design the sound for YouTube. In truth, lots of my fans can't make it to my shows in Israel or Germany or in Paris, so they go online to watch them.”  
  • Steve Berman, Universal Music's president of sales and marketing: "Gaga has worked tirelessly in keeping up daily if not hourly communication with her fans and growing fanbasethrough all the technology that exists now."
  • Church of the customer blog: “Some artists are very protective of their image and prohibit recording devices during performances. Gaga doesn't allow professional photographers into her concerts but is ok with fans recording and putting videos on YouTube.”
  • Who else has used social media ‘obsession’ to build a business?
  • Driving sales...
  • Getting consumers to ‘create’...
  • Spark ‘obsession’ on a shoestring...
  • So, are we obsessed?
    Social media is 24/7 - central to daily routines, occasions and our relationship with brands
    Tapping into these passions can not just drive sales, but help grow entire businesses
    Be bespoke, authentic and let people share (like Gaga)
  • Thank you