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  2. 2. Vision as a DesignterI believe in hard work. Of course success has a lot to do with tal- That is why I am here in Holland. Here there are three big com-ent, but without hard work and without an ambitious attitude panies I would like to work one day: NIKE, ASICS, HI-TEC. This is adoes not matter how much talent you have, you will not succeed. first step to get closer to them.I have a goal. I want to be a footwear designer in a big sports- I have to say that I am not closed to a different future, if in thesewear company. I want to see how far I can get, in order to reach three years I find out that I like other things more than designingthat goal. Maybe I reach it, maybe not. But at least I will be hap- shoes I will take that direction and will be happy about it. This ispy with myself knowing that I have tried my best. one of the reasons I am trying to learn as much as possible to see what other possibilities this bachelor can give me.I want to contribute my knowledge and ideas designing sportshoes, and feel that I am making someone else’s life easier when During these three years of Bachelor and possibly other twothey practice sports. I want to feel useful with my creativity to more if I decide to do the Masters (if I am accepted), I want topeople who love sports as much as I do. No one else is better learn the maximum in order prepare myself for what comes next.than me to know what a sportsman wants and needs. I havebeen practicing several sports since the age of 4. 3
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  4. 4. Ambition as a DesignerI am ambitious person. Since I was a My achievements for next semesterkid I wanted to be the best, especially are to learn as much as I am capable of.playing sports. Obviously If I see that Like these past semester I learned manysomeone is better than me, I admit it things by making mistakes and some-but that does not make me stop work- times is necessary to do those harder. In the first year of bachelor I worked to get as much general knowledge inI can say that I distinguish myself from all the competences as possible. In thisthe others by commitment. My commit- coming semester I want to work a littlement to this bachelor is total. My only bit more in some specific competencespurpose of being here is to try my best and learn the maxi- that I think will build me better as a sport footwear designer.mum with this experience. Also what I see myself differentfrom many others is that I have a clear goal. 5
  5. 5. Stage of GrowthFORM AND SENSES INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGYMy stage of growth in this competence is close to 2.4. This is one My stage of growth in this competence I believe is a 2.3 or moreof my strongest competences, because of my background and my because of the two assignments I had last semester where fo-skills. I expect to develop it even more in this semester mainly cused on that competence and the project as well. I do not ex-in every activity that is possible. The SDL activity is going to be pect to develop this competence; as much as SD&CL for example,a strong step forward to this competence and the assignment I but on the other had I am ready to develop it in the project if it’shave in the Q2 as well. needed.SOCIAL CULTURAL AWARENESS IDEAS AND CONCEPTSB1.1 was a big start concerning this competence mainly because My feeling of this competence is that my stage of growth may beof the topic of the project. I may be in stage 2.1 in this compe- around 2.2.tence. I expect to keep growing in this area as at the same time In the past I felt it was one of my weaknesses, but now I do notI get adapted to this society. Getting to know the Dutch culture feel the same way mainly because I learned a lot about this areabetter so I can take advantage of that and get more dynamic in assignments from the last semester and will have a strongactivities. As well as UFP I think the project this semester will be development in the project this semester as a mainly individualclosely related to this competence. project. 6
  6. 6. DESCRIPTIVE AND MATHEMATICAL MODELLING SELF-DIRECTED AND CONTINUOUS LEARNINGThis competence especially in B1.2 I developed it a lot and I can This competence is the one in which I had most work specially insay that I am in stage 2.1. I expect to develop this competence B1.1, and will be the one I will develop the most this semestermainly in the project this semester. because of my strong SDL planning an the individual project. I see myself in a stage of growth of 2.3, and hope to develop itUSER FOCUS AND PERSPECTIVE even more this semester.This competence was not entirely developed in the last semes- DESIGN AND RESEARCH PROCESSESters; I think I barely made it to the stage of growth of 2.0. This iswhy I decided to do an assignment about this competence, since This competence should be one of my strong ones, but it is not.I find it vital for my future development in any stage as an indus- My stage of growth in this competence can be 2.1. I developedtrial designer. I expect to develop this competence in this assign- this competence substantially in the project of last semester andment and in the project as well since the last semester we did not one of the assignments as well. As this semester the project ishave time to do a user test, I want this project to be a lot more mainly individual I expect to keep developing this competence atfocused on the user. the same speed as last semester and trying to make this compe- tence on of my strong ones.TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION DESIGNING BUSINESS PROCESSESDuring this last semester I went through a transition concern-ing this competence; the first semester was a little bit hard in In this competence I feel myself a little bit in advantage to otherthis area and the second semester was a moment to learn from students. My previous degree helped me to understand a little bitmy mistakes from the previous semester and keep improving better this area and as well as my work experience. Last semestermy communication with my group mates. Also helped me a lot my SDL was mainly focused on this competence in order to reachworking in groups in all of my learning activities except one as- the awareness stage of grow so I might be in stage 2.1. This com-signment in the last semester. This semester I expect to develop petence is a competence that I am in continuous growth concern-this competence at the beginning with the project and as well as ing every learning activity.every assignment I have. 7
  7. 7. Goals as a DesignerLong-term goals: company. I already arranged my internship in HI-TEC, an outdoorMy biggest goal is to follow my dream. I want to design the shoes sports company in which I have a friendship with the CEO. Eventhat elite athletes wear (the sport superstars) in the best sports though I have some contacts in NIKE, I have decided that I do notcompany in the world (NIKE). Sports athletes are admired and fol- want to start straight into this company, I prefer preparing myselflowed because they follow their dreams and they have reached better and once I am ready I can go for it. I see this still too farthem. My biggest dream was to become a professional tennis away, so my main goal is to prepare myself as much as I can forplayer. My second biggest dream was design tennis shoes in a what comes next.big company. I also want to follow my dream Short-term goals:because I find it possible and reachable. I be- For the immediate future, which concernslieve in myself and I am ready to work hard. this next semester and this coming weeksMid-term goals: and months I want to focus a little bit more inFor the next few years I see myself finishing my SDL activities than in the last semesters,the bachelor and maybe interested on con- mainly because the assignments where nottinuing with the master. I have a clear goal, exactly the ones I wanted. I want to developbut my possibilities in this bachelor are so certain competences more than others thismany that I do not want to close any doors semester focusing a little bit more on whatto anything; maybe while finishing the bach- I want to do after this bachelor. In the firstelor I realise that I like more designing lamps year, I did not focus anything on sport shoesor any other thing. I would go for it and it would not be a failure because I wanted a more general view of what industrial designnot designing shoes. On the other hand, that moment has not is, now I will still work on that but going a little bit further ancome yet and I still think that designing sport shoes is the best starting to prepare myself for the future as a footwear designer.for me. When I finish my studies at TU/e I see myself in a sports 8