More Agile (Than) Scrum?


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some input on getting more agile, within or without scrum

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More Agile (Than) Scrum?

  1. 1. ingvald.skaug @ bouvet.no @
  2. 2. Its about value, esp. for: ● Customers/ Users ● ● Business ● Management img:
  3. 3. Software Development vs Manufacturing
  4. 4. Software Development is Knowledge Work
  5. 5. img: background by Kenji Hiranabe:
  6. 6. Signal- Any free capacity?
  7. 7. Kanban InSoftware DevelopmentProcessLightweight tool for evolutionarychange, step-by-step improvement Anderson: The Principles of the Kanban Method
  8. 8. FeedbackFeedback loopschange human behaviour
  9. 9. Visualize=> Shared mental model=> More engaged stakeholders=> More effective thinking, collaboration img from Tom Wujecs TED talk
  10. 10. Visualize Moreimg:
  11. 11. Kanban Core ConceptsVisualize + Limit Work-In-Progress (WIP)img: background:
  12. 12. Jenkins CI Jørn Ola Birkeland, XP2010: From a timebox tangle to a more flexible flow
  13. 13. ...Capacity For SystematicContinuous ImprovementSlack
  14. 14. Slack, Utilization
  15. 15. Multitaskingill.: Karl Scotland: Kanban, Flow and Cadence
  16. 16. ...ill.: Jørn Ola Birkeland, XP2010: From a timebox tangle to a more flexible flow
  17. 17. ... Slack, Utilization ($50)
  18. 18. Estimating its human nature to estimate time based on the worst case scenario, not average time to complete. As soon as people are penalized for estimating average time and then not meeting the estimate, they will revert to estimating the maximum time, and project schedules will again fill up with padded time estimates.Mary Poppendieck: Theory of Constraints - Its Okay to be Late
  19. 19. Estimating, Timeboxes Parkinsons Law - Work expands to fill the time available Hofstadters Law - it always takes longer than you expect Optimism bias - systematic tendency to be too optimistic about planned actions Planning fallacy - tendency to underestimate how long to complete task Uncertainty Works
  20. 20. Trouble With TimeboxesTen timebox tangles 1. Inestimatable work 2. Unplanned work 3. Unclear work 4. Blocked work - need input from unavailable stakeholder 5. Parking - unfinished work, waiting, due to interruptions, multi-tasking 6. Changed work/ requirements 7. Legacy code 8. Integration 9. Normative estimates (=> tech debt)10. Specialist (=> Uncertain access)Jørn Ola Birkeland, Bekk, at XP2010
  21. 21. Cadence(Rythm, "heartbeats") Karl Scotland: Kanban, Flow and Cadence. Karl Scotland: Aspects of Kanban.
  22. 22. Cadence(Rythm, "heartbeats")
  23. 23. More Agile With Scrum
  24. 24. More Agile Than ScrumEstimates, "control", prediction => See reality, handle variationTimebox => FlowRevolution => Evolution
  25. 25. Dont build features that nobody needs right now.Dont write more specs than you can code.Dont write more code than you can test.Dont test more code than you can deploy.- Corey Ladas @ingvald ingvald @ ingvald.skaug @