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Quixotic overview of performance management and social media delivered to a FutureGov seminar/ measurement camp

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  • PM For Future Gov

    1. 1. Once and future performance Ingrid Koehler Improvement Strategist, IDeA FutureGov v. Measurement Camp 15 Feb 2010
    2. 2. CCT and ACPIs To Let For Sale by Fortyseven on Flickr The Strange Ruler by tnarik on Flickr A potted history of PM
    3. 3. Best Value Compare Compete Challenge Consult Economy Efficiency Effectiveness
    4. 4. Continuous Improvement? • New public management • Buying performance? Massive investment in the public sector • Inspection, measurement and regulation
    5. 5. New approaches • End to largesse • Re-thinking performance • Role for social media? • [Answer is yes] Piedra y agua by k-naia on Flickr
    6. 6. How social media will support the ‘art’ of performance management
    7. 7. From the practitioner perspective Knowledge shopping list Basic guidance Information about the regulatory regime and the indicators Stories of improvement Perplexed Pat by Zenilorac on Flickr Network w/ and ask questions of people like me The perplexed Information about my council/area’s performance officer
    8. 8. But almost no connectivity ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ? PM ✘ ? ✘
    9. 9. So how are we doing on that Knowledge Shopping list? Good stuff? Interconnected? Easy to find? Where? Guidance IDeA, CLG, Improvement and toolkits ✔ ✘ ✔ Network Regulatory regime and NIs data ✔ ✘ ✘ CLG, AC, ESD toolkit Stories of improvement +/- ✘ +/- Partnership & Places, IDeA, Network w/ people like me ✔ ✘ ✘ CoPs, ESD Information about my council/area’s ✘ ✘ +/- AC, Oneplace performance, LIS, Data +/- +/- ✘ observatories, random hubs, ?
    10. 10. How Knowledge Hub will help, no matter where you start your journey Frameworks and regulations Case studies Guidance and Knowledge and toolkits Hub stories of Networks of improvement practitioners Reference data Open data Shared data, e.g. ESD toolkit e.g. for benchmarking
    11. 11. Why councils should be embracing social media in serring priorities and reporting performance
    12. 12. Clear policy imperative • Putting the Frontline first: Smarter Government (Digital Britain) • Communities in Control • Freedom to Lead • Real cuts need real innovation and co- production
    13. 13. From the citizen perspective Some attempts to use new tools...
    14. 14. Real prioritising • The debate just got more interesting • Real cuts mean real priority setting • Now with added numbers! • If councils don’t do it...DIY debates
    15. 15. From the outside in If you don’t join the debate, the debate will go on without you....
    16. 16. Find me • • • Communities of Practice: Social Media, Policy and Performance, Efficiency Exchange - at