Building your online professional profile
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Building your online professional profile



Using social media to enhance your professional profile. For an internal training session.

Using social media to enhance your professional profile. For an internal training session.



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Building your online professional profile Building your online professional profile Presentation Transcript

  • Building your online professional profile Ingrid Koehler Knowledge Hub social media taster sessionsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Thanks for coming • First session • Lots of ideas, but refining them • An opportunity to share tips in the group Celyn 4, 09 by Castaway in Scotland on FlickrTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Enhancing your online profile • Recruiters increasingly turning to LinkedIn • Helps potential clients understand your approach • Sensible employers use Google, some check social sites, too • Showcases your past work • Puts you in the light you want to be in Ceiling by radiant guy on flickrTuesday, 7 December 2010 View slide
  • This is brand YOU! • Ensure your social networking profiles match the image you want to project • Tell the truth • Don’t badmouth colleagues, former employers (as tempting as it may be!)Tuesday, 7 December 2010 View slide
  • Approaches • Don’t be afraid to ask • Sharing is winning • Celebrate others • organising your ‘real world’ connectionsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Tool setTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • And don’t forget...Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • And this will be even better...Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • But first...What does Google say about you?Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • And what does Google say about your field?Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • LinkedIn • Profile completion • Profile openness • Recommending others • Asking for recommendations • Improving your findabilityTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Profile completion • All of your (relevant) employment history • Your CV • Your education • Your social profiles • Joining groups and contributing to them • RecommendationsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Steps to profile completion100 Profile completion 75 50 25 0 Education Employment Your CV Groups Links Recommend Update Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Easily linkable Profile openness URL Full view, tick everythingTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Recommend!Tuesday, 7 December 2010
  • What about Facebook? • Generally not seen as a job seeking resource • Will NOT generally help you link to new people or manage acquaintanceships • But these people ARE your friends • Understand your social graph and target messagesTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Clusters of My home town in TN networks LG Group in-laws Dad’s family Digi publicservices in the UK Expats Uni Local politics only certain networks may help you with some goalsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Facebook warnings • Clean up your Facebook act: Are your friends bringing you down? • Check privacy settings • Inappropriate photos? • Incoherent rubbish? • Reference to drug/ alcohol use? • It IS ok to be less formal in FacebookTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Portfolio blogging • Great way to showcase your talents • Makes you much more findable • Helps you to link your social profiles • Allows you to help and promote others more easilyTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • www.ingridkoehler.comTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • What about Twitter? • Celebrate others and share useful links • Stay up to date in your field • Stay visible • Promote your other online efforts • Ask for work or suggest how you can helpTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Search • Set Google search alerts • Key words on Twitter for real time search • set up Google Reader to stay informed and share relevant links Magnify by catd_mitchell on FlickrTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • The Knowledge Hub • Much greater control of your profile • Will showcase YOUR knowledge and contributions • Activity streams and updates • Ability to link to other social profiles, including LinkedIn • Not the go-to job search resource now, but it will be soon for the public sector and related fieldsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Link your profiles And don’t forget to share your profile in your email signatureTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Other cool ideas, 7 December 2010
  • Other cool ideas Do a visual CV!, 7 December 2010
  • Pick your toolsTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • So much time does all this take? Little and often, prioritise tools depending on your objectives What time is love by Myxi on FlickrTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Time spent A couple of hours to set up, 15 minutes a week Minutes to set up basic site, successful blogging - minimum two hours a week Minutes to set up, as and when you have presentations Minutes to set up, depends how you use itTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Plan your online routine • Have a strategy • Be pragmatic - bite off what you can chew • Be consistentTuesday, 7 December 2010
  • Contact me • These slides are posted at • • • or • www.ingridkoehler.comTuesday, 7 December 2010