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ING Presentations Catalog - Higher Education
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ING Presentations Catalog - Higher Education


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Teach About World Religions with FREE Guest Speakers Higher Education“Religion is part of everydayshapinga ideas and policies. It’san essential instrumental in life in whole host of we need to know what the religious influence is. ” ~ Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State
  • 2. ING provides valuable educational resources to educators and college students and has beendoing so in the Bay Area and nationally for the last 19 years. Our interactive presentations helppromote an understanding of religious diversity, as well as provide a space for honest dialogueon the questions students and teachers would want to ask of individuals from other faiths.These presentations help prepare students for an increasingly complex global society.Departments and StudiesING guest speakers are ideal for supplementing any of the departments, programs and studies listedbelow. Consider hosting an interfaith panel or presentation for your class. History and Social Sciences • World History • African-American Studies • U.S. History • Asian-American Studies • History of Middle East • World Civilizations • History of Women • Intercultural Studies Religious Studies • Comparative Religions • Eastern Religions • Intro to World Religions • Western Religions • Islam • Philosophy of Religion • Women and Religion • Sociology of Religion Humanities and Global Studies • Global Studies/Global Religious • Middle East/Jewish Studies and Perspectives Traditions • Interdisciplinary Studies • Southeast Asian Studies • Religion in the Black Community • Art of Islam • Near Eastern Studies • Cultural Diversity • Gender and Women’s Studies • World Cultures Education# • Multicultural Foundations of • Cultural Diversity, Equity and Education Access to Learning • The Diverse Classroom • Human Service in Diverse Settings # As of July 1, 2009, California teacher credentialing programs are required to include “the history and traditions of the major cultural and ethnic groups in California society.” - Program Standard 6, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, State of California
  • 3. Interactive Speaker PresentationsCertified speakers provide an academic presentation and a personalized account ofMuslim traditions and practices. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions. Islamic Speakers Bureau Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith More than 19 years serving In addition to providing an overview of Muslim practices, this presentation examines Bay Area colleges the issues of moderation and women’s rights, and universities and the relation of Islam to other world religions, including Judaism and Christianity. From Sonoma State (45, 60, or 90 minutes) University to Monterey Peninsula College, ING has presented in 56%* Muslim Contributions to of higher education Civilization institutions in the Bay Area over the past four This presentation reviews various aspects of years. A sample of culture and knowledge which Muslims some of the colleges contributed to or passed down, including and universities that food; clothing; furniture; music; architecture; have invited ING to host math; medicine; astronomy; and more. (45, a presentation or 60 or 90 minutes) interfaith panel: • Holy Names University, A History of Muslims in Oakland America • Las Positas College, Livermore Supplement U.S. History courses with this fascinating account of the lives and legacies • Los Medanos College, Pittsburg of America’s earliest Muslims, including enslaved West Africans, early converts to • St. Mary’s College, Moraga Islam and Muslim immigrants. (45, 60 or 90 minutes) • San Jose State University, San Jose • Santa Clara University, Muslim Women in the U.S. and Santa Clara Around the World * • Stanford University, Stanford Students learn about the role of women in • University of California, Islam and important Muslim women in Berkeley history and the modern world. Suitable for courses related to women studies, world • University of California, Santa Cruz religions and civil rights. (45 or 60 minutes) *Ask about the all-women Multi-Faith Panel on * Excludes vocational, art and technical schools. Living the Faith.Request a speaker or panel on our website at, via email at or call 408.296.7312. Presentations are provided at no charge!
  • 4. Interfaith Panel DialoguesGive your students the opportunity to meet and learn firsthand from guest speakerswho represent five major world religions. All panels include time for Q & A. Interfaith Speakers Bureau Jewish-Muslim Relations in the U.S.: In the Shadow of the Middle East Conflict Ideal for the study of world history, the Muslim and Jewish panel helps to shift the paradigm of conversations away from Middle East conflicts and towards common interests to Americans, including topics such as anti- Semitism, Islamophobia and security issues to two of the religious minorities in the United States. (55 minutes) “Your [interfaith] panel did a marvelous job Multi-Faith Panel: gently opening Shared Values the doors of their Interfaith panels are composed of up to five minds. Each speakers who represent Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Hinduism. panelist spoke Each panelist provides a brief overview of beautifully and their religion and then addresses the topic of handled questions shared values and commonalities of their respectfully and religions. (60 - 120 minutes) meaningfully.” Multi-Faith Panel: ~Linda Levine, Living the Faith Professor, San Jose Similar to the format described above, these State University interfaith speakers describe their experiences of “Living the Faith" in the Bay Area as professionals, parents, students, community “California needs members, etc. An all women panel is an option to ensure that all to learn specifically about the ways women practice their religions. (60 - 120 minutes) college students are prepared for Multi-Faith Panel: participation and Contemporary Issues leadership in a Choose from up to five religions for a panel of interfaith speakers and select from one of five diverse society.” different topics of interest: Separation of ~The Campus Church and State; Modernity; Pluralism; Diversity Initiative, Environmentalism; or Extremism and The James Irvine Fundamentalism. (60 - 120 minutes) FoundationPlease note: All interfaith panels include a Muslim speaker. For Multi-Faith Panels, choose up to four additional speakersrepresenting the following religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.
  • 5. Online Educational ResourcesING provides valuable resources online. Visit our website to access these and other educationalmaterials. Orientation to Major World Religions Composed by scholars who are experts in teaching the major world religions, these vocabulary lists and common terms are ideal as supplemental curriculum materials. Download and distribute this information to review with your students in preparation for an interfaith speakers panel, to supplement religion and social studies material, and for students who wish to learn more about each of the five primary religions highlighted. Curriculum Resources for Educators Composed by scholars, these presentations, scripts, and media files are intended to both supplement curriculum materials, as well as serve in place of an ING speaker if you do not have an ING speaker or affiliate in your locale or need this supplemental information for your students on short notice. These include information and presentations on the world’s major religions. ING Testimonials Read about what students, teachers, and professional audiences have said about ING’s educational presentations, and the impact these have had. “What is most impressive about ING is thegiven toFirst Amendment [separation of church and state] training careful every speaker, especially those who give presentations in public schools. ” ~ Charles Haynes, Senior Scholar, First Amendment Center“I feel that the speakers were wonderful. I learned more about religions that I didnt know. It gave me more respect for people in my community that I never really opened up to.” ~ Student, Holy Names University, Oakland, CARequest a speaker or panel on our website at, via email at or call 408.296.7312. Presentations are provided at no charge!
  • 6. Islamic Networks Group3031 Tisch Way, Suite 950San Jose, CA informed on the latest news, key events, and critical developmentsin ING’s promotion of intercultural understanding and fostering mutualrespect through educational presentations and community engagement:• Sign up to ING’s Facebook page at• Download ING’s Multifaith News & Events App for iPhones Valuable Resources for Higher Education Faculty and Students Education in the 21st Century In the San Francisco Bay Area and globally, college and university campuses reflect the world. International students, and a generation of children weaned on the Internet, bring with them an awareness of world politics in which religion plays a critical role. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education reports that 60% of high school graduates in 2005 were students of color. Increase religious literacy on campus Whether you teach religious studies or not, preparing students with a global education requires their developing an awareness and understanding of religious diversity. This knowledge helps students become competent and socially responsible citizens. More than 19 years serving educators ING guest speaker programs enable students to learn about world religions and cultural diversity, preparing them for an increasingly complex global society. We invite you to consider the resources ING offers that will help with this important challenge.ING will do its best to meet speaker requests but cannot guarantee fulfillment of all requests. The ability to schedulepresentations and panels is based on the volume of requests received and the availability of speaker volunteers. Thetypes of ING presentations and panels available are subject to change without notice.