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Instructions and examples of videogames created by students

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  2. 2. TASK DESCRIPTION 1.- Design a video game and describe its main features by completing the factsheet below 2.- Create an advert for the game 1. Factsheet -Name: -Developer: -Publisher: -Designer. -Platform: (for example PC, Play sta- tion. XBOX-360 and Nintendo Wii) -Release date: -Genre: -Mode: -Media: -System requirements: -Input methods: Summary: Main/minor characters
  3. 3. Watch the world burn By Carlos García Sola Watch closely - Every person has feelings. Some are very simple, others not so much. -Every person has a past. Most people tell us that it was nice. But sometimes, that’s FALSE. -Every star in the sky shines. We only see the bigger ones. the rest are there, although you can’t see them. Now it’s time to act. Based on a true events, Electronic Arts presents: An action, terror, and real game. The best game in all the history. WATCH THE WORLD BURN If you want to fight for your life, or if you want to die like a hero . . If you have never known the reason . . . If you have never found the answer . . . Come here, and know my real past. Josh is my name. You will learn how to use different clues, how to interpret little details. You will have to make questions to yourself, and answer what you do in every situa- tion. It is very important to organize information. You will learn how to talk to people, in different situations, how to get information from them. Your mental powers and your emotions are very important here. No mercy, no pity, only you can change your fate. And remember . . . Watch closely Live a 100% real story. In a virtual world , only you can rule. Are you prepared? On sale soon. Watch the wold burn (R) 1. Factsheet - -Developer: Carlos García Sola -Publisher: “Electronic Arts” -Designer. Carlos García Sola -Platform: XBOX-360, PS3, PC and Nintendo Wii. -Release Date: November-2009 -Genre: Action, terror, mystery, graphic adven- ture -Mode: One player -Media: DVD -System requirements: A joystick, virtual glas- ses and special headphones -Input methods: keyboards and mouse (PC) and for others, the controls.
  4. 4. Summary: Some years ago, Josh’s parents died. No- body every knew why. Even the police. Even them could not know why they died. Some people say that they died in a natural way, but other people say this isn’t logical, and think that someone had to kill them. After years of confusion and searching, nobody has been able to find a reason. Joames and Olive died on the 5th of May, in 1995, when Josh was 5. A farmer found their corpses near a huge tree, a huge dead tree. “At that moment, the sky was darker”, said the farmer. “The wind started to blow harder. It was a cold, pale wind. The smell was nauseating. I approached, little by little, to that terrible, huge and lonely tree. I never liked that tree. A flock of crows fled when I arrived. I was alone, and frightened. I screamed loudly, but there was no one there. I ran to my farm, almost crying. I called the police, and in half an hour, they arrived. I went to the tree with them, but . . . there was something different. the corpses were in a different position . . . and with new clothes on . . .” Those were the last words of the farmer. After the tragedy, Josh went to live with his uncles, Steve and Helen. They helped Josh to learn, but they never told Josh about his parents’ death. They were living nicely, like a happy family . . . until that day. Steve and Helen, the only family that Josh had, died on the 2nd of February, in 2002, when Josh was 12. Nobody knew how. A tourist found their corpses on the edge of a river, in a dark old forest. “I was lost”, said the tourist, “I didn’t know which way I had to go. The sky was getting darker and darker, and I didn’t know where I was. After a long time walking, I found a river. I was very thirsty, so I went to drink some water. Suddenly, I heard voices, not far from there. I shouted, but there wasn’t any answer. I started to run in the direction of the voices, trying to find those people. But the only think I found was a big flock of balck crows, and a terrible smell. I ran away as fast as I could. The only image I remember of that moment . . . was horrible . . I can’t explain . . there were . . . letters . . . big letters drawn on the trees . . drawn in blood . . . those trees fell down, at the same time . . . those letters formed two words . . . BEWARE . . “ Those were the last words of the tourist. Josh had to go to the psychologist for a long time. He was Philip, a very good friend of his parents and his uncle and aunt’. Josh has been living with him since then. Nowadays, Josh is 19. Philip told him all about his family’s death. And now, with the help of Philip, the psychologist, and of Emily, Josh’s best friend, Josh will do everything he can so as to find out why his family died and who was responsible for their death. Description Watch the World burn, is an action-packed game. This game includes a pack with virtual glasses. Thanks to them, the extreme moments of the game will look more real. 3Dimensional videos and extreme gra- phics are the main features of the game. Absolute realism. Obviously, it is better to enjoy the game wearing these glasses than watching
  5. 5. the game on the traditional TV set. This pack also includes headphones which make the sound efects more real too. The game satrts like a film, showing the entire story told above. After that, you appear in a strange room. You will learn how to control the character, how to move, how to use objects, etc. Then you must go out of this room. You’ll see a big corridor. It seems you’re in a hotel, or some other place similar. This was the hotel where his parents were working. You have to explore all the rooms to find necessary objects and impor- tant clues. After that, you must go out of the hotel. Now, you will meet Philip. He will help you in your first investigation. The game is divided in 2 parts: each part has 40 levels or missions. Each mission is more difficult and complex than the previous one. In the first part, you’ll conduct several investigations and you’ll have to plan how to find out everything about the death of Josh’s family; and in the second one, you’ll do everything possible to find and, if necessary, to kill the culprit. At the end of each mission, you’ll take note about the things discovered and all the investigations carried out. This game requires a lot of attention to detailsand clues because all of these things will help you. Some of the clues are given from the very beginning of the story, for example, the name of the parents and the uncle and aunt. James Olive Steve During the game, you’ll discover that some people watch the world burn only want to Helen Main Characters: Josh: He is the main character of the game. He is tall, thin, and he has got medium-length, wavy dark hair. He is 19. He is serious- although he sometimes he tells ironic jokes; he doesn’t let anyone fool him, and he is very distrustful. In his free time, he plays the drums or watch thrillers. His past has been very hard. His best friend is Emily, they are partners since they were children. Philip: is a psychologist. Josh lives in his house since the tragedy. he was a very good friend of Josh’s family. He will help him to find clues, and to investigate the culprit. He’ll take notes about all you have discovered in each mission. Emily: She is Josh’s best friend. They both have been always very good friends. She’ll help Josh with his feelings and during his missions. There are a lot of characters appearing in the story, who help or hurt Josh: Thomas, the recep- tionist, Jessica, Philip’s wife, Jane, Philip’s daughter. Music Haunted and Lacrymosa, by Evanescence; A dark night, Beneath Alrischa, Why so serious and Watch the world burn by Hans Zimmer and james Newton Howard.
  6. 6. 2nd May by Ramón Gómez Laguna 2nd May 1. Factsheet -Name: Madrid, 2nd May. -Developer: Ramón Gómez Laguna Buy, buy this game. COMING FEBRUARY 2009 It will be the best -Publisher: “Iberica soft” game in 2009. -Designer. “Degra soft” Buy, buy this game -Platform: PC, Play station. XBOX-360 and Nin- because it is full of tendo Wii. emotion and ac- -Release Date: February-2009 tion- packed… -Genre: Adventure and historical. -Mode: From one to four players. Buy 2nd May -Media: DVD and Blue-ray. -System requirements: Windows Vista, good graphic card and Pentium “Dual-core”. -Input methods: keyboards and mouse (PC) and for others, the controls. 2. Summary This game is set in Madrid, on 2nd May 1808. There are two modes of game. One it is strategy: you must lead the French troops or lead the Spanish Revolutionary troops. The other game mode is adventure. You are Captain Velarde’s assistant ( this captain rebelled against the French occupation). You have to give a message to Daoíz (another captain). But there will be problems: the French will try to catch you, your family will be attacked,… and you will have to decide, Spain or France, independence or occupation? 3. Main characters (Only for the adventure game mode) 3.1 Name: Pedro Saavedra. Age: 22 years old. Nationality: Spanish Appearance: Tall and slim Personality: Adventurous, honest and brave Clothes and equipment: typical clothes of the 19th Century and a clasp knife. Species: Human Gender: Male 3.2 Minor characters: The captains Daoíz and Velarde, José I, the French troops and the people that fight. 4. Music: Typical popular music of the 19th Century in Spain and special music composed for the game. This music has been designed by a famous musician. And it is played by the Royal Spanish Orchestra.
  7. 7. K ARKLEM By Francisco Gutierrez Castillo 1. Factsheet -Developer: CONAMMY -Publisher: Francisco Gutierrez -Designer: Francisco Gutierrez -Platform: PS3 -Release Date: March, 2009 -Genre: Action and adventure -Mode: One player and online -Media: Blu-ray -Music: Folk and Baroque music -System requirements: dual shock Game summary This game is set in New York and the main character is a monster ca- lled Karlem. He was in prison because he was a killer. Everthing was beautiful until one day he escaped from prison and started to kill people again. The murders start to appear again on the newspapers, so the people got too afraid to go out of their houses. The game allows you to control a strong and tall man, and with the help of powerful weapons, you will have to stop Karklem. During the game, you will have to des- troy karklem’s assistants, a bunch of dangerous murderers; if you don’t destroy them, you won’t be able to kill Karklem. In the end, you’ll have to fight against Karklem. Main characters: Karklem: he is a non-human killer, a monster who wears strange clo- thes. People don’t know if the is male or female. He is 666 years old and nobody has been able to kill him, but he has a weak point and Carl- the other character in the story- knows it. He is from Iceland. It is there where he was seen for the first time. Carl: He is the man who tries to destroy Karklem. He wears a special equi- pment. He is tall, thin and strong. He is younger than Karklem (he is only 26 and he is from UK. Music: Music changes in each level. It is terrorific and fast-paced. Special effects: When you kill a man, you will see the man’s blood on the screen
  8. 8. If you want the best adventure game, you only have to got to the games shop and tell the shop assistant: “I want the best adventure game- its name is . . .KARKLEM. The shop assistant will give you the game immediately!! Karklem is the best game, with the best graphics and the best plot. Karklem offers more excitement than the other games. Buy it, if not you will be discriminated against. Buy it now and you’ll get a special price; for only 39€ you can take this action-packed game home. BUY IT, IT IS THE BEST! CONAMMY
  9. 9. If you are bored at home, if you finish your homework and you don’t know what you can do, buy this new videogame. Your life will be full of excitement and you will finish your homework faster than other kids, because you will want to play again and again. BUY IT! IT’S AMAZING! You wont’ be the same person after buying this videogame VALLEJO’S 1. Factsheet -Developer: Vallejo’s Games Ltd. One of the best companies in the world -Publisher: Jose Vallejo (an excellent and funny person) -Designer: Jose Vallejo (an excellent and funny person) -Platform: PS3 -Release Date: September, 2009 (on the designer’s birthday) -Genre: Sport, my favourite hobby is football, that’s why I decided to design this game -Mode: single, multi-player and on-line. You can practice this game as you like, for example you can play against your friends (multiplayer) or against other people you don´t know (on-line) -Media: Blu-ray -System requirements: dual shock, CD and game console. It is a fantastic game, similar to football games such as FIFA09 and PES 2009. You must play matches and try to win as many as you can. There are a lot od players and teams such as Real Madrid or Manchester United. You control players, who must play football matches and try to win. There are no special effects, only the music by El Canto del Loco.
  10. 10. SPACE BUILDER By Julio Caballero Pérez R E D L I U B 1. Factsheet -Name: Space Builder -Developer: Julio Caballero Pérez -Publisher: EA Games -Designer: Fran Caballero Pérez -Platform: PC -Release Date: November, 2009 -Genre: Sci-fi -Mode: One player -Media: CD -Music: Folk and Baroque music -System requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista. RAM memory: XP, 512 Mb; Vista: 768 Mb. Internet access for downloads -Input methods: keyboards and mouse (PC).
  11. 11. SAN ANDREAS I'm going to talk about “San Andreas”, a computer game. You live in a poor neigh- bourhood of Los Angeles. You are a black man without a mother or brother, but you have many friends. The people that are wearing green clothes belong to your band. You should protect them. The people that are wearing yellow, purple or blue clothes are enemies OUR FAVOURITE GAMES from other bands. They attack you if they see you. In the game you can move the character with letters W (straight), S (left), A (go back) and D (right). You can also shoot with a click on the mouse. You can be a cars thief with the letter F of the keyboard. Also you can run and swim very fast with the space bar in the keyboard. You can drive a car, a motorbike, a bike, a bus, a lorry, a van, a quad.... You can go to different places like the burger, the beach, a shop, the forest, the hospital (when you die, you appear in it). The objective of the game are missions like “car rider”, “murder”, etc. JOSE ALBERTO MORCILLO CRUZ 2º E.S.O. B
  12. 12. COMPUTER GAME I am designing a computer game. First you must choose between a girl or a boy with the mouse. Then you can choose his or her clothes too. Now your character has got a weapon. To move your character you must press the arrows. You must press letter C to jump and the space bar to OUR FAVOURITE GAMES attack. The game has got different worlds and levels. When you see an enemy, you must attack. When he dies, he releases small balls of life and you can take them. When you finish all the levels, you must fight against a boss. You must move with the arrows and press the space bar to attack. If you win the battle, you are the winner and the game is over. If you don't win, you must try again. ALICIA REGUERA LÁZARO 2º E.S.O. B MY FAVOURITE GAME: CALL OF DUTY 5 This game is about the Second World War. There are many missions and you must do everyone. The purpose of the missions is to kill people. People can jump, go straight, turn right, turn left and go back but they can't climb things. If you see an enemy man, you must click on the mouse to kill him with your weapon. There are many types of weapons and there are vehicles that you can drive. Of course there are many buildings. When an enemy kills you, a friend can save you. This game is the most realistic. MIGUEL ÁNGEL MUÑOZ SÁNCHEZ 2º E.S.O. B
  13. 13. THE CAT You are a cat and you must find fish. The cat can jump and run but it can't go back. When you see a fish, you should click on it. Be careful with the other cats because they can attack you. You start in a big bin and you must find some OUR FAVOURITE GAMES other bins. Then the game ends when the cats attack you or when you find 50 fish. You can move the cat by pressing the arrows. You can jump by pressing the space key. If you win or lose you put your time and your score into the Internet. MARIO SOLA LÓPEZ 2º E.S.O. B MY COMPUTER GAME This game is about a cat, a dog and a mouse. You are the mouse and you must take some cheese. You must escape from the dog and the cat before they catch you. In the game you can jump and run. When you see some cheese, you must press “Enter” and you can eat the cheese. You must press the arrows to run and jump (left arrow to jump and right arrow to run). The game is over when the cat eats you. AIMEE LOZANO 2º E.S.O. B