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Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
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  • 1. Bill Gates The inventor of PCs, Microsoft and Windows
  • 2. Bill Gates
    • In school, Bill Gates was a nerd / dork / geek
  • 3. Bill Gates
    • When he was 14 years old, he made his first computer game
  • 4. Bill Gates
    • In high school, he programmed the school computer to put all the girls in his classes.
  • 5. Bill Gates
    • When he was 19 years old, he quit Harvard University…
  • 6. Bill Gates
    • … to start the company “Microsoft”
  • 7. Bill Gates
    • Before, computers were very big.
    • He invented the personal computer: PCs
  • 8. Bill Gates is
    • A genius
    • One of the richest people in the world
  • 9. Rules for Life: 1
    • Life is not fair,
    • get used to it!
  • 10. Rules for Life: 2
    • Be nice to nerds.
    • One will probably be your boss.
  • 11. Rules for Life: 3
    • Life is not like school.
    • You don’t get summer vacations.
  • 12. Rules for Life: 4
    • Television is NOT real life.
    • In real life people have to leave the cafe and go to jobs.
  • 13. Rules for Life: 5
    • If you think your teacher is tough,
    • wait until you have a boss.
  • 14. Rules for Life: 6
    • In life, there are always winners and always losers, but you usually only have one try.
  • 15. Rules for Life: 7
    • When your parents were young, they weren’t boring.
    • They are boring because they have to pay for your toys, clean your clothes, and listen to you complain.
    • Before you save the world, try to clean your room.
  • 16. Rules for Life: 8
    • If you make a mistake, it’s not your parents‘
    • ‘ fault.
    • Don’t complain about your mistakes, learn from them.
  • 17. Rules for Life: 9
    • Working at a job like McDonalds is not embarrassing.
    • Your grandparents called it an opportunity.
  • 18. Rules for Life: 10
    • You will NOT have a perfect job right after secondary school. You won’t be a president with a luxury car until you earn both.
  • 19. Rules for Life: 11
    • The world is not interested in your selfesteem.
    • The world wants you to achieve something BEFORE you can feel good about yourself.