The united states dollar


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The united states dollar

  1. 1. The United States Dollar Money! By Mindi Greenberg
  2. 2. The Dollar• There are bills and coins• The coins are called ¨cents¨• The symbol for the Dollar is $, and we put it in front of the numbers• To say $56.34, we say ¨fifty six dollars and thirty four cents¨• The symbol for cents is ₵, and we put it after the number if the amount is less than $1• The nickname for Dollar is ¨buck¨ – Example: $20 is twenty dollars, or informally, twenty bucks
  3. 3. The bills• Each bill has the picture of a different President on the front• They are all green, but they are each different• Bills are for $1, $5, $10, $20,$50, and $100• There is also a rare bill for $2• How is that different thanthe Euro?
  4. 4. The Coins• There are coins of silver and bronze• There are coins for 25₵, 10₵, 5₵, and 1₵• There is also a rare coin for $1. It´s called a silver dollar, even though it´s gold! Another rare coin is the half dollar (50₵).• Each coin has a nickname: – 25₵ is quarter – 10₵ is dime – 5₵ is nickel – 1₵ is penny
  5. 5. $1• The President on the $1 bill is George Washington, our first President.• It says ¨In God We Trust¨on the back• It has the number one on it many times and both in letter and numerial forms
  6. 6. $5• The President on the $5 bill is Abraham Lincoln. He is the President who helped end the Civil War.• It has some of the samecharacteristics of theone dollar bill• This bill, and others, used to look more like the onedollar bill, but wasredesigned in 2004
  7. 7. $10• The President on the $10 bill is Alexander Hamilton. He is the only President who faces to the left on the bill.
  8. 8. $20• The President on the $20 bill is Andrew Jackson, but it used to be Grover Cleveland.• The White House isthe image on the back of the bill.• Twenty dollar bills arevery commonly used.
  9. 9. $50• The President on the $50 bill is Ulysses S. Grant. Before he was President, he was an important general in the Civil War.• He used his middle initialoften when writing his name.• It is not used often, as thecombination of two twentiesand a ten is more common.
  10. 10. $100• The President on the $100 bill is Benjamin Franklin. He was never President of the United States. Instead, he was President of Pennsylvania – before the USA was born!• They have the nicknameof “Benjamins”.• There are images on them that you can only see in thelight. They are used to know if the bills are real or fake.
  11. 11. The Penny• It is worth 1₵, and is made mostly of copper.• They are very common, but some people want to stop using them because they have little value. Canada recently stopped with theirs.• Abraham Lincoln is on the front, and the Lincoln Memorial is on the back.
  12. 12. The Nickel• It is worth 5₵, and is made mostly of copper, although it appears silver.• Thomas Jefferson is on the front, and the Monticello is on the back.
  13. 13. The Dime• It is worth 10₵, and is made mostly of copper, although it also looks silver. It is smaller than the nickel, but has more value.• Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the front, and a torch, and oak branch, and an olive branch are on the back.
  14. 14. The Quarter• It is worth 25₵, and is made mostly of copper, although it also looks silver.• George Washington is on the front, and the back is different. It either has an eagle, or one of the 50 states. People collect quarters to try to get all of the states.
  15. 15. Half Dollar• It is worth 50₵, and is made mostly of copper, although it again appears silver.• John F. Kennedy is on the front, and the seal of the Presidents of the USA is on the back.• This is a very rare coin.
  16. 16. Silver Dollar• It is worth $1, and is made mostly of copper.• There are two versions of this coin.• One appears silver and has Susan B. Anthony on the front and the symbol of the Apollo 11 space mission on the back.• The other appears gold and has Sacagawea on the front and Native American themes on the back.
  17. 17. Interesting Facts• The U.S. Dollar is also used in Ecuador, El Salvador, and Panama, in Central and South America.• Currency is made in Mints, in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Each dollar or coin is labeled to tell where it was made.• 1€ = $1.3309• What are some interesting facts about the euro?