Btec level 3 ass 2 u4 5 and 62


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Btec level 3 ass 2 u4 5 and 62

  1. 1. Assignment briefQualification BTEC National in Creative Media Production 4 – Creative Media Production Management ProjectUnit number and title 5 – Working to a brief in the Creative Media industries 62 – Digital Video Production for Interactive MediaStart dateDeadlineAssessor nameAssignment title Assignment 2The purpose of this assignment is to:Introduce learners to the production and use of digital video material for an interactive media product. Learners will investigatehow video is used in interactive media products and will examine the technology used to produce and manipulate digital videosequences. Learners will plan and create a video sequence and prepare it for use within an interactive media product.This assignment also aims to take the learner through the whole process of working to a brief from initial negotiations, through theprocess of developing and realising ideas in liaison with the client to final self-evaluation on completion of the work. Also byworking within pairs it will provide the opportunity to manage the production both individually and as a team. Scenario Your tender has been successful! You now have to produce planning documentation for the digital video sequence and liaise with your client throughout the process to ensure the client is happy with the designs you are preparing. Important note All correspondence with your client from this point forward must be fully documented in a communication log which will be incorporated in to your blog. Examples of communication could include SMS, email, video conferencing, face to face communicationYou will need to have regular formal meetings with your client with fully documented agendas and minutes of the meetings. *All Evidence for the assignment needs to be embedded in your U62/U5/U4 blogTasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1 Contributes to Unit 4 P3/Specifically you will require the following for the management and shooting of the advert: M3/ D31. A project schedule (ILP with Milestones set at regular intervals) which outlines the different stages Contributes to Unit 62 of the project and includes some Client Meetings and production meetings; P3/M3/D32. A Gantt chart (spread sheet) or Microsoft Project, which shows the timescale and all major stages Contributes to Unit 5, P2/ (including contingency time (slack time)) of the project up to the completion of the project (to be M2/D2 shown to the client).3. A risk assessment should be completed showing back up plans and any health and safety issues to Contributes to Unit5 ensure the project is completed on time. P3/M3/D3Task 2a Contributes to Unit 4 P1/ M1/ D1In order to have an understanding of your target audience, competitors, where your product would besituated in the market place etc you need to do a broad range of the following:Identify the target audience, look at other colleges in the area, age groups etc.Research an idea: audience research, eg age, gender, socio-economic grouping, lifestyle, location;audience figures, eg RAJAR, BARB, ABC, CAA, ELSPA, ChartTrack, MCV;
  2. 2. Task 2bTo gain an insight into what would make a successful video to promote a particular subject area within Contributes to Unit 4the college you need to design and produce a questionnaire and gather the results of the feedback so P1/M1/D1you are better informed.primary content research, eginterviews, questionnaires, own observations;secondary content research, eg newspapers, magazines,books, audio, audio-visual, electronic, internet, archives, libraries; research into competitors; researchintomarketTask 2c – Planning Contributes to Unit 62Produce content specific pre-production planning for your advert. P2/M2/D2This should include a broad selection of the following: Contributes to Unit 5, P2/ Brainstorming (Individually and as a team) M2/ D2 Storyboards Script Contributes to Unit5 Sketches P3/M3/D3 Shot logs Mood boards (Individually and as a team)Discuss any technical considerations, e.g. platform, file format, file size, compression, streamingmethod, media player*You need to justify any ideas that you have come up with and what you are taking forward to the Contributes to Unit 4 P1,production process. M1, D1Originate ideas: group and individual brainstorming; analysis of each idea; selection; justificationDevelop an idea: eg mood boards, thumbnails, mock-ups, surveysTask 3a Contributes to Unit 4 P2/M2/D2Working within your team you need to first produce an outline (proposal) which shouldinclude a wide range of the following:Proposal: content outline; target audience; resources; personnel requirements, eg cast and crew,team, specialists; budget; project scheduleTask 3b Contributes to Unit 4 P2/M2/D2Once you have finalised the proposal within your team. You are required to further develop ifneeded to pitch your product as a team to your client. *The more detail you put into thepresentation will give your client a better understanding and the timeframe involved for asuccessful promotional video.Pitch: style; format, eg PowerPoint, video presentation, multiple presentation; technology, eg videoscreen, projector, audio playback; product information (content outline, target audience, resources,cast and crew requirements, budget, project schedule, market fit); preparation of materials; rehearsalof pitch; delivery of pitch
  3. 3. Task 4 Contributes to Unit 5, P2/Upon a successful outcome of the pitch to your client, including all your planning documentation etc M2/ D2they may have asked for specific changes at this point. You need to hold a production meeting withagenda and minutes. Contributes to Unit 62 P3/M3/D3Make any changes which are required after you have had formal feedback from the client as to howthey want to progress. Contributes to Unit5 P3/M3/D3Produce a short report which outlines the changes made and what has been agreed to be produced asthe final product. Contributes to Unit 4, P3/M3/D3Task 5 Contributes to Unit 62You will now need to look at sourcing any asset that you may use in the finished product. This requires P3/M3/D3some research into what video assets are readily available for you to use. You will need to complete anAsset Table (template in shared) identifying where your assets were found and identifying any asset Contributes to Unit5that you will create. You may take into consideration a broad range of the following: P3/M3/D3Source video assets: e.g. video library, online, broadcast, client, peers, tutorTask 6 Contributes to UNIT 62Using your shot-log, shoot your raw video footage paying particular attention to the following two P3/M3/D3sections: Contributes to Unit5Shoot video assets: shot quality (lighting, focus, depth of field, colour balance, exposure); shot P3/M3/D3composition (camera angle, framing)Sources of informationBaylis P, Freedman A, Procter N et al – BTEC Level 3 National Creative Media Production, Student Book(Pearson, 2010) ISBN 978-1846906725 Grading Criteria This unit is internally assessed Unit 5 (all of 2) (contributes to 3) P2: plan a response to a brief M2: plan a response to a brief D2: plan a response to a brief to working within appropriate competently showing some near-professional standards showing conventions and with some imagination and with only creativity and flair and working assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectations P3: apply a response to a brief M3: apply a response to a brief D3: apply a response to a brief to working within appropriate competently showing some near-professional standards showing conventions and with some imagination and with only creativity and flair and working assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectations Unit 62 (all of strand 2 and 3) P2 generate outline ideas for a D2 generate thoroughly thought M2 generate detailed ideas for digital video sequence through ideas for a digital video a digital video sequence working within appropriate sequence showing creativity and flair showing some imagination and conventions and with some and working independently to with only occasional assistance assistance professional expectations P3 generate digital video assets M3 generate digital video D3 generate digital video assets to with some assistance assets competently with only near-professional standards occasional assistance Unit 4 (contributes to 1) (all of 2) (contributes to 3)
  4. 4. P1 originate, develop and M1 originate, develop and D1 originate, develop andresearch an idea for a media research an idea for a media research an idea for a mediaproduct working within product showing some product showing creativityappropriate conventions and imagination and with only and flair and workingwith some assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectationsP2pitch a proposal for a M2 pitch a proposal for a D2 pitch a proposal for amedia product with some media media product to aappropriate use of subject product competently with nearprofessionalstandardconsistentlyterminology and with some generally correct use of using subjectterminology correctlyassistance subject terminology and with andworking independently to only occasional assistance professional expectationsP3 manage a production M3manage a production D3manage a production processprocessto create a media processcompetently to create to near-professional standardsproductworking within a to create a media product,appropriateconventions and media product to a good showing creativity and flairwith someassistance. technical standard, showing and working independently some imagination and with to professional expectations. only occasional assistance.