Countable n uncountable nouns


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Countable n uncountable nouns

  1. 1. Countable nouns &Uncountable nouns
  2. 2. Countable nounse.g. I eat a banana every day. I like bananas.“Banana” is a countable noun.
  3. 3. Countable nouns A countable noun can be1. singular (banana) or2. plural (bananas) Countable nouns are things we can count. So we can say „one banana‟ ,„two bananas‟ etc.
  4. 4. Countable nouns Examples of countable nounssingular plural apple apples pineapple pineapples cucumber cucumbers strawberry strawberries grape grapes
  5. 5. Countable nounsWe add -es to most nouns in -o:tomato tomatoespotato potatoesBut we just add -s to:radio radiosphoto photos
  6. 6. Uncountable nounse.g. I eat rice everyday. I like rice.Rice is an uncountable noun.
  7. 7. Uncountable nouns An uncountable noun has only one form. (rice)•Uncountable nouns are things wecannot count.•We cannot say „one rice‟, „two rices‟,etc.
  8. 8. Uncountable nouns Examples of uncountable nouns:  salad dressing  lettuce  ham  water  milk
  9. 9.  A dog is an animal. I‟m waiting for a bus. When a countable noun is singular, we must use a word like a/the/my/this with it.Example: I want an orange. (not I want orange.) Where is my bottle? (not Where is bottle?)
  10. 10. The use of “Is/are some” Study the following table: is meat in the fridge. cheeseThere some are rulers on the desk. pencils
  11. 11. Is/are some We use „is some‟ when the noun is uncountable. (meat, cheese.) We use „are some‟ when the countable noun is plural. (rulers, pencils.)
  12. 12. Isn‟t/aren‟t any Study the following table: isn‟t milk in the shop. coffeeThere any aren‟t dishes under the bed. watches
  13. 13. Isn‟t/aren‟t any We use „isn‟t any‟ when the noun is uncountable. (milk, coffee.) We use „aren‟t any‟ when the countable noun is plural. (dishes, watches)
  14. 14. Expression of quantity
  15. 15. Expression Used with Used withof quantity countable nouns uncountable nounsOne One apple -each each cloth -every every bus -Two Two pencils -both both bottles -a couple of A couple of shoes -a few A few books -several Several pages -many Many computers -
  16. 16. Expression Used with Used withof quantity countable uncountable nouns nounsA little - A little ricemuch - Much moneyNot any Not any photos Not any water no No photos No watera lot of A lot of people A lot of hairplenty of Plenty of cars Plenty of lightmost Most watches Most sugarall All students All coffee
  17. 17. I. Put the correct form of thegiven words into the spaces. potatoes1.John is eating some __________(potato). water2.Is there any ___________ (water) in the jar?3.Mother says, „Gogo, please give me some jam __________ (jam).‟ fish4.There are some _________ (fish) in the river. tomatoes5.There aren‟t any ______________(tomato) on the table.
  18. 18. II. Put the correct answer into thespaces with “some” or “any”.1.There is not ________sugar in the coffee. any some2.There are ___________ stars in the sky. any3.There aren‟t ________ roses on the table. some4.Father says, „Please give me ________ oil.‟5.Is there ________ orange juice? any6.There is ________ paper on the desk. some
  19. 19. Look! How many mark(s) do you get?8-11 Well done!4-7 You can do much better!0-3 Work hard! Don‟t give up!