Ingenyes Video Animation Script


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Video animation script. Shows how to create an animation video

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Ingenyes Video Animation Script

  2. 2. SHOT : 1 SHOT : 2Action: scene opens with the camera focusing at Action: the servers stop panning & enter anotherthe end of a table. A puppet character – “Wally” building that is already present. The building is allcomes into the scene from behind the table. cracked up & old & reads – “Cheap Hosting $1”.Beside Wally, a bunch of servers appear out. Later,a building comes out & encages the servers. Thebuilding reads – “Expensive Hosting $200”Transition: camera pans to right & the servers Transition: camera pans to right along with thepan along. servers.Voice Over: Meet Wally.Wally needs web hosting... Voice Over: And some are cheap..The problem is that some web hosting companiesare expensive
  3. 3. SHOT : 3 SHOT : 4Action: the servers now enter another building Action: from behind the servers, different sizedwhich reads – “Incompetent Hosting” & all of the gears come out & start working & suddenly getsilhouettes inside are seen sleeping. From top, jammed & the servers behind breakdown. Also,letters “Z” enter the scene with the help of strings. the front server shows lot of binary activity & one by one on each rack, text appear – “Hacked”. Simultaneously with the help of strings, viruses hang down into the scene & start eating the servers.Transition: camera zooms into the building & Transition: camera zooms out & the scenefocuses on the servers. transforms.Voice Over: And others are hard to work with. Voice Over: Also,a lot of them have slow servers, server crashes and security holes.
  4. 4. SHOT : 5 SHOT : 6Action: Wally again appears & beside her, her Action: suddenly, from top, a board hangs downown webpage hangs. In the BG, city scene is reading – “BILL” along with lots of Dollar graphics.formed. Wally one by one, puts graphics of SEO Then, the contents of her website get entangledtools, Shopping Cart & other web apps onto her with each other making it all confusing. Wallywebpage. freaks out & pulls her hair & the whole graphic of her hair comes out.Transition: Scene continued. Transition: scene continued.Voice Over: In addition, when you need to startadding additional features to your website,like SEO tools, Voice Over: It can really start to get expensive...a shopping cart, And thats not all... Their systems are so complexand other web applications, that it makes you want to pull your hair out
  5. 5. SHOT : 7 SHOT : 8Action: as website goes out from scene, another Action: an arrow falls down from the logo onto acharacter Bill, just like Wally appears in scene. server present below. The base on the left sideWally greets Bill. Bill smiles and a board with moves & “100%free” text appears. A crane head“Ingenyes” logo comes in & hangs over their head. comes into the scene with “easy to use’ text on it, caring lots of tool used for website building.Transition: scene pans to right except the logo. Transition: scene pans to right.Voice Over: Wally asks his smart friend, Bill. Voice Over: What is Ingenyes?Bill smiles…. Ingenyes is a 100% free web hosting service that“You need Ingenyes!” includes an easy-to-use website builder.
  6. 6. SHOT :9 SHOT :10Action: as new scene appears it brings a base Action: logo of “ingenyes” is seen on top & in the BG mapwith “robust” text on it. And a platform drop on of world scene. As base rotates a website comes into thethe with “reliable” text on it. Two rope like hands scene. Lots of pictures of people from different place of word hand in front of map. Three photos drop near websitefall from top and pull out a website from platform. with “SEO guru”, “web designers” and “ software ninja”.”rackspace” logo hangs on top with a strip of “gold And they attach deals onto the website which modifies thestandard” text. website into a rocket ship. And rocket website flies into space.Transition: all graphics fall in the BG and newscene appears from front. Transition: camera follows the rocket into space.Voice Over: Ingenyes is built on a robust, reliable platform Voice Over: Also, Ingenyes has partnered with web expertsfully managed by Rackspace, the gold standard in hosting. from around the world, including SEO gurus, web designers, and software ninjas, to provide you with access to awesome free and special deals to help your website perform like a rocket ship!
  7. 7. SHOT :11 SHOT : 12Action: as the camera follows the rocket into Action: on the scene, the whole globe comes in withspace a hanging text of "what’s the catch?” INGENYES logo in the center & text below it – “100% free”. From around the globe, lots of servers come out withappears. Rackspace logo on them. On the map, at different parts, graphics of characters pop out & from the servers wires come out & join the characters & the servers charge up. Transition: the globe scales up & becomesTransition: camera pans down. the base & from the base, the website of Ingenyes comes out..VO: What’s the catch? VO : Ingenyes is 100% free. Free web hosting and free services from industry experts from around the world.
  8. 8. SHOT : 13 SHOT : 14Action: beside the website on the left & Action: from the base, beside the website,right side, two graphics hang down, one for two web companies come out with tags ofNo caches & other for No Bull. deals on them. From behind the website, from the two sides, two drawers open out & the web companies take out money with their hands & put it in the website’s drawers.Transition: the no cache & no bull graphics Transition: the website goes behind & frommove out from left & right. the foreground, new base comes in with Bill & Wally on it.Voice Over: No caches and no bull. Voice Over: Ingenyescharges a small referral fee to web companies who provide you with special deals.
  9. 9. SHOT : 15 SHOT : 16Action: the two characters take out bag of Action: as the curtain joins, INGENYES logomoney in their hands with text on it – is revealed on it.“FREE” & behind, the web companies takeout a new deals board & put then on theirtop.Transition: curtains made of cardboard falls Transition: scene continued.over the scene.Voice Over: You make it big online for free and Voice Over: Ingenyes! Everyone profits from theour partners get the exposure they need. web!
  10. 10. SHOT : 17Action: below the logo, new text appears –“So what are you waiting for?”. The text isclicked with a hanging cursor & a boardcomes into the scene from bottom with text“100% free web hosting & FREE Offerstoday”.Transition: Cut End.Voice Over: So what are you waiting for?Join and get your 100% FREE webhosting & Free offers today and profit from theweb!