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Processing in the Cloud                                            DistributionMonitoring Service Systems from a Language-...
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Java & dotnet titles


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Java & dotnet titles

  1. 1. Title DomainEnergy-Efficient Protocol for Cooperative Networks NetworkingImpact of File Arrivals and Departures on Buffer Sizing in Core NetworkingRoutersLive Streaming with Receiver-based Peer-division Multiplexing NetworkingMeasurement and Diagnosis of Address Misconfigured P2P Traffic NetworkDynamic Measurement-Aware Routing in Practice NetworkA Privacy preserving location Monitoring System for wireless sensor Mobilenetwork ComputingSupporting Efficient and Scalable Multicasting over Mobile Ad Hoc MobileNetworks ComputingThroughput Optimization in Mobile Backbone Networks Mobile ComputingSpectral Models for Bitrate Measurement from Packet Sampled Network &Traffic service ManagementData Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage Communication Systems & NetworksExploring Application-Level Semantics for Data Compression Knowledge & Data EngineeringImproving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking- Knowledge &Based Techniques Data EngineeringImproving Application Placement for Cluster-based Web Knowledge &Applications Data EngineeringLocally Consistent Concept Factorization for Document Clustering Knowledge & Data EngineeringOne Size Does Not Fit All: Towards User- and Query-Dependent Knowledge &Ranking For Web Databases Data EngineeringOptimal service pricing for a cloud cache Knowledge & Data EngineeringExploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Parallel &
  2. 2. Processing in the Cloud DistributionMonitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action Perspective Service ComputingDesign and Evaluation of a Proxy Cache for Peer to Peer Traffic ComputersA Machine Learning Approach to TCP Throughput Prediction NetworkingOnline social networks NetworkIntrusion Detection for Grid and Cloud Computing IT ProffesionalOn the Quality of Service of Crash-Recovery Failure Detectors Dependable & SecurityLayered Approach Using Conditional Random Fields for Intrusion Dependable &Detection SecurityPrivacy-Preserving Sharing of Sensitive Information Security & PrivacyPEACE: A Novel Privacy-Enhanced Yet Accountable Security Parallel &Framework for Metropolitan Wireless Mesh Networks DistributionThe Phish-Market Protocol: Secure Sharing Between Competitors Security & PrivacyA Dynamic Performance-Based Flow Control Method for High-Speed Parallel &Data Transfer DistributionOptimal Resource Placment in Structured Peer to Peer Parallel &Networks DistributionScheduling Multisource Divisible Loads on Arbitrary Networks Parallel & DistributionThe applied research of cloud computing platform architecture in Computer &the E-Learning area Automation EngineeringIT Auditing to Assure a Secure Cloud Computing Service ComputingProviding privacy preserving in Cloud computing Human System InteractionVEBEK: Virtual Energy-Based Encryption and Keying for Wireless MobileSensor Networks ComputingSecure Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using MobileRandomized Dispersive Routes ComputingBayesian Classifiers Programmed in SQL Knowledge & Data EngineeringConditional Shortest Path Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks Wireless Mobile
  3. 3. & Multimedia NetworkActive Reranking for Web Image Search