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Small Business ICON Competition 2014


Published on

2014 Small Business ICON Awards presented by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

2014 Small Business ICON Awards presented by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

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  • Welcome to Infusionsoft’s Small Business Icon competition. Over the next 90 minutes you are going to hear from three incredible entrepreneurs from around the world, who will motivate and inspire you with their stories. You’ll hear about their trials and triumphs in growing a business, while striving for balance. They’ll share their struggles and successes with attracting customers, growing sales and delivering a delightful customer experience. And finally, they’ll reveal how they leverage Infusionsoft to get organized, grow sales and save time. After the presentations are over, you—the Infusionsoft community—will vote for your favorite via text message. We will tally up the votes and announce the ultimate winner tomorrow afternoon at 4:15. At the heart of it, the SB Icon competition is a celebration of small business success. But how did we get here?
  • The SB Icon competition began in the fall of 2013, when we invited all Infusionsoft customers to apply. We received 36 incredible applications, which were reviewed and scored by a panel of judges. From the 36 applications, we selected 7 Best in Class winners in a variety of categories including social media, lead nurturing, online sales, customer experience and more. We will announce the recognize the winners tomorrow afternoon. We also selected the 3 finalists who will take to the stage in just a few minute to share their stories. You can vote for your favorite via text message and tomorrow we will crown the winner. There is a lot at stake.
  • The winner will receive $10,000 to invest in his or her business as well as a one-day, all-expenses-paid consultation at Infusionsoft headquarters, including:A personal consultation with Clate Mask and the executive teamA marketing strategy session with Greg Head, our savvy Chief Marketing OfficerAnd a consultation with our award-winning PR team and the events team behind this conference. The runners up will both also be awarded $2,500 to invest in their businesses.
  • Each and every finalist is smart, savvy and successful, but only one can be named the 2014 Small Business Icon. So what is it that makes someone an icon? There are certainly concrete things you can evaluate, such as revenue growth, lead conversion rates and time saved, but there is a also a certain “Je ne sais quoi” that is harder to define.
  • It starts with passion. Clate touched on this point this morning in his keynote, but one thing that is innate to every SB Icon finalist and winner through the years is their passion. Passion for craft. Passion for customer. Passion for a cause. And passion to create a better life for themselves and their families. This is Casey Graham, our 2013 Ultimate Marketer. Casey started his company with $36k in the bank and a desire to help church leaders improve their fundraising efforts and preach better sermons. It was really hard work, and he could have quit many times when things got really rough. But he didn’t. His passion for service kept him going. In a few short years, Casey grew his business to xyz. But more importantly, he’s doing what he set out to do—help church leaders be more effective. By the way, Casey is speaking tomorrow morning at 8:00 am I know it’s a little early, but this is a guy who teaches preachers in south how to deliver better sermons. He is a great presenter—you don’t want to miss his presentation.
  • Of course, it takes more than passion to become an ICON. You need expertise—expertise in your industry, expertise in sales and marketing strategies—and of course, expertise in how to leverage the Infusionsoft platform to get organized, grow sales and save time. Nobody personifies this more than Jermaine Griggs, founder of Hear & Play Music and our 2011 SB Icon Winner. Jermaine stunnedus all with his marketing savvy and the innovative ways he was using Infusionsoft to delight his customers. As a result, he has been invited back year after year to share his innovative strategies to grow sales. This year is no exception. Tomorrow afternoon in the Advanced Track, Jermaine will share with you his elaborate system for collecting information about his customers and using that to deliver unique, relevant messaging to increase sales. The advanced users in this room won’t to miss this session either.
  • We are not born experts—we become them over time through practice, dedication and a lot of sweat equity. This is something that our SB Icons really understand. A great example of this is Janette Gleason, a finalist from 2011. She had been helping her husband Joe run his financial services company, but they were struggling to attract new customers. They had invested in Infusionsoft, but—like many of us—hadn’t really figured out how to leverage its full potential. So one day, after a particularly expensive and ineffective direct mail marketing campaign, Janette decided to dig in and figure it out. In a few short months, she built transformed their marketing and flooded the business with leads. During her presentation, Janette brought the room to tears with her touching story about her transition from a stay-at-home mom into a marketing maven. This kind of personal and professional growth makes an icon.
  • With the right combination of passion, expertise and growth, the results can be stunning. Every year, I’m blown away by the results that our customers report—skyrocking sales, healthy profits and happier customers. Results can also be measured in terms of time saved and the pleasure experienced from finally taking that much needed vacation. Take Jim and Forrest from Iron Tribe Fitness. There company started with a few friends working out together in Forrest’s garage. In a few short years, they expanded to 6 locations and over 60 franchises across the south. 75% of their new customers are generated from customer referrals and their retention rates are over 95%. That’s really impressive in the fitness industry—especially after the New Year when we all vow to get into shape. What I love most about Jim and Forrest is their dedication to paying their success forward. As Clate mentioned in his keynote this morning, the team at Iron Tribe Fitness has raised over a half a million dollars for charitable organizations, including Neverthirst and Team Red, White and Blue. It’s simply incredible. This spirit of generosity lives in us all, but SB Icons in particular seem to embrace the philosophy of paying it forward.
  • You can make a difference too in the choice you make, starting today with a donation to Mentor’s Int’l - a non-profit group that extends microloans to budding entrepreneurs in developing economies. The mission of Mentor’s Int’l is to help entrepreneurs around the world become self-reliant through small loans, business training and personal mentoring. Over the years, ICON attendees donated over $190,000 to this worthy cause, which has changed the lives of nearly 40,000 entrepreneurs, their families and local economies. We were so inspired by your generosity, that we’ve renewed our commitment to Mentor’s Int’l this year. Plus, we will match your contributions dollar for dollar—in essence doubling the impact you will have on the lives of people much like you across the world—people who share your passion, independence, grit and desire to make an impact.   
  • You can donate online at through your laptop or mobile phone. Or you can stop by the Infusionsoft or Mentor’s International booths to donate there.
  • As a token of our appreciation for your generosity, we will give you a free copy SB Icon Playbook for your donation over $50. Simply bring your proof of donation (email, online receipt) to the Infusionsoft or Mentor’s International booth. This book is incredible. It includes marketing campaigns and growth strategies from the 3 finalists as well as our 7 BiC winners. Not only does the playbook include all of the juicy details
  • Our first SB Icon finalist is Heather Lemere, founder of Salon Success Strategies—an award-winning marketing agency for salons and spas. Heather’s story is one of incredible growth. Using Infusionsoft, she transformed her company from a one-person home office to a full-scale marketing agency. Let’s meet Heather, now. Start videoPlease join me in giving a warm welcome to Heather Lemere.
  • Our next SB Icon finalist is ChistianIsquierdo, founder of LeftFoot Coaching Academy—a youth soccer coaching academy in Minneapolis. Christian is an elite soccer coach who started his company is a vision of creating a safe place for kids to learn and fail—something we as entrepreneurs can truly appreciate. Using Infusionsoft, he has achieved his mission and built a healthy business at the same time. Let’s meet Christian. Start videoPlease join me in giving a warm welcome to Christian Isquierdo.
  • Our third and final presenter for the day is Lisa Macqueen, of Cleancorp, a commercial cleaning services company in Australia. Together, Lisa and her husband Hammish, have built a thriving business. And thanks to a relentless focus on delivering excellent customer service, Cleancorp was recently named the Cleaning Company of the Year in Australia—beating out nearly a dozen larger competitors. Let’s meet Lisa. Start videoPlease join me in giving a warm welcome to Lisa Macqueen.
  • Our three finalists have done their part in sharing their stories with you. Now it’s your turn to select the winner. To cast your vote, simply text the phase “ICON1” ICON2” or “ICON3” to 96000 to vote for the finalist you think should be crowned the 2014 Small Business ICON. You have until noon tomorrow to cast your vote. We will announce the winner in this room tomorrow afternoon at 4:15. You won’t want to miss it! We will also announce the 7 Best in Class winners in the categories of Social Media, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Online Sales, Direct Sales, Customer Experience and CustomerHub. Again, to cast your vote, simply text the phase “ICON1” ICON2” or “ICON3” to 96000. Thank you. And to all three of our finalists, may the odds be ever in your favor.
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    • 1. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. 2014 Small Business Icon Competition Rebecca Sprynczynatyk Senior Director of Communications, Infusionsoft @rebeccaspry
    • 2. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. 3 finalists 36 applicants 7 best-in-class winners
    • 3. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. $10,000
    • 4. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. What makes an Icon?
    • 5. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Passion Casey Graham The Rocket Company
    • 6. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Expertise Jermaine Griggs Hear & Play
    • 7. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Joe & Janette Gleason Gleason Financial Services Growth 2011 Finalist
    • 8. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Results Jim Cavale & Forrest Walden Iron Tribe Fitness
    • 9. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Mentor’s International
    • 10. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success.
    • 11. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success.
    • 12. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Heather Lemere Salon Success Strategies
    • 13. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Christian Isquierdo LeftFoot Coaching Academy
    • 14. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Lisa Macqueen Cleancorp
    • 15. The Ultimate Event for Small Business Success. Lisa Macqueen Cleancorp Christian Isquierdo LeftFoot Coaching Academy Text ICON1 to 96000 Heather Lemere Salon Success Strategies Text ICON2 to 96000 Text ICON3 to 96000