Learn From Small Business ICONs


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From innovation to inspiration…learn what it takes to be a small business icon from these best-in-class small businesses.

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Learn From Small Business ICONs

  1. 1. We Are SMALL Business From Innovation to Inspiration…learn what it takes to be a Small Business ICON.
  2. 2. WE ARE INNOVATIVE “We HUMANIZE the interaction between the customer and their cleaner. We serve our customers with pride and instill pride in all our employees and their chosen career.” -Lisa Macqueen Cleancorp
  3. 3. WE ARE EFFECTIVE “We’ve implemented a paid trial process that helps us CONVERT so effectively that we’ve incorporated it in to other aspects of our business. Our trial sequence is our bread and butter.” -Christian Isquierdo LeftFoot Coaching
  4. 4. WE ARE EFFICIENT “We have identified three questions that allow us to DIVIDE our leads. This allows us to spend our time only on the most qualified and interested ones.” -Heather Lemere Salon Success Strategies
  5. 5. WE ARE CONNECTED “We’ve grown our Facebook page from 300 to more than 14,000 fans. We CONNECT with our followers online.” -Lee Richter Holistic Veterinary Care
  6. 6. WE CREATE PARTNERSHIPS “We PARTNER with other businesses who help us spread the word to more people than just through our own efforts.” -Tom Force ICE Keytags
  7. 7. WE FOLLOW UP “We FOLLOW UP. Our email messaging is very personal and all emails are written as if I were sitting down to write an email to an individual, never a list.” -Nadine Larder Printer Bees
  8. 8. WE SELL “We designed a custom 2step order process that has allowed us to increase overall SALES significantly.” -Bill Harney Keeping Current Matters
  9. 9. WE AUTOMATE “With a small sales team and hundreds of prospects to track, the AUTOMATION helps keep any one prospect from falling through the cracks.” -Mario Guerrero Modern Martial Arts
  10. 10. WE ARE THE AUTHORITY “We are the AUTHORITY in our market. Thousands of people see the value in our content, and they are calling us instead of us calling them.” -Greg Harrelson Century 21 Harrelson group
  11. 11. WE FOCUS ON FAMILY “With the automation and predictability of our business, we are able to spend time at school events, coach sports and most importantly be home in time for dinner each night. We spend time with our FAMILIES.” -Chas Wilson Master Networks
  12. 12. Will YOU Be The Next SMALL Business Icon? Learn from these small businesses at #ICON14. Buy your tickets at: www.attendicon.com