Real-world examples- inside marketing automation plans of successful businesses shared


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Real-world examples- inside marketing automation plans of successful businesses shared

  1. 1. Real World Examples – Inside Marketing Automation Plans ofSuccessful Businesses @Travisnow
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• More about Infusionsoft• Is Infusionsoft for You• 3 Businesses Enjoying the Automated Life• Getting More from the Playbook• How Infusionsoft Works with New Customers• Video• Infusionsoft in Action
  3. 3. Who is… • 8,000 companies; 28,000Marketing Automation usersand Small Businesses • 130 million contacts CRM Software • 4.5 billion emails sent • $3 billion in e-commercePurpose: To help small • 58 million leads captured businesses succeed. • Vibrant ecosystem of partners • Engaged user community
  4. 4. Is Infusionsoft for You?• Ask yourself some questions.
  5. 5. The 3 Biggest Gaps In EVERYONE’S Funnel1. Lost traffic 2. Lost leads 3. Lost customers
  6. 6. Is Infusionsoft for You?• What did the “holes in your bucket” cost you in the last 12 months? This month?• How many website visitors left site without leaving their information?• How many leads were wasted in YTD because the timing wasn’t right?• How many customers left your business because you didn’t keep in touch?
  7. 7. 3. Waste & Wander
  8. 8. Is Infusionsoft for You?• What did your “waste and wandering” cost you in income last year? $10K? $100K? More?• Have you considered the cost of redundancies, and mental energy loss?
  9. 9. The Automated LifeHear and Play MusicIndustry: Retail, Information MarketingEmployees: 2Problem: No follow-up system for existing customers 80% increase in sales, CLV $90 to $375Original Runner CompanyIndustry: Online RetailEmployees: 12Problem: No system nurturing leads or gettingreferrals Conversions up 60%, referrals up 80%Gleason Tax Advisory GroupIndustry: Accounting ServicesEmployees: 8Problem: No ROI on offline marketing, conversionslow Marketing spend reduced 50% Customer base increased 50%
  10. 10. The Automated
  11. 11. Marketing Automation Plan - MAP
  12. 12. Marketing Automation Plan - MAP
  13. 13. Problem #1 - Forms
  14. 14. Internal Webforms
  15. 15. Internal Webforms• Eliminate Human Error• Provide Superior Customer Service• Increase ProductivityLess Stress!
  16. 16. Problem #2 – Manual Payments
  17. 17. #2 - Quick-Sale Order Form• Create Invoices• Collect Payments with Credit Cards• Track Commissions to Tax Preparers• Manage Refer-A-Friend Program Save Time!
  18. 18. Problem #3 – More Clients
  19. 19. #3 – Conversion Campaign• Thank You• Sales Letter• Tax Tips Email Series• Laser-Focused Lumpy MailGet More Sales!
  20. 20. Small Business Success Playbook• Key Actions. Current and Perfect PCL.• Page 36 – Summary of Priorities. 7, 30, 60.• Our experience with customers says 60 days for major changes in a business.• Page 38 – Marketing Calendar. Key dates. 3/30, 4/23, 5/21.
  21. 21. How Infusionsoft Works with New Gold Customers
  22. 22. How Infusionsoft Works with New Gold Customers• Personal Success Coach for 60 Days• Assistance transferring data• Evaluation of your current customer lifecycle• Refining and Integrating Your Marketing Automation Plan• Guidance on Other Resources and Options: – ICC Community – 3rd Party Software Integrations
  23. 23. Infusionsoft Success Coaches Glad we ended up switching over from Salesforce, you can immediately tell the difference with your service and genuine care about the customer. -JacobDue to your coaching plan and being a greatcoach, this training was the very bestsoftware training for any software that wehave ever used.
  24. 24. Infusionsoft in Social Media
  25. 25. Infusionsoft In Action Reminder
  26. 26. Thank You!(Infusionsoft In Action to Follow)