The Path to the Inbox Part 2


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According to a recent Return Path study, in the second half of 2011, global inbox placement rates were at a record low - 76.5 percent. In other words, nearly a quarter of all commercial emails never arrived in the inbox. Yikes!

Here is the final part of a two-part webinar series on email deliverability presented by James Thompson of Infusionsoft, Tom Sather of Return Path, and DJ Waldow of Waldow Social.

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The Path to the Inbox Part 2

  1. 1. The Path to the Inbox PART II: September 19th, 2012
  2. 2. Hosted by:
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters James Thompson, Email Systems Manager at Infusionsoft Tom Sather, Sr. Director of Email Research at Return Path DJ Waldow, Founder & CEO of Waldow Social
  4. 4. "The only all-in-one sales andmarketing built for small business.Infusionsoft helps you get morecustomers, grow revenue and getmore done in the time you have. "
  5. 5. Return PathMaking Email Better on a Global ScaleOver a Decade of Email Expertise Leader in Email Sampling of our clients monitoring, deliverability, certification, and anti-phishing solutions 300+ dedicated Email professionals Offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco, London, Paris, Hamburg, Sydn ey, and Sao PaoloProven Data Infrastructure Over 2 billion inboxes comprise our certification program 26 million IPs scored daily Nearly 300 ESP partners globallyDelivering Measurable ROI Over 12 years of shaping and driving the Email ecosystem Serving over 2,000 leading brands across retail/eCommerce, publishing, social media and financial services sectors
  6. 6. waldowSOCIAL
  7. 7. In Case You Missed Part I
  8. 8. Email is(not)Dead
  9. 9. How many times have you…?
  10. 10. 77% of consumers prefer email over anyother channel for permission-basedpromotional messages.
  11. 11. 5 Steps…1. Sign up for all feedback loops2. Authenticate3. Segment and email your active subscribers4. Monitor5. Get certified
  12. 12. Your Sender Reputation isBased on 5 Factors:1.Volume/Frequency2.Unknown Users3.Complaints4.Infrastructure5.Spam Traps
  13. 13. What Volume and Frequency Means to YourReputation 80 70 60 50 high low 40 med zero 30 20 10 0
  14. 14. Unknown Users
  15. 15. Continuing where we left off...
  16. 16. Your Sender Reputation isbased on 5 factors:1.Volume/Frequency2.Unknown Users3.Complaints4.Infrastructure5.Spam Traps
  17. 17. Complaints MARK AS SPAM
  18. 18. Complaints – Where to Find in Infusionsoft
  19. 19. Complaints – Why it Matters. What’s a high complaint rate? When should I start to be concerned? Infusionsoft Complaint Rates & Deliverability Correlation January 2011 - Present
  20. 20. Feedback Loops“A mechanism for ISPs and other mailboxproviders to funnel spam complaints from theircustomers back to the sender of the message.”(Return Path) Great article on Feedback Loops (Return Path)
  21. 21. Feedback Loops Source: Wikipedia
  22. 22. Your Sender Reputation isbased on 5 factors:1.Volume/Frequency2.Unknown Users3.Complaints4.Infrastructure5.Spam Traps
  23. 23. Infrastructure
  24. 24. Infrastructure ?????
  25. 25. Your Sender Reputation isbased on 5 factors:1.Volume/Frequency2.Unknown Users3.Complaints4.Infrastructure5.Spam Traps
  26. 26. Spam Traps“A spam trap is an email address that does notbelong to an actual person but still receivesunsolicited bulk / commercial email.” - Laura Atkins (read more)
  27. 27. Spam Traps – Some QuestionsQ: If I have spam trap email addresses on mylist, does it mean I’m a spammer?Q: Where can I obtain a list of spam trap addresses?Q: What’s the best way to avoid getting spam trapaddresses on my email list?
  28. 28. Spam Traps – How Did I Get One (Many)? The #1 reason you have spam traps addresses on your email list is: Poor list hygiene &/or maintenance.
  29. 29. Spam Traps – How Did I Get One (Many)? Bots
  30. 30. Spam Traps – How Did I Get One (Many)? Purchased Lists
  31. 31. Spam Traps – How Did I Get One (Many)? Old/Inactive Addresses
  32. 32. Spam Traps – How Do I Get Rid of Them? • Address the root cause first: how are you getting them on your list? • Confirm (double opt-in) all off-line collected recipients • Use CAPTCHA on opt-in web-forms to prevent against bot-submission • If it’s been greater than 90 days since your last email to a particular list or segment, it’s too late. • Win-back and reactivation campaign • Use email intelligence to monitor and pinpoint traps for removal • Do not buy, borrow, trade, unearth, inherit, or simply “find” inorganic email lists • Continually remove inactive and unengaged recipients
  33. 33. Spam Traps – Why They Matter. • Spam Traps hurt your (and your ESP’s) email reputation • IP, rDNS and domain blacklistings • Affects your inbox vs. spam folder placement ratios • ESP may terminate your services • Domain-level blocks carry with you from ESP to ESP
  34. 34. Sender Reputation is based onVolume/Frequency, UnknownUsers, Complaints, Infrastructure ,&Spam Traps #deliverability
  35. 35. Authenticate! [Download Guide]
  36. 36. Authenticate! ESPs read this stuff so you don’t have to!
  37. 37. Set Up a Reverse DNS Definition: What a given IP address resolves to – it’s domain name Gmail Yahoo! Hotmail
  38. 38. Prevent Subscribers From Marking YourEmail as Spam Sendtimely, targeted, VALU ABLE emails
  39. 39. Get Permission Before Mailing
  40. 40. Get Permission Before Mailing
  41. 41. Get Permission Before Mailing
  42. 42. Get Permission Before Mailing
  43. 43. Keep Complaint Rates Under .1%
  44. 44. Keep Complaint Rates Under .1% To put that number into perspective … • A list of 1,000 can get 1 complaint. • A list of 10,000 can get 10 complaints. • A list of 100,000 can get 100 complaints.
  45. 45. Remove Non-existent Email AddressesImmediately
  46. 46. TARGET: Keep Unknown User Rates Under 2%
  47. 47. TARGET: Keep Unknown User Rates Under 2% 1.Good senders have Unknown User rates less than 2%. 2.Bad things happen when Unknown User rates go above 5%
  48. 48. Only email active, opt-in subscribers. Mailbox providers remove inactive accounts from sender reputation calculations to make measurements more accurate. Mailbox providers also employ individual-level engagement filtering to help with graymail:1. Messages read, then deleted 1. Semantics2. Messages deleted without being 2. Starred mail read 3. How it’s addressed3. Messages replied to 4. Importance
  49. 49. Monitor Your Reputation Before Eachand Every Send Create a Sender Score Account (it‘s FREE)
  50. 50. GOAL: Sender Score > 90
  51. 51. If you do all of this…
  52. 52. Inboxdelivery Opens Click- throughs $$
  53. 53. Flickr: stollerdos
  54. 54. Want to Know More AboutReturn Path?Call: 1-866-362 4577Website: #SMRefs | @Infusionsoft
  55. 55. DJ Waldow
  56. 56. Want to Know More AboutInfusionsoft?Call: 866.800.0004 ext. 1Demo:Sales
  57. 57. Questions?Tweet to @Infusionsoft, @returnpath and@djwaldow and include #Deliverability.