Build Your Sales and Reputation with E-books


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Why should you make the switch from blogger to Amazon e-book author? For starters, authors who self-publish through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple earn a whopping 40%-70% in royalties (as opposed to 10%-15% for traditional books). During the session, Jim Kukral, author of more than 10 e-books, shared his secrets to creating, formatting, pricing, launching and marketing your e-book on Amazon.

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  • Build Your Sales and Reputation with E-books

    1. 1. Author! Author!: Build Your Salesand Reputation With E-BooksNo Publisher Needed! Jim F. Kukral CEO, @jimkukral
    2. 2. Attention! This Book Will Make You Money Wiley & Sons, 2010 “Traditionally” Published
    3. 3. $35k crowdfundingGiven away over 45kbooksEarn more long-termwith each new book
    4. 4. More Success…Generate 3-5 leads a dayIncreased my consulting fees x3Each book leads to new readers, fans& customers
    5. 5. STOP BLOGGING!!!!!!Just kidding, or am I?Blog or book will do more for you?How much time do you spend “blogging”?Do both! Why not?Blog to book!
    6. 6. Secrets to Amazon Success Title: Think key words & Amazon categories Price: Between $2.99 & $9.99 Formatting: It’s not so hard Cover Image: Make it stand out! Reviews and Likes are Important Research the competition
    7. 7. Amazon Formatting Must be done correctly for links to work and for Amazon to accept it, same with B&N, iBooks… Not rocket surgery Scrivener
    8. 8. Cover Image Professional Want to be taken seriously Set the right tone (who’s buying it?) Appeal to men & women if applicable Make your name fully visible!
    9. 9. Imagery: Pick the rightImageWhat does it mean?Does it jump?Don’t pay too much!
    10. 10. Amazon Reviews As many as possible You want a few 4’s to be credible Don’t take the negative reviews personally You want the 5’s to be at the top in “Most Helpful” You want most recents to be high
    11. 11. Launch Process Goal: “Hot New Release” & “Bestseller” Book marketing starts at book conception Hollywood trailer Use social media Build email list Launch!
    12. 12. @jimkukral