How to Successfully Grow Your Coaching Business


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How to Successfully Grow Your Coaching Business

  1. 1. How to Successfully Grow Your Coaching Business Presented by Tyler Garns Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft Jack Born Founder of
  2. 2. Housekeeping A/V Check You’re all on mute One question survey when you leave Ask questions through GoToWebinar - I’ll handle them at the end Feel free to tweet if you like our content Jack has a really cool free report at - go get it This will not be a demo of Infusionsoft - please visit
  3. 3. When you started your coaching/consulting business, you really just entered a ....@tylergarns
  4. 4. ...Trap!!!@tylergarns
  5. 5. Unfortunately... The coaching/ consulting business lends itself to the trap more than most other business You may feel like you made a bad choice@tylergarns
  6. 6. Luckily... There are people that have figured out how to get out of the trap With the right strategy & tools you can do it too That’s why Jack is on the call with me@tylergarns
  7. 7. Let’s examine the trap: You trade time for money Your income is capped by how much time you can dedicate to coaching “Information” is becoming commoditized because of the Internet It feels like everyone is giving away great information - how can you charge for the information you have?@tylergarns
  8. 8. Examining the trap... The lifetime value of a customer is limited If you do your job, your customers shouldn’t need you after a while. Can your curriculum extend forever? When will people stop paying? Finding new clients is tricky You may not have a hefty advertising budget You end up working with people you know (that means “friends & family discounts”)@tylergarns
  9. 9. Examining the trap (cont’d) Your clients require a very hands-on, personal relationship Desperation leads to taking on clients that aren’t a good fit They want discounts They complain about stuff They request refunds They milk you dry@tylergarns
  10. 10. How to get out of the trap...@tylergarns
  11. 11. How to grow a successful coaching business Don’t listen to other coaches that say you can’t make it as a coach (they’re stuck in the trap) Stop thinking of yourself as a coach & start thinking of yourself as a business Build a system that doesn’t require YOU to run everything@tylergarns
  12. 12. How to grow a successful coaching business Sell your coaching program as a product with results Do not sell hours Focus on 3 things Being the best coach/consultant in your niche Marketing your business Building the system@tylergarns
  13. 13. Be the best coach Be humble Find a coach or other mentor who can help you with this Look to people who have been successful in the way you want to be@tylergarns
  14. 14. Marketing your business 4 areas you need to work on: Getting more traffic to your site Converting more of your traffic to leads Converting more of your leads to paying customers Converting more customers to high paying customers@tylergarns
  15. 15. Build the system You MUST have a curriculum For your own sanity, you need a step-by-step process to follow as you coach your clients Your clients will be impressed if they see that you have a process for taking them from where they are to where they want to go Document all processes - make it so an 18 year old kid could do it if you gave him the documentation@tylergarns
  16. 16. Build the system Automate as much as possible - the more you automate, the more you can make it dummy-proof Yes, you can automate personal relationships@tylergarns
  17. 17. Create an ascension path Freeminum or low cost coaching 1:1 Mid-tier group coaching Group High dollar 1:1 coaching Freemium@tylergarns
  18. 18. Freemium or low cost tier This level should be completely automated Use email & video to multiply yourself Use email autoresponders to build a personal relationship Freemium@tylergarns
  19. 19. Middle tier Semi-automated Coach in groups or HIRE coaches in training Group All roads should lead to 1:1 coaching@tylergarns
  20. 20. One-on-one coaching This is where you make big money and have lots of fun 1:1 Treat these clients like gold Ensure they’re successful Have a curriculum@tylergarns
  21. 21. The ascension model You can build as many tiers as you like (keep it simple) The goal of each tier is to provide excellent coaching AND entice people into the next tier Not everyone will ascend - that’s ok - figure out your conversion rates & work to improve them Productize your coaching at every level Always be thinking about how to scale your business without YOU Any ONE tier should be able to provide decent income@tylergarns
  22. 22. Let’s look at an example Net Profit Explosion, LLC We’ll start here:
  23. 23. Net Profit Explosion, LLC Business coaching for fitness professionals How do you get traffic? How do you convert that traffic to leads? How do you convert the leads to paying customers? How do you convert paying customers to customers who pay a LOT more?@tylergarns
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  32. 32. What do we learn from NPE? Use compelling information to get people to opt-in Leverage your opt-ins for referrals (free traffic) Qualify opt-ins by having them go through extra steps Use automated drip emails to “ascend” leads to your products Productize your knowledge and offer it as upsells/ cross-sells@tylergarns
  33. 33. Framework for Strategy:The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  34. 34. @tylergarns
  35. 35. Poll: How much more revenue? $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 or more@tylergarns
  36. 36. What is Infusionsoft? If you combined ACT!, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber,, ConstantContact, and Outlook - you still wouldn’t have Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is less expensive than adding all those thing together, and it has some secret sauce (hint: automation) that you can’t get anywhere else. #1 Marketing Automation solution for small business, used by 6,000+ businesses and many gurus.@tylergarns
  37. 37. The beauty of the all-in-one system@tylergarns
  38. 38. Who is Infusionsoft for? Professional Services: Other Services: Doctors, Lawyers, Landscaping, House Real Estate, Insurance, Cleaning, A/C etc. Repair, Pest Control, Martial Arts, Dance Online Retailers Info Marketers & Widgets, Accessories, Internet Marketers Camping Gear, etc.@tylergarns
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