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Darcy Juarez - Magnetic Marketing


Published on

Lifecycle Marketing Track - ICON14

Lifecycle Marketing Track - ICON14

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  • 1. No BS Marketing That Gets You Results… Guaranteed With Darcy Juarez, Director of Marketing for GKIC
  • 2. Big Company Agenda 1. Please/appease a Board of Directors 2. Please/appease stockholders 3. Look good, look appropriate to Wall Street 4. Build brand identity 5. Win awards for advertising 6. Sell something Your Agenda 1. Sell something 2. Sell something 3. Sell something
  • 3. Truth: Most business owners are just about clueless when it comes to advertising and marketing. They are therefore often advertising victims preyed on by media salespeople and ad agencies and others who don’t know any more about how to actually produce a customer or make a sale than they do!
  • 4. That was then….this is now…. • Immune to noise • Harder to get and hold attention • 500 ads in 1970 to 3,000 in 2010 • You better have something fascinating, relevant, and compelling to say • Become a welcome guest vs. an annoying pest
  • 5. Truth: Every business, past or present requires 3 things to prosper: a marketing message, a media to deliver it, and a market to receive and respond to it. Your Business Isn’t Different
  • 6. Right Message – Wrong Market – Right Media Right Message – Right Market – Wrong Media Right Message – Wrong Market – Wrong Media
  • 7. Wrong Message – Right Market – Right Media Wrong Message – Wrong Market – Right Media Wrong Message – Right Market – Wrong Media Wrong Message – Wrong Market – Wrong Media
  • 8. Right Message – Right Market – Right Media
  • 9. Markets: How to Discriminate for Fun and Profit
  • 10. Your Who • Describe their demographic traits; age, gender, ethnicity, culture, education, religious affiliation, political affiliation, economic status, sexual orientation, employment, marital status, children • Describe their psychographic traits; values, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs • You are looking for profound biases that will allow you to pin point your target down to the tee
  • 11. Message: Speaking Magnetically to Your Chosen Market 1. Customers/prospects are buried in communications 2. Most communication intended to interest customers fails miserably 3. Communication about products and services (what you sell) are generally more interesting to you than to your customers 4. People are most interested in what interests them 5. ** People are most easily and quickly interested in information directly related to what interests them – especially information that promises fascinating secrets, solutions to problems, prevention for dire threats, promises of seductive benefits, or timely ‘breaking news’ **
  • 12. You’ve Got The Power Turning words into profits….that’s what sales letters do. If you’re a business owner, sales letters find new customers for you and persuade them to give you a chance. They keep existing customers connected to you and investing more. And, they bring back customers who have left the fold and encourage them to buy from you again. Understand how they work and you’ll have the power to create a successful business…and the life you want to live --Katie Yeakle, AWAI
  • 13. • Attention Getting Headline • Benefits not features • Agitate the Problem • Irresistible offer • Show Proof • CTA • PS • Tell to sell • WIIFM: 2/3rds more you’s than I’s
  • 14. Media: How to Deliver a Magnetic Message to Your Chosen Audience • Newspapers • Magazines • Freestanding inserts • Tv • Radio • Coupons • Postcards • Fliers • Salesletters • Catalogs • Websites • Email • Faxes • Tele-marketing • Billboards • Vehicle signs • Bus bench signs • Package inserts • Imprinted golf balls • Website addresses tattooed on boxers heads • Webinars • Tele-seminars • Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin • Youtube • Blogs • Pinterest
  • 15. Create Your Lead Generation Magnet
  • 16. Build a Biz You Love! by YOU!
  • 17. Key: Give Real Value!
  • 18. Lead Generation Website Killer Headline Opt-In Box Reasons To Opt-In
  • 19. Follow-up Sequence
  • 20. Autoresponder Sequence • Day 0 – Thank You Email • Day 7 – Received gift, invitation • Day 14 – FWD article, another invite • Day 21 – FWD video clips, another invite • Day 28 – FWD news story, another invite Example
  • 21. Email Sequence
  • 22. Direct Mail Sequence • Step #1: Full Salesletter Mailing (Day 0) • Step #2: Postcard (Day 5) • Step #3: 2nd salesletter (Day 10) • ------------------------ • Step #4: Postcard (Day 15) • Step #5: Final Salesletter (Day 20)
  • 23. Formula
  • 24. • Boldfacing: use bold type to emphasize subheading, important words, phrases, dates, and other segments of important copy • Capitalization: use capitalization to set off words, as well as the first letter of each word in a headline • Borders: draw attention to important ideas…testimonials, coupons, photos, etc. • Captions: these should be under illustrations, graphics, charts, and photos • Color: blues and softer colors relax us; reds and hotter colors energize us. • Fonts & Typeface: use serif fonts (short curls at the bottom) Times Roman, Courier for print marketing and sans-serif (Arial or Verdana) for online marketing. Handwritten fonts for added personality • Highlighting: emphasize key copy • Indenting: Indentation of paragraphs makes for easier reading and helps break up long copy • Lists: Include bullets, numbers and checklists among your copy …communicates priority and opens up your copy • Photo’s and Illustrations: studies show they are the 2 most often looked at parts of a letter • Simulated hand-drawn doodles: • White Space: too much and you loose valuable; too little and the content is difficult to read (leave white space around headlines and images for maximum impact)
  • 25. Treat Every Lead Like Gold! • Know your numbers – make sure everyone in your company knows your numbers • Send entire campaign until prospect accepts the offer or asks to be removed • Keep emailing
  • 26. Most people think in terms of getting a customer to make a sale At GKIC we like to think of making a sale to get a customer
  • 27. Are you depositing your money in your present bank or your future bank? • # of units sold • $ collected • # of upsells sold • # of clients/patients seen • How many calls from the ad • # of email addresses collected • # of mailing addresses collected • # of new members • # of leads • CPL • CPS • Increase/decrease in LTV • #of referrals • Time between purchases
  • 28. Rule #1: There will always be an OFFER or OFFERS Rule #2: There will always be a REASON to RESPOND NOW Rule #3: There will always be CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on how to RESPOND Dan Kennedy’s 10 Money-Making Marketing Rules
  • 29. Rule #4: There will be TRACKING and MEASUREMENT Rule#5: Whatever BRAND-BUILDING occurs will be a happy by-product, NOT BOUGHT Rule #6: There will be FOLLOW-UP Rule#7: There will be Strong SALES COPY Rule #8: Regardless of whatever media you use (Online or Offline) it will look like MAIL ORDER ADVERTISING Rule #9: RESULTS RULE. Period Rule #10: “YOU” will be a TOUGH-MINDED
  • 30. Truth: Your opinions don’t count, if you don’t put money into the cash register!
  • 31. Basic Direct Marketing Tool List Front End/New Customer Acquisition • Lead Generation Magnet: books, reports, CD’s videos • Website: that captures visitors contact information • Main (long-form) Sale Letter(s) to sell your core product/service/event or appointment/visit • Follow up system for unconverted leads: online and offline in a sequence • In-Bound Call script that includes information capture Back-end/Customer retention, ascension, repeat business, referral • Online/Offline sequences for each sales purpose • Seasonal/Holiday promotions • Customer Newsletter or regularly delivered goodwill/relationship nurturing material • Referral stimulation campaign • Late or Lost Customer reactivation campaign • Catalog (offline and online) of all goods/services
  • 32. I will leave you with …. The #1 Secret to at Least Doubling Your Income Almost Overnight?
  • 33. 2x The Amount of Time You Are Currently Spending on Marketing and Selling • Delegate all non-marketing activities that you can • Systematize and automate your processes • Be militantly tough about valuing, protecting and investing your time • Invest time every week in THINKING and expanding your thinking
  • 34. You Can’t Afford to Keep Running So Fast & So Hard That 1 Year From Now You Are Trying to do Better Only By Running a Bit Faster & a Bit Harder
  • 35. Dan Kennedy