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Beyond Autorespond: How to Build Campaigns that Nurture & Convert


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So you’ve got an autoresponder—now what? An autoresponder can do so much more than take care of your “welcome” and “thanks” form emails. Treat it like a campaign tool and watch your conversion rates …

So you’ve got an autoresponder—now what? An autoresponder can do so much more than take care of your “welcome” and “thanks” form emails. Treat it like a campaign tool and watch your conversion rates climb. Watch this webinar and learn all about the elements of an effective nurture campaign from start to finish. Led by Jay Baer, social media expert and co-author of The NOW Revolution, the webinar will cover a number of core concepts to keep in mind when creating your campaign.

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  • 1. Beyond Autorespond:How to Build Campaigns thatNurture Prospects & ConvertSales
  • 2. Replay & SocialWant to watch the webinar again or share it with friends? Check it out here.Tweet us! @Infusionsoft @jaybaerUse hashtag: #beyondrespond
  • 3. What You Will Learn Today• Determining your end goals before you get started• Designing your campaigns based on benefits, not messages• Knowing one size does not fit all: long-cycle vs. short-cycle nurture• Never arriving in an prospects inbox empty-handed• 5 messages/offers that move prospects through your pipeline
  • 4. Meet Jay Baer Jay Baer President, Convince & Convert and Co-Author of The NOW Revolution Jay is a hype-free social media and marketing keynote speaker, author, and consultant. He speaks more than 75 times each year to groups as large as 5,000. He has started 5 companies of his own, and consulted for 29 of the Fortune 500. His blog is ranked as the #1 content marketing blog in the world, and he is the co-author of the The NOW Revolution. Read more about him at
  • 5. Keep the Real Goal in Mind...• Email sign-ups?• Opens?• Clicks?• SALES
  • 6. Don’t be… A 19 year- old dude
  • 7. Customers Need to be Wooed With Information
  • 8. Answers are Omnipresent
  • 9. Define Your Customers’ Information Needs• Experience• Relevant Features• Price• Similar Situation• Service/Risk Mitigation
  • 10. Filling Those Needs is Your Nurture Journey
  • 11. The Journey Varies in Length
  • 12. You Get to the Next Stage with Information,not Promotion
  • 13. The Difference BetweenHelping and Sellingis Just Two Letters
  • 14. Youtility is Marketing SoUseful, People WouldPay For It
  • 15. Personal and Professional Colliding
  • 16. Personal and Professional Colliding
  • 17. Personal and Professional Colliding
  • 18. Personal and Professional Colliding
  • 19. Is Your Company MoreInteresting Than MyWife?
  • 20. 3 Stages of Youtility Content
  • 21. Top of the Funnel Youtility
  • 22. Self-Serve InformationWe talk a real person as a last resort, not a first step
  • 23. B2B CustomersContact a Sales RepOnly After 60% ofPurchase Decision HasBeen Made
  • 24. FAQs
  • 25. FAQs
  • 26. Community Youtility
  • 27. Mid-Funnel Youtility
  • 28. Explanatory Videos
  • 29. Infographics
  • 30. Blog Posts
  • 31. Webinars
  • 32. Webinars
  • 33. Bottom Funnel Youtility
  • 34. Similar Situation Case Studies
  • 35. Configurators
  • 36. Special Offers and Guarantees
  • 37. Don’t Cross the Streams
  • 38. Use Infusionsoft Stats to Mine Data and CreateSide Journeys
  • 39. But You Must Have a Destination
  • 40. You’ll Never Win Them All, But You Can Win More
  • 41. We Help Small Businesses Succeed• See Infusionsoft in Action!