5 Ways Smart Local Businesses Get More Leads


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5 Ways Smart Local Businesses Get More Leads

  1. 1. 5 Ways Smart LocalBusinesses Get More Leads Presented by Tyler Garns Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft@tylergarns
  2. 2. Housekeeping • A/V Check • You’re all on mute • This is not a demo of Infusionsoft Go to: http://www.infusionsoft.com/demo • Ask questions through GoToWebinar - I’ll handle them at the end, Quick survey when you leave • Feel free to tweet if you like the content • I’ll launch a few polls to make this interactive • How to get a bonus with Infusionsoft@tylergarns
  3. 3. The Big Local LieI don’t need to market, I get my leads from referrals @tylergarns
  4. 4. FAIL The Big Local LieI don’t need to market, I get my leads from referrals @tylergarns
  5. 5. What is a lead? • Someone who has expressed interest in your product or service... • ...OR in a subject related to your product or service • You must have contact information for it to be a real lead - Phone number, mailing address, email • You must have permission to contact them and follow up with business related information@tylergarns
  6. 6. 5 Ways Smart Local Businesses Get More@tylergarns Leads
  7. 7. 1@tylergarns Focus On Lead Capture
  8. 8. Poll: Are you systematic about capturing leads? • I have established processes for me & my employees to capture lead information during ANY interaction with a potential customer • I have processes for capturing leads that are followed most of the time • I capture leads about half of the time • I rarely capture lead information • I never capture lead information@tylergarns
  9. 9. Most businesses aren’t aware of the opportunity right under their noses@tylergarns
  10. 10. Let’s look at a couple of examples@tylergarns
  11. 11. Restaurants Big Mistake@tylergarns
  12. 12. Check this out... • Every person who you give a buzzer to ALREADY HAS a built-in buzzer AND a lead capture mechanism • They are physically and emotionally attached • They can’t live without it • It’s called a cell phone • Instead of a buzzer, ask for the cell phone # - you’ll send a text message when the table is ready, then get permission to send coupons@tylergarns
  13. 13. How about a service business? Door-to-door sales@tylergarns
  14. 14. Door-to-door sales • Most door-to-door sales people move on if they can’t close the deal • But, every interaction is an opportunity to get a lead • What if they offered a free report? • How can you creatively capture their email or cell phone?@tylergarns
  15. 15. What if you’re advertising?@tylergarns
  16. 16. Direct Mail@tylergarns
  17. 17. QR Codes@tylergarns
  18. 18. QR Codes • Drive offline traffic online via mobile phone • Visual link • Mobile bar code@tylergarns
  19. 19. QR Codes • If your target market: - Uses smart phones - Is educated - Has a decent income • You’ve got a good change of QR codes working@tylergarns
  20. 20. Why use QR codes? • Get a deal • Find out more • etc.@tylergarns
  21. 21. If I were using QR codes... • Always offer a text option as well (you already know they’re on a phone) According to the InsightExpress “Digital Consumer Portrait” SMS is the preferred way to receive mobile coupons • Drive people to a mobile friendly page that requests a cell phone number or email address to get to the offer • Drip mobile coupons via SMS, drive people to SMS coupons via email@tylergarns
  22. 22. 2@tylergarns Local SEO
  23. 23. Google Places@tylergarns
  24. 24. How? • http://www.google.com/places/ • Don’t forget about: • http://www.bing.com/businessportal • http://listings.local.yahoo.com/@tylergarns
  25. 25. Basic SEO • Use the Google Keyword Tool to research common phrases people use to find what you offer • Make sure your page titles use those keywords • Write page copy with those keywords, don’t “stuff” keywords • Inbound links - get listed in local directories, chamber site, local bloggers, PR, partners, etc.@tylergarns
  26. 26. Let’s talk more about inbound • Contact all the local bloggers with a decent following - Offer to write a guest blog twice per month • Get involved in Social Media - Understand that Social Media is a traffic driving mechanism - Drive your SM traffic to your site or landing page where you can capture leads@tylergarns
  27. 27. Traffic is a bad drug... • Traffic is not a bad thing, but... • Most people focus way too much on driving traffic while ignoring lead capture & conversion • Create lead magnets on your site to capture leads • Be intentional about driving people to your lead magnets • Be creative - don’t just offer a newsletter@tylergarns
  28. 28. 3 Segment Like Crazy@tylergarns
  29. 29. I know someone who... • WASTES $25,000 each month on direct mail advertising • It’s a business that creates custom gates for homes, farms, businesses, etc • I asked: “Do you know which zip codes are performing and which aren’t?” • The answer was “No” • Direct mail (or any advertising) can be effective if you track & segment@tylergarns
  30. 30. How can you segment? • Behavior - - do they open your emails, do they click, do they visit your site, do they visit your store, do they call in, have they made a purchase, if so - what did they buy? • Demographics - postal code, age, sex, income, etc. • Psychographics - what are their wants, needs, desires, fears?@tylergarns
  31. 31. 4@tylergarns Partnerships
  32. 32. The key to a powerful partnership is to CREATE VALUE for your customers@tylergarns
  33. 33. Examples • Photographer & Make-Up Artist - As a photog, build in to pricing the cost of the make-up artist - this is VALUE for the customer, and business for the partner • Business Law Firm & Accountant - Legal issues often deal heavily in financial issues - suing, defending a suit, etc. - Have an accountant present at a client meeting for advice - Vice versa@tylergarns
  34. 34. Do’s & Don’ts of Partnerships • Don’t just decide to give each other referrals, this doesn’t create VALUE, and is rarely sustainable • Do be willing to OVER-DELIVER on your side • Don’t try & make the partnership “EVEN” • Do build your partner’s business INTO your business, and yours into hers • Do make the partnership part of your sales & delivery PROCESS, not an afterthought@tylergarns
  35. 35. 5@tylergarns Promote Local
  36. 36. Your customers will: • Buy local when it’s convenient • Buy local when they have a relationship with you • Buy local when informed • Pay more once they’re loyal to local businesses@tylergarns
  37. 37. Promote Local@tylergarns
  38. 38. @tylergarns
  39. 39. Join • Join your local chapter of local first • Many communities have a local first (or similar organization). If yours doesn’t, create one, or work with your local chamber to create one • Join your chamber of commerce and attend meetings to discuss how you can promote local buying as a chamber • Work with local news outlets to promote local businesses and the good they’re doing for the community@tylergarns
  40. 40. !@tylergarns Bonus:
  41. 41. !@tylergarns Bonus: Referral Strategy
  42. 42. Know the right times: • It’s best to ask for referrals: - During the time of purchase - During the time of a repeat purchase - Shortly AFTER a recent purchase - After a customer satisfaction survey where the person says they’re satisfied • Don’t ask for referrals: - When the customer isn’t happy - Make them happy first@tylergarns
  43. 43. Make the process systematic • First incentivize employees for collecting referrals AND for referrals that close • Create processes for referral collection to happen automatically • Track referral volume and conversion rate month-to-month • Offer an incentive for referrals that they can’t get anywhere else • Train employees consistently@tylergarns
  44. 44. Poll: How much additional revenue would you bring in each month if you captured leads in every circumstance? • $1,000 • $5,000 • $10,000 • $25,000 or more@tylergarns
  45. 45. Generating leads is only the beginning@tylergarns
  46. 46. Framework for Strategy: The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  47. 47. @tylergarns
  48. 48. @tylergarns
  49. 49. @tylergarns
  50. 50. All-In-One@tylergarns
  51. 51. Would you like more information about how Infusionsoft can help you capture leads & more of the opportunity in front of you? • Yes • No • I’m already a customer@tylergarns
  52. 52. Get a bonus with Infusionsoft: http://www.infusionsoft.com/demo@tylergarns
  53. 53. Questions? Call 866.800.0004 Ext. 1@tylergarns