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24 Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing What They Love


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Check out these 24 entrepreneurs who are doing what they love in their life by running a small business.

Check out these 24 entrepreneurs who are doing what they love in their life by running a small business.

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  • 1. 24 Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing What they LOVE!
  • 2. Accidental Entrepreneurs
  • 3. Melinda Emerson @smallbizlady Melinda Emerson, better known as the SmallBizLady, reaches over 3 million entrepreneurs every week through her website, social channels and regular contributions to the New York Times. An inspiration for millions of entrepreneurs, Melinda’s entry into the small business world was serendipitous.
  • 4. Forest Walden & Jim Cavale @forrestwalden @jimcavale Iron Tribe Fitness, the fastest growing fitness franchise in the country, started out as a group of friends who worked out together in Forrest Walden’s garage. Today, Iron Tribe Fitness has over 60 franchises in 14 states and has raised over $500,000 for charities including Neverthirst and the Wounded Warrior Project.
  • 5. Luc Stokes & Holly Stokes @lucstokes @degree33 Surfers Luc and Holly Stokes started selling high-end, handshaped surfboards out of their one-bedroom apartment in Southern California to meet a niche need in the market. Today, their business has grown into one of the largest online retailers of specialty surfboards.
  • 6. Yvonne Halling & Les Molyneux @yvonne3030 Yvonne Halling opened small, luxurious bed & breakfast in the heart of the Champagne region of France in 2001. Shortly thereafter, Yvonne grew her "hobby" into a profitable business. Today, she sells her marketing advice and services to other B&B owners who are looking for an edge. Like many small business owners, Yvonne is also passionate about paying her success forward.
  • 7. Entrepreneurs at Heart
  • 8. Amy Porterfield @fb_influence Amy Porterfield left a highly successful and lucrative career to scratch an entrepreneurial itch. She launched an agency, blogged religiously and began to attract a social following. Today, Amy is one of the world’s foremost social media strategists and co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.”
  • 9. Jermaine Griggs @realhearandplay In the 70s, Jermaine’s grandmother won a piano on “The Price is Right.” Jermaine taught himself to play by ear and soon his friends were requesting lessons. He scrounged up $70 to register a domain name and began selling lessons online. Twelve years later, his business is still humming along and serving millions of aspiring musicians.
  • 10. Lisa-Marie Cabrelli @laptoplifelisa Serial entrepreneur Lisa-Marie Cabrelli quit her corporate job as a systems analyst in search of freedom. Her first entrepreneurial venture was a success and hooked her on the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Today Lisa-Marie runs three businesses while traveling the world with her husband and daughter.
  • 11. Joseph Miranda Joseph Miranda was a born entrepreneur and despite a few early failures, he continued to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams until the right opportunity came along. Today, Joseph owns a successful business that helps international students learn American English.
  • 12. Purpose-Based Businesses
  • 13. Casey Graham @caseygraham Casey Graham worked for ten years in the trenches of local church ministry, before launching The Rocket Company, an organization designed to help churches and church leaders achieve their missions. Over the past four years, the company has helped over 2,400 churches across the country better manage their finances.
  • 14. Sean Kelly & Andy Mackensen @andyishuman @healthyvending Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen are social entrepreneurs with a shared vision to make healthy food more convenient than junk food. Their company has grown into the world's leading franchisor of socially responsible, healthy vending machine businesses and was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “America’s Most Promising Companies.”
  • 15. Jini Patel Thompson & Ian Thompson @crohnsremission @lytg When doctors diagnosed Jini Patel Thompson with Crohn's disease at the age of 17, she began to explore alternative medicines for healing. After a successful recovery, Jini wrote a book to share her strategies with others. Today, her business has helped thousands of people overcome illness and achieve long-term health.
  • 16. Jacki Semerau Tait @jackitaitaz As a single mom, Jacki Semerau faced many challenges, including finding trustworthy services. She founded an online community to empower women, regardless of their circumstances. Today, the Strong Single Mom Network is helping thousands of women find community, resources and empowerment.
  • 17. Love of Craft
  • 18. Gonz Medina & Jason Heslop @heslopjason, @bluechiptweets Gonz Medina and Jason Heslop started Blue Chip Athletic in 2001 with a screen-printing machine, a business plan and a passion for providing affordable, quality apparel to the wrestling teams they coached. That passion has fueled their growth over the past 12 years and enabled them to satisfy tens-of-thousands of customers.
  • 19. Raj Shah Raj Shah saw a problem with education—kids weren’t excited about learning math and schools weren’t doing a good enough job teaching it. So Raj quit his job at Intel, where he had worked for nine years, to develop Math Plus Academy. The formula is working. Math Plus Academy has expanded to multiple locations and is helping hundreds of children succeed.
  • 20. Tyler Smith & Don Smith @spgraphics @tylersmithspg In 1997, 16-year-old Tyler Smith started Select Photo-Graphics, a youth sports photography studio, as a way to combine two things he loves—sports and photography. Together with Don Smith, his father and business partner, Tyler has built a thriving a business that is profitable, rewarding and fun.
  • 21. Passion for the Customer
  • 22. Kerri Konik @kerrikonik, @brandsatelier Passion and faith in the power of authentic expression drove Kerri Konik, a branding expert, to leave a successful career to start her own boutique agency. Kerri derives great satisfaction from helping her clients develop their brands in a meaningful way and seeing the impact of her work firsthand.
  • 23. Jim Turner @optibiker In the mid-nineties, Jim Turner, a self-employed semiconductor design engineer, felt disconnected from the customers he was serving and began exploring alternative career options. After learning about electric bikes, the two-time Motocross National Champion knew he had found the answer.
  • 24. Amy Wenslow @amywenslow Amy Wenslow is an international product expert who helps inventors get their products on the shelves of big box stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and JoAnn’s. A true champion for entrepreneurial success, Amy inspires people to take focused action to make their dreams a reality.
  • 25. Learn more about these entrepreneurs on our blog
  • 26. 24 Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing What they LOVE!