Versatile trading solutions from Infront


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Presented at the Warsaw International Trading Seminar on 16 February 2012, this presentation addresses how Polish brokers can increase order flow and reduce costs with versatile electronic trading solutions from Infront.

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Versatile trading solutions from Infront

  1. 1. Versatile platform forinternational tradingOriginally presented at:Warsaw International Trading Seminar16 February 2012
  2. 2. Versatile solutions from Infront can help brokersadapt and win through enabling an off-the-shelfelectronic trading solution to clients –increasing order flow.
  3. 3. Challenges facing brokers in Poland Adapting to new UTP system on WSE Increased competition from international brokers EU legislation (MIFID) and increased fragmentation More technology-driven – more electronic order flow Deliver optimal solutions while controlling costs Expanding to international markets … all while focusing on core business
  4. 4. How can Infront help? Increase trading volumes with DMA solutions Access domestic and international markets Combine trading, market data and charting Service multiple markets, asset classes, segments Easily deploy, implement and administer Shorten time to market with off-the-shelf solutions Customize and differentiate Control costs
  5. 5. 1 Introduction to Infront2 International trading solution
  6. 6. Company in brief Independent software company Develop market data and trading solutions Consistent growth since 1998 Market leader in Nordics 100 employees and expanding Deloitte Fast 50: 8 years running Partnered with industry players
  7. 7. Customers in over 27 countries
  8. 8. Market data covering over 50 exchanges
  9. 9. 1 Introduction to Infront2 International trading solution
  10. 10. Solutions for multiple segments Information System Retail  Institutional  Internal Sell-Side Trading Solutions Single Broker  Multi-Broker Buy-Side Trading Solutions The Infront Terminal Infront Mobile Infront Connect Infront Market Data User Administration Tools Implementation Services  Customer Support
  11. 11. Infront Connect A customizable electronic trading solution for brokers  Markets for trading  Markets and news for display only  Trading and market data functionality per segment  Risk management / order validation  Integration of research, news and other in-house sources  White-labeling, user administration, trials, ordering ++ Increasing order flow
  12. 12. One solution. Multiple segments.Retail: Medium to high-end Institutional clients  Wealthy individuals / day traders /  Small, medium and large active investors institutions  Provide easy access to trading on  Focus on streamlining order flow multiple markets via pro solutions with electronic tradingRetail: Low-end Internal users  Non to low active investors  Sales and branches  Provide easy access to trading on  Migrating two or more solutions to local market via web save costs
  13. 13. Typical broker setup Broker Environment Back Office Order Management System Market Connection Markets WSE
  14. 14. Setup with Infront ConnectWarsaw SE only Internet / Private Networks / Internal Terminals Mobiles / Apps Web Infront Market Data Hosted / Deployed Infront Connect Broker Environment Back Office Order Management System Market Connection Markets WSE
  15. 15. Setup with Infront ConnectWarsaw and international markets Internet / Private Networks / Internal Infront Market Data Terminals Mobiles / Apps Web (50 markets) Hosted / Deployed Infront Connect Broker Environment Back Office Order Management System Market Connection Market Connection Order Routing Networks Markets WSE EUREX Provider A Provider B
  16. 16. The Infront terminalPRO Edition
  17. 17. The Infront terminal: CustomizedBasic Edition
  18. 18. Infront Mobile
  19. 19. Case: X-Trade BrokersChallenge Deliver multi-asset trading on international markets Integrate with existing infrastructureSolution Manage order flow from retail and institutional clients Monitor accounts, positions, cash and margin requirements Share data with existing HTML application Integrate with Fidessa® OMS
  20. 20. Case: InterCapital SecuritiesChallenge DMA for retail and institutional clients Integrate with OMS and back-officeSolution White-labeled terminal: IC.trader Mobile app for Blackberry & Java devices Trading platform integrated with existing back-office and OMS First with DMA on Zagreb SE and international exchanges in single platform
  21. 21. Register for a free trial account