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Workgroup Issues

  1. 1. Infrastructure 2.0 Working Group Where do we go from here? January 20, 2010 © 2008 Infoblox Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. I2.0 Working Group: Where We Are Today We’re a secretive, mysterious organization of network “glitterati” now positioned in the middle of one of IT’s most significant disruptions
  3. 3. I2.0 Working Group: Where We Are Today We’re at a crossroads driven by media interest, key upcoming network events, our membership’s clout and our unique perspective on the role of the network in the coming IT disruption.
  4. 4. We Have Decisions to Make Membership Mission and Goals/Strategies Outreach and Momentum
  5. 5. Membership? Who belongs? Someone who has a stake and can make a difference: Network vendors Virtualization vendors Enterprise/Government Users (very light here) Analysts / Press
  6. 6. A Membership Process is Needed We need a managed, consistent process: Referrals (from existing members) Timely Decisions (within 2 weeks) Tiers (if adopted)
  7. 7. Membership: We Need Tiers Active: – monthly attendees 50 max (in person or remote telecon) Contributing: – Infrequent attendees but frequent email contributors (100+?) Following: – Infrequent contributors with no live attendance (unlimited) Role-based tiers could help us to accommodate needs for results and influence
  8. 8. Mission Statement / Goal Mission (straw man draft) Introduce technologies and standards that promote the power of the network to address the critical throughput, integrity and orchestration requirements of virtualization and cloud computing. Goal Transform the economics of virtualization and cloud computing by effectively leveraging the power of the network. Position the network as strategic to the cloud…
  9. 9. Potential Goals and Strategies “Typical” Goals/Strategies/Tactics Draft and create needed standards and solutions Encourage adoption of those standards and solutions Achieve market validation by bringing awareness to challenges Leverage member profiles, press and events to increase awareness of challenges and promote solutions and standards Maximize Visibility within target audiences – Thought leaders, Enterprise/Gov/Vendor leaders Develop consistency in message for easiest uptake greatest impact Timing is critical as Interop approaches…
  10. 10. Looking Forward – Momentum Start-up-Squad (done) – Core team which means frequently and helps to guide activities – Small by design, for rapid decisions General membership (Too big/small)? – 50 contributing members who attend regularly Momentum will require leadership, vision, content and outreach: – Interviews Events, Publications, Podcasts, Blogs, White papers, Items of Interest – Use Cases, Proof of Concepts – Proactive outreach based on opportunities and content
  11. 11. Outreach – Are We Ready? Current Opportunities – Interop Keynote Room for a day / track/demos Evening VIP Reception (press, analysts vendors, VIPs) Video interview (when we emerge from stealth) – Press InformationWeek interview (wants to write more on I2.0) TechTarget establishing beat editor within networking Other pubs will follow; enabling business tech coverage – Interviews focus on issues/challenges and critical role of network and early solutions: networks driving new IT revolution/automation/green – Focused on building industry influence / momentum – Social media releases, active outreach, press members in WG allowed
  12. 12. Crossing the Chasm We’re at the intersection of key events in networking We have assembled an incredible lineup of network influentials We have great ideas and novel solutions Other groups have formed to talk cloud, but not from a network perspective
  13. 13. Some Timely Messages The network is critical to the proper evolution of virtualization and cloud computing Cloud business models will continue to be challenged by elasticity, throughput, security and orchestration issues until the network evolves The Working Group formed to address these issues and transform the economics of virtualization and cloud computing The working group will demonstrate solutions under development at upcoming events (CloudConnect 3/15-18; Interop 4/25-29; FIRE 5/11-14)
  14. 14. Proposed Next Steps Tech and Business interviews with Vint and Dan – InformationWeek (inbound request from IW) – CNET (Urquhart blog) – Pitch business press as tech momo builds Establish event profiles – Interop keynote, reception, demo – Future in Review panel/potential keynote/demo Get Members on Message (consistency) Feature members in social media/interviews