Oracle apps architecture


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Oracle apps architecture

  1. 1. Oracle Application Architecture Tata Consultancy Services -May 2000
  2. 2. Release 11 Architecture -NCA• Uses Java based interface• Graphical client -server software without installing oracle applications in each Java enabled desktop• NCA vs Smart Client In SC model application software installed on desktop and servers In NCA application software is downloaded through a JAVA applet.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  3. 3. Different Layers-3 tier Architecture Tata Consultancy Services
  4. 4. Desktop Client Tier05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  5. 5. Desktop Client Tier• Runs a Java Applet using a Java enabled web browser or applet viewer• Sends request to the Forms Server and handles responses such as screen updates ,pop-up lists ,cursor movements etc• The desktop clients Java applet is a component of Oracle D2K development tool and is called the Forms client applet• Utilities » Can display any Oracle application Screen » Support field level validation » Multiple co-ordinated windows » Data entry aids like LOV’S05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  6. 6. JAVA ARCHIVES• To ensure rapid startup and keep network traffic light , the forms client applet is packaged as few java archive files or JAR files.• JAR files contain all the JAVA classes that are typically required.• JAR files for the forms clients applet use a digital signature to guarantee their authenticity to the desktop client.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  7. 7. Application Tier05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  8. 8. Application Tier The Application server forms the middle tier between the desktop client and the database server. Provides • Load Balancing • Business Logic • Other FunctionalitiesMainly consists of ° Forms Server ° Web Server05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  9. 9. Forms Server• Specific type of Application server that hosts the Oracle Forms server Engine.• Displays client screens and causes changes to the database according to user request.• Data is also cached in the forms server and is provided when needed. e,g Scrolling through a multiple orders line Load Balancing Server » Release 11 automatically provides a load balancing among multiple application servers. » Metrics Server on one application server co ordinates the load balancing among application servers.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  10. 10. Web Server• Runs the HTTP listeners.• Accepts incoming HTTP requests (or URLs) from desktop clients. How does the Forms server and the Web server work? Submit a request to the Web server for the initial signon HTML.The page is returned along with Forms client applet which in turn connects the forms server using TCP/IP. From this point on the client applet is connected directly with the forms server.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  11. 11. Web Server Architecture 1 2 3 n Listeners ORB ORB n Dispatchers WRB Cartridge VPM Factory Auth wrbfac Universal Broker Oracle Provider n Cartridges Server Logger ORBClient ORB APP Dispatcher WRB API Adapter WRBX Listener ICX05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  12. 12. Web Server ArchitectureThe Web Application Server Consists of the followingcomponents:• HTTP Daemons (Unix) or Listeners• Web Request Broker• Cartridge or Server-Side Applications05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  13. 13. Listeners • Listens to request from clients • Uses HTTP to communicate with the clients • Can accept connections from one or more IP address/port combinations. • Web servers from Netscape or Microsoft can also be used as the listener component.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  14. 14. Web Request Broker (WRB)WRB keeps track of the execution of the entire system.Tasks performed are * Load balancing tasks. * Tracking of global resources. * Obtains address of the required cartridge resource. 05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  15. 15. System Services provided by WRB•Virtual Path Manager (VPM) - Maps virtual paths withcartridge types.• Authentication Server - Authenticates Clients.• Logger Service - Logs requests and messages in a file ordatabase.• Configuration provider - Reads and stores information fromthe configuration file.• Intercartridge Exchange (ICX) -allows application tocommunicate with each other.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  16. 16. • Transaction Service - enables to perform transaction that spans request on a database. • Content Services - enables to save documents in repositories.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  17. 17. Cartridges or server side applicationsCartridges are server side applications that handle cartridgespecific requests from clients.Some examples are : • PL/SQL • JAVA • LiveHTML • PERL • ODBC • VRML05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  18. 18. Database Tier05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  19. 19. Release 11 Database ServerThe Release 11 database server contains the dataassociated with Oracle Applications.Installation process for Oracle Applications beginshere ,by creating a database and configuring Net8 toaccept connection for other servers.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  20. 20. Administration ServerThe administration server is the machine used to maintain datain the application database.Three types of operation are carried out from here: • Installing and upgrading the database. • Applying Applications database updates. • Maintaining applications data 05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  21. 21. Concurrent Processing serverTo ensure that the long running ,data intensiveprograms do not interfere with each other ,they areconfigured to run on a separate machine called theconcurrent processing server.05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services
  22. 22. THANK YOU05/22/12 Tata Consultancy Services