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Kazan Smart City – a new Business Hub in Russia
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Kazan Smart City – a new Business Hub in Russia


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Презентация с международной налоговой конференции «Жизнь после Кипра: налоговый апгрейд» ( …

Презентация с международной налоговой конференции «Жизнь после Кипра: налоговый апгрейд» (

Сессия 4: Привлечение инвестиций: секреты успешной организации и структурирования сделок

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  • 1. Kazan Smart City – a newBusiness Hub in Russia
  • 3. THE VISION“Kazan Smart City is a Global Smart Sustainable City where it will be the Centre ofExcellence for International Business & Knowledge Development that will create aSustainable Economic Region and High Quality of Life”
  • 6. KazanLOCATION• Tatarstan is in the center of Russia’s industrialheartland, roughly 800 kilometers east ofMoscow at the confluence of the Volga andKama rivers.• Kazan Smart City – 3 km away from Airport and15 km away from the city of Kazan.• High speed train connects Kazan Smart City tocenter of Kazan and Kazan International Airport.• Transport: Federal Highway R-239, and accessroad of Stolbische township.
  • 7. KSC TODAYSite Locality
  • 8. VISION TRANSFORMATION“A Transformation - Kazan International Business Hub Gateway To Russia”
  • 9. KSC DESIGN PRINCIPLESECOURBANISM1 SMARTGROWTH2 SMARTLOCATION3 LOWCARBON4 INCLUSIVE &IDENTITY5• KSC urbandevelopment will co-exist with naturalenvironment.• Natural vegetation willbe preserved• To ensure highenvironmental qualitythat will be embeddedinto the KSC• KSC will adopt a SmartGrowth principle.• To be designed withvarying intensities• To encourage mixed usedevelopment that willbe integrated withtransportation.• KSC is a catalyticdevelopment creatinghigh impacts to theregional and localeconomy.• To create clusters ofeconomic activities thatwill benefit the localbusiness as well asprovide opportunitiesfor the emergence ofnew economies.• KSC township designshall emphasis ondesign solutions thatwill reduce theemission of carbon• To ensure theEnvironment,Transportation,Infrastructure andBuildings are alldesigned to reducecarbon emission.• KSC shall provide forinclusivity, where thetownship will providefor employmentopportunities, choicein housing, access toeducation andcommunity facilities• KSC shall place greatemphasis on localidentity
  • 12. MedicineBiomedicine, hospital,medical research centerHigh technologySpecial economic zone,clean industry.Complex systemdevelopmentDEVELOPMENT CLUSTERS OFTHE PROJECTTourismBusiness, medical,educational andurban tourismEducationInternational schools anduniversities, research centers
  • 13. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCTCentralBusinessPrecinctCBP is envisage to be the next commercial hubafter Kazan City Center. With the master plan inplace, it will create a catalytic impact tobusinesses and provide an international businessplatform for the MNC’s within the region.Special EconomicZone PrecinctA major catalytic precinct for attracting clean-technology-oriented industry, investment andresearch to Kazan ensuring that the local businesscommunity is benefited along the way.MetropolitanParkPrecinctBy preserving the existing river corridor andvegetation, the metropolitan park is designed toprovide a platform for social integration forKazan region, cultural experience andenvironmental sustainability.Knowledge &EducationPrecinctA visionary precinct that will transform Tatarstaninto one of Russia’s premier destinations foreducation, research and related industry overthe next 10 years. These activities shall allow aplatform to retain and nurture talents.Development Precinct
  • 14. CREATING CATALYTIC ECONOMIC DRIVERMULTIPLIER IMPACTS OF CATALYST DEVELOPMENT IN KSCThe catalysts are expected to generate about 34,500 directjobs and 10,300 indirect or induced jobs, giving a total of44,800 jobs in the City.Indirect & Induced Jobs: 10,300Total Jobs Created: 44,800Population Threshold : 157,640Total Population : 72,400Threshold Direct Jobs: 34,500E-P Ratio : 1.4 :1Northern Sub PrecinctDirect Employment : 4,033 jobsIndirect Employment : 1,061 jobsTotal : 5,094 jobs creationCentral Sub PrecinctDirect Employment : 8,950 jobsIndirect Employment : 4,013 jobsTotal : 12,963 jobs creationSouthern Sub PrecinctDirect Employment : 730 jobsIndirect Employment : 178jobsTotal : 908 jobs creationEastern Sub PrecinctDirect Employment : 9,141jobsIndirect Employment : 2,233 jobsTotal : 11,374 jobs creationWestern Sub PrecinctDirect Employment : 3,803 jobsIndirect Employment : 928 jobsTotal : 4,731 jobs creationSEZ/Enterprise PrecinctDirect Employment : 7,848 jobsIndirect Employment : 1,915 jobsTotal : 9,763 jobs creation
  • 15. Special Economic Zone PrecinctHigh Technology Zone Next to AirportQUICK FACTSPrecinct Area: 102 haDevelopable Area: 80 ha (80%)Gross Density: 1.5Estimated GFA: 1.3 M sq.m.Estimated Dwelling Units: -Estimated Population: -Transient Population: 5,000Population density: -Building Height: 1 – 5 levelsCombined Heat &Power PlantECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCTClean & GreenTechnology OutletCustoms &ImmigrationSEZ AdministrationBuilding
  • 16. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCTSpecial Economic Zone PrecinctHigh Technology Zone Next to Airport
  • 17. Central Business PrecinctA Vibrant Aerotropolis where Great Businesses ConvergeECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCTQUICK FACTSPrecinct Area: 225.07 haDevelopable Area: 146 ha (65%)Gross Density (FAR) : 3.55Estimated GFA: 5.3 M sq.m.Estimated Dwelling Units: 10,000Estimated Population: 39,000Transient Population: 15,000Population Density: 175 / haBuilding Height: 8 – 40 levelsRegional Shopping MallBusiness ParkDistrict ParkCentral CommercialCoreConvention &Exhibition CentreTransit OrientedNeighborhoodTransit HotelAero ExpressStation
  • 18. 46,000 sq. m. Convention &Exhibition CentreState-of-Art 1.2 M PassengerCapacity Transit Terminal1.1 Million sq. m. of Grade A & BBusiness Premises31 2 3122421LegendTransit TerminalFinancial District / OfficeConvention & ExhibitionCentreTransit HotelShopping MallService Apartments34562222556CITY CENTRE COMMERCIAL
  • 19. KSC CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTREConvention & ExhibitionCentreAero ExpressStationTransitHotelQUICK FACTSPrecinct Area: City CentrePlot No : CB-01Land Area : 7.64 haTotal GFA: 45,858 sq.m.FAR : 0.6Retail : 4586 sq.m.Enterprise : 41,272 sq.m. 5 star-Hotel
  • 20. KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION PRECINCTThe Best of Kazan Talent PoolECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCTQUICK FACTSPrecinct Area: 228.11 haDevelopable Area: 158 ha (75%)Gross Density (FAR): 3.0Estimated GFA: 4.8 M sq.m.Estimated Dwelling Units: 13,800Estimated Population: 56,600Transient Population: 11,000Population density: 270 / haBuilding Height: 4 – 18 storeyPurpose BuiltOfficeTown CenterNaturalPreservationCampusTransitOrientedNeighborhoodBusiness ParkNeighborhoodScience ParkHospitalitySchool
  • 21. MULTI VARSITY CAMPUSIntegrated SportsArenaScience Park creates6,000 jobsMulti Varsity Campus of 623,567sq.m. for 18,000 students1 934196 6537821LegendAdministrative BuildingFaculty BuildingSports ArenaProvisional StationResidential BlockCommercial CenterMedical CenterHospitality SchoolScience Park34567892 25
  • 23. Metropolitan ParkPrimarily caters to a broader regional population, protection andenhancement of environmental values in a regional context.District ParkPrimarily located in commercial or business precincts,and are publicly owned and are free and accessible forthe public to use at any time.Precinct ParkThe park provides important social /play / casual sports / recreationexperiences for the local area.Linear ParkContinuous reserves that are used primarily for travellingthrough or along and typically include a path, seating orresting points and vegetation.Green ConnectorsThe green corridors have a key role in providingconnectivity for both access and biodiversity.35.85ha10.96 ha19.33 ha17.69 ha3.19 ha1.33 haNeighborhoodParkThe park can range from courtgames, nature conservation areas,shaded seating/ picnic area.PARKS & GREEN DENSITY88.35 ha of KSC shall beParkland (14.8% of KSCDevelopment Area)1 Functional4 Principles of Parks in KSC2 Accessible 3 Connected 4 Bio-diversity
  • 24. METROPOLITAN PARK PRECINCTExperience Nature in an Urban areaQUICK FACTSPrecinct Area: 35.85 haComponents: Parkland and park amenities,Religious facilities, Arts & Cultural Facilities, GreenInfrastructureNatural TrailCulturalComplexPlazaMETROPOLITAN PARK
  • 25. Metropolitan Park during the dawnMETROPOLITAN PARK
  • 26. Wellness and Religious CentreThe wellness and religious centre is being designed to accommodate the needs ofresidents in adjacent high-rise residential buildings.Iconic Cultural Centre and Civic CentreThe cultural centre has transforming the vicinityarea into a vibrant public space teeming with civiclife.Urban ParkThe park have an open major parkland facilityaccessible by public and close to integrated publictransport hub. The park consists of art & cultural,performance and recreational activities on dedicatedareas.The Neighborhood CentreThe Park had to be accessibleon a 24 hour basis for the enjoyment and recreationof all.Active and Sport ParkThe park is located close to the education centre andwhere a green oasis in contrast to the surroundinghardscape of the City Centre, with the ability toaccommodate a range of changing outdoor seasonalevents.Avenue ParkThe park presents an opportunity tocreate outdoor spaces which can increasethe quality of life of the residents andpositively affects their lifestyle.Grand PlazaThe park within the neighbourhood areas is forms aflexible space consigned to establish a platform goodenough for the urban situation to enjoys as well as adaily use of the equipped urban garden and a structurethat provides space for cultural expressions.Metropolitan ParkThe park provide unique experience across thecity. The park also intended to meet the needs ofthe community for better access to open spaceand recreation opportunities.SPACES FOR PEOPLEParks as Community, Arts & CulturalVenue
  • 28. KSC SMART INITIATIVEKSC SMART POSITIONINGSMART PEOPLE(Human Capital)SMART GOVERNANCE(Participation)SMART ENVIRONMENT(Natural Resources)SMART LIVING(Quality of Life)SMART ECONOMY(Competitiveness)SMART CONNECTIVITY(Transport & ICT)Smart TransportCoordination + IntegrationLive Travel InformationMonitoring DemandInformation PointsSmart UtilitiesIntegrated ResourcesStorm Water ManagementReal Time MonitoringResource MonitoringSmart LivingSmart CommunitiesSecurity, HealthEducation, EmergencyManagementSmart BuildingRemote AccessReal Time PricingReal Time InformationSmart Management System
  • 30. TowardsReducedCarbonFootprintKSC SUSTAINABLE STANDARDSSUSTAINABILITY PRINCIPLESCarbon ReductionComprehensive, low-impactdevelopment.Biodiversity restoration and conservationWaste ReductionReduce, reuse and recycle (30%-50% of wastereductions)Save 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide annually.Sustainable TransportInnovative transportation, pedestrian-friendly,walkable scale and 100% neighborhoodpermeability.Sustainable Buildings•Energy efficient building design•Sensitive site planning and construction.•Reduce Electricity Demand by 30-50% savingsSustainable WaterWater consumption by reducing 15-30% of potablewater consumption per houseTo maintain and enhance surface water qualityBalance Earthworks & Green DensityMaximizing cut and fill Balance to minimize thecarbon footprint.80% reduction of earthwork volume.CARBON REDUCTION TARGETS15% - 30% REDUCTION on potable water consumption per house30% - 50% WASTE REDUCTION (Household Waste)15% - 30% SAVINGS on electricity demand80% REDUCTION Earthwork Volume12 sq. meter Green Space / Person100%NEIGHBOURHOOD PERMEABILITY50% PUBLIC TRANSPORT USERS15% - 20% CARBON REDUCTIONREDUCE Waste (Reducing waste and emissions and increasing efficiency.)REDUCE Water Consumption (Safe Freshwater & Avoid Discharge)REDUCE Energy Consumption (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Source)BALANCE Earthworks & Green Density (No import & Export)LowCarbonCitywithaHighQualityofLife
  • 31. KSC LEEDS CERTIFICATIONTODAY’S COMPLIANCEKSC has achieve a minimum LEED certified points of 61 points. This means that at theConcept Master Plan stage, KSC has secured the GOLD Certification.Criteria Max. Point Level of CompliancePt. 1 Smart Location and Linkages (SLL)P1 Smart Location Required YesP2 Imperilled Species and Ecological Communities Required YesP3 Wetland and Water Body Conservation Required YesP5 Floodplain Avoidance Required YesC1 Preferred Location 10 10C3 Location With Reduced Automobile Dependence 7 7C4 Bicycle Network & Storage 1 1C5 Housing and Jobs Proximity 3 3C6 Steep Slope Protection1 1 1C7 Site Design for Habitat or Wetland and Water Body Conservation 1 1C8 Restoration of Habitat/ Wetland & Water Bodies 1 1C9 Long-Term Conservation Management of Habitat or Wetlands and Water Bodies 1 1Pt. 2 Neighborhood Pattern & Design (NPD)P1/C1 Walkable Streets 12 12P2/C2 Compact Development 6 6P3/C3 Mixed-use Neighborhood Centers 4 4C5 Reduced Parking Footprint 1 1C7 Transit Facilities 1 1C9 Access to Civic & Public Spaces 1 1C10 Access to Recreation Facilities 1 1C14 Tree-Lined and Shaded Streets 2 2C15 Neighborhood Schools 1 1Pt. 3 Green Infrastructure & buildings (GIB)P3/C3 Building Water Efficiency 1 1C4 Water-efficient Landscaping 1 1C8 Stormwater Management 4 2C13 Infrastructure Energy Efficiency 1 1C14 Wastewater Management 2 1C16 Solid Waste Management Infrastructure 1 1TOTAL 61LegislativeLocal StandardBest PracticesAspiration For CarbonFootprint ReductionBenchmarkingDesign ProcessGuide PrinciplesCapitalized Natural AttributesRelevanceRating ToolsConceptual TargetEnvironmental StewardshipDriverVisionDesignOverviewApproach+ Energy+ Waste+ Urban Form+ Biodiversity+ Water+ Mobility1. SmartLocation &Linkage2.Neighborhood Pattern &Design3. GreenInfrastructure& BuildingLEED SCORE POINTSCertified: 40–49 pointsSilver: 50–59 pointsGold: 60–79 pointsPlatinum: 80 points and above
  • 32. KSC SUSTAINABILITY GLOBAL POSITIONINGLocation,CountryBedzed,LondonKronsberg,HannoverDongtan,ChinaKLIFD,Kuala LumpurSongdo,IncheonKAZAN SMARTCITYRussiaMasdar,Abu DhabiStatus Established Established Progressive Planning + Design Progressive Planning + Design ProgressiveSize 1.7 Hectares82 houses160 hectares3,000 houses8,600 hectares50,000 houses30 hectares 600 hectares 598.30 hectares600 hectares50,000 housesTypeHousingdevelopmentTownship TownshipUrban DevelopmentMixed UseUrban DevelopmentMixed UseUrban DevelopmentMixed UseTownshipTransportNo use of fossilfuelsGreen Transport –pedestrian &cyclingGreen Transport –pedestrian, cycling,zero GHG emissiontransitGreen Transport –pedestrian, cycling,zero GHG emissiontransit100% of the site iswithin 800m fromtransit stations26km Bicycle lanesElectric Car chargingstationsBicycle Lanes250 walking distancefr TransitPublic Transport –Rail and BusCar Free CityZero carbonemissionWasteWaste recycled Reduce householdwaste by 50%:80% solid wasterecycled70% of waste isdiverted fromlandfillWaste collected byvaccum, 100%incineratorWaste collected bycentral systemZero WasteEnergy100% renewableenergy useReduce householdenergyconsumption by60-80%Reduce energyconsumption by66%40% reduction incarbon emmision30% reduction incarbon emissionPV and Wind PowerReduce energyconsumption by 60%Waste to EnergySolar panels forrenewable energysourceWaterReduce treatedpotable waterdemand by 50%RainwaterHarvesting &Recycled waterWater consumptiondown by 43%Potable waterconsumptionreduced by 40%Waste waterrecyclingWaste waterrecyling for irrigation80% recycled water(desalinated water)Neighourhood SizeNA500m walkingcatchment800m walkingcatchment400m walkingcatchmentSmart + Connected250m to 400mWalkingNeighbourhood200m walkingcatchmentIDEALGOOD BEST
  • 34. KSC SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTUREKSC has been planned for full capacity of infrastructure and utilities to meet the City’s ultimate needsComprehensive Internal & External Roads Drainage & Stormwater Water Supply SeweragePower Supply Gas Supply Common Utility Tunnel
  • 37. A Zonal Land Use Plan to guide development and allows for clear demarcation of land plots.0 – 0.991 – 1.992 – 2.993 – 3.994 – 4.995 – 5.99LEGENDLand Area : 650 haTotal GFA : 8,785,201.32 sq.m.FAR : 1.47Residential : 41.5%Retail : 15.5%Office : 14.7%Hotel : 1.9%Enterprise : 16.2%Civic : 10.3&IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN
  • 38. Knowledge &EducationSEZCentralBusinessPrecinct PlanSub-PrecinctAcreage(Hectares)Acreage (%) GFA(sq.m)GFA(%))Live-InPopulationLive-InPopulation (%)Phase 2a 242.23 15.9 863,085 10.2 1,603 3.0%Phase 2b 213.37 14.0 448,032 5.3 222 0.4%Phase 3a 295.41 19.4 2,197,489 25.9 8,302 15.5%Phase 3b 286.93 18.9 2,384,216 28.1 9,948 18.6Phase 3c 244.13 16.1 1,390,101 16.4 15,942 29.8Phase 3d 237.28 15.6 1,201,824 14.2 17,490 32.715,9%14,0%19,4%18,9%16,1%15,6% 10,2%5,3%25,9%28,1%16,4%14,2% 3,0%0,4%15,5%18,6%29,8%32,7%0102030405060Residential Retail Office Hotel Enterprise InstitutionPercentages(%) 2a 2b 3a 3b 3c 3dPhasing Implementation PlanLand Distribution GFA Distribution Live-In PopulationSummary of Phasing ImplementationA Phased DevelopmentPhase 1 2 3a 3b 3cRoad Length (km) 6.42 10.17 2.82 18.00 10.16Target YearCompletion2014 2018 2021 2023 2025Acreage(Ha)GFA(sq.m)Retail (sq.m) Enterprise (sq.) Institution (sq.m)85.66 889,728 1,533 831,232 13,796SEZ Development ScheduleRoad Development SchedulePhase 1 Phase 2a Phase 2b Phase 3aPhase 3b Phase 3c Phase 3dIMPLEMENTING THE PLAN
  • 39. Thank you for your attention!