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Social Media Marketing - Introduction by Ankur PateL
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Social Media Marketing - Introduction by Ankur PateL


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  • 1. Social Media Marketing By : Ankur Patel CEO,Infotrex Services Pvt.Ltd Mobile:+91-937-613-3927 USA:+1-313-447-1275
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • What is Social Media ?
    • Social Media Marketing is nothing but talking/expressing your ideas or thoughts or products or services electronically (text /images/video) on popular social sites.
    • Social Media Marketing is helps in building relationships between the customers and business owners and other people of their staff.
    • Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology , social interaction , and the construction of words , pictures , videos and audio.
  • 4. Social Media Marketing
  • 5.
    • All social media websites share 3 main characteristics :
    • Public or semi-public profiles for users.
    • Members connect with one another because they have some sort of shared interest.
    • Members can view and connect with other individuals (friends or friends of friends).
  • 6. Social Media Sites
  • 7. Basic qualities & software tools for Social Media Marketing
    • You Need :
    • 5 Qualities as a Person
    • 5 Software Tools/Websites
  • 8. Which Qualities are Essential to become successful in Social Media Marketing?
    • 5 Qualities as a Person: 1. Talkative nature as a Person 2. Good English Writing Skill 3. Good Observation Power 4. Very good reading skills on various topics 5. Love to shoot photos & videos
  • 9. Tools you need to be successful for Social Media Marketing?
    • Personal Blog Web-Site (Word Press is the best choice)
    • 2 . Bulk Email Marketing System
    • ( is the best choice)
    • 3. Bulk SMS Marketing System
    • ( is the best choice)
    • Registration on,,,,,
    • 5. Registration on
    2. 5 Software Tools/Websites:
  • 10.
    • Talkative nature as a Person
    • If you are not talkative by nature , your brain is not very active to talk or produce thoughts .
    • That means, you will be less likely to write about your thoughts and even talk with other person .
    • You even have to have skills to talk to strangers and make them friends
    Let’s Talk about the Qualities of Person
  • 11.
    • 2. Good English or even any language) Writing Skill
    • If you don’t express your ideas/thoughts in English or even any language writing, then you will not be read or heard and you cannot communicate effectively or influence others .
    • English Writing with some creative touch is the MOST IMPORTANT skill
    Let’s Talk about the Qualities
  • 12. Let’s Talk about the Qualities
    • 3. Good Observation Power
    • Its important to have good observation power to bring creativity in your writing as well as bring fresh perspective about the topics which you may write in your blog/article.
  • 13. Let’s Talk about the Qualities
    • 4. Very good reading skills on various topics
    • Before you write, you have to read a lot, gets lots of data/information as input + process it in your mind (give some personal touch)and produce interesting output in Blog/Article etc.
    • 5. Love to shoot photos & videos
    • People love to watch small videos & interesting photos on Internet & in Email .This can make a blog post or any article very colorful & interesting.
    • For larger audience You do not need to be professional level photo grapher or video grapher. .
  • 14. Let’s Talk about Software Tools
    • Personal Blog Web-Site
    • (Word Press is the best choice)
    • Its essential to give a personal touch to your own Blog by writing your interest & industry specific news/personal experience/opinions
    • SEO friendly Blog and easy to use Blog system is essential and Word Press gets 1000% for it.
  • 15. Let’s Talk about Software Tools
    • 2. Bulk Email Marketing System ( is the best choice)
    • Sending Bulk Emails , Professional Emails , Interesting Relevant Emails and Personalized Emails are essential to keep in touch with friends , relatives , customers & prospective customers .
  • 16. Let’s Talk about Software Tools
    • 3. Bulk SMS Marketing System ( is the best choice)
    • Most teenagers & youngsters use mobile phones a lot.
    • Sending short messages is a brand building activity.
  • 17.
    • 4. Registration on Social Media sites.
    • Facebook .com, LinkedIn .com, youtube .com,
    • Twitter .com,
    • Slideshare .com – Very popular PowerPoint Slide sharing website
    • Scribd .com – Very popular Word/PDF document sharing website
    Let’s Talk about Software Tools
  • 18. Let’s Talk about Software Tools
    • 5. Registration on
    • is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!
  • 19. You Can’t ignore Because….. ? 1. Everyone is Using it 2. Social Media is Gaining Trust 3. It’s Still Growing 4. When One Social Network Falls , Another Rises 5. It’s Fast 6. Cost Efficient for Companies 7. It’s Passionate 8. It’s Free 9. Social Media is Versatile 10.The Internet is Social
  • 20.
    • Low-cost/high returns
    • The audience is limitless
    • Target markets
    • Natural traffic
    • More time is being spent on the internet , on both computers and phone
    • Better search engine results  
    • It complements other efforts
    • Information & sharing is immediate
    • It has viral potential
    • The next generation is the technology generation
    10 Reason why SMM ?
  • 21. Advantages of Social Media
    • • Democratization of media. • Relationships and conversation . • Creativity and re-mix culture . • Embrace your passion and identity . • Community , sharing , and connecting . • Increase transparency in government and organizations.
  • 22. Progress Of Social Media Marketing
  • 23. Explosive Growth
  • 24. In Social Networking from April 2006 to April 2007 Facebook grew 2424%, YouTube grew 616%, MySpace grew 135%
  • 25. What Ankur Patel has achieved…
    • Ankur is writing Blogs/Articles since 2001 –
    • its been more than 9 years – Blog posts are available on company web-site: as well as
    • As of Nov.30,2010 , Ankur is having more than – - 175 Videos on - 200 Blog Posts using Word Press - 500 quality connections on
    • - 901 quality connections on
    • - 150 quality connections on - 30 documents/presentations on,
  • 26. 901 quality connections on
  • 27. 500 quality connections on
  • 28. Lets Talk about Business!!!
    • Ankur Patel has won trust of many friends , colleagues & people Online/Offline both
    • That trust has converted into respect for Mr. Ankur Patel from many friends/clients & thousands of dollars business for his outsourcing software company – Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • 29. Social Media Marketing FAQs
    • What are the benefits of social media marketing?
    • How can I measure ROI if I invest in social media marketing campaign?
    • Should I hire a single person who knows all about social media marketing?
    • How much time I should spend everyday for doing my own social media marketing?
    • How do I know if social media marketing is really helpful for my business or not?
    • Is it necessary to have email marketing system in place for social media marketing?
  • 30.
    • Is it necessary to create small videos & presentations for social media marketing?
    • How can I make friends(who are strangers to me) on social media websites?
    • Can I really trust someone else to do my social media marketing?
    • Is it necessary to have my own blog website?
    • How often I should post blogs/articles for social media marketing?
    • I am not talkative by nature or don’t know how to write in english, what can I do?
    • I do not write many articles/news on internet, what can I do?
    Social Media Marketing FAQs
  • 31. Contact Information Ankur PateL CEO ,Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd. 304, Aarohi Complex, Near RasRanjan Sweet Mart, Vijay Char Rasta, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad 380009 Phone Numbers: USA : +1- 313 - 447- 1275 India : 011-91-9376133927 Lets Get Social: http:// Lets be in touch through Chat: Yahoo:ankurpateL78 MSN: [email_address] AOL:phpseoguru Skype:phpseoguru Thanks for your time Thanks a lot & Wish you Good luck!!!