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Digistor standalone NVR - Info tech Middle East

  1. 1. DIGISTOR Linux Standalone NVR Integrated IP Video Surveillance Solutions Kimi Wu, Sales & Marketing DivisionApril, 2012 Kimi.wu@digiever.com
  2. 2. Index• Company Background• Product Overview• All-in-one Features of DIGISTOR NVR• Why DIGIEVER• Q&A• Products comparison
  3. 3. Company Background
  4. 4. Company Background• DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated in providing world-class network video recorder (NVR) and integrated IP video surveillance solutions. Our team has more than twenty years experience of research and development in networking products. We are focusing on providing leading-edge solutions in both software and hardware and devoted to optimizing the user experience.• Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan 2012 Q3 Coming Soon!! VMS• Employee: Over 70 people (70% HW, SW engineers, 30% sales & marketing) Standalone NVR PC-NVR• Main products: Linux-embedded standalone NVR, PC-NVR and VMS 2012 Q2 Coming Soon
  5. 5. Product Overview
  6. 6. Product Overview DS-4200 DS-4000 DS-2000 Pro Series Series Series DS-4225 Pro DS-4220 Pro DS-4016 DS-2016 DS-4216 Pro DS-4012 DS-2012 DS-4212 Pro DS-4009 DS-2009 DS-4209 Pro DS-4005 DS-2005 DS-4205 Pro
  7. 7. High Performance DIGISTOR NVRProductMainFeaturesModel Name DS-4200 Pro Series DS-4000 Series DS-2000 SeriesHDD Tray 4 4 2CPU Intel RISC RISCSupported Up to Up to Up toChannel 16/12/9/5 16/12/9/5 25/20/16/12/9/5NumbersMax. Network 360Mbps 150Mbps 150MbpsThroughput*Local Display YES N/A N/A * The max. network throughput might be varied from different environments.
  8. 8. All-in-one Features of DIGISTOR NVR
  9. 9. All-in-one Features of DIGISTOR NVR• Brilliant Full HD Local Display • Intuitive Multi-channel Playback• Superior Hardware Design • Advanced & Reliable Security System• Quick Configuration • Smart Mobile Enhancement• Real-time Remote Monitoring • Efficient USB Backup• Powerful Event Management • Various Network Services• Excellent Video Recording
  10. 10. Brilliant Full HD Local Display 1/2• DIGISTOR NVR supports video output via either HDMI or VGA connector with 1080p Full HD outstanding monitoring performance at local display. * Supported model: Pro series
  11. 11. Brilliant Full HD Local Display 2/2* Hardware decode for local display: Up to Full HD 200fps/ HD 300fps Camera Full HD 200fps HD 300fpsChannels (1080p) (720p) 16 16ch Full HD x 12.5fps= 200fps 16ch HD x 18.75fps= 300fps 12 12ch Full HD x 16.6fps= 200fps 12ch HD x 25fps= 300fps 9 22fps/ ch 25fps/ ch 5 25fps/ ch 25fps/ ch* Frame rate in Full HD/ HD local display is based on camera‘s compression format H.264.** The max. FPS might be varied from different environments.* ** Supported model: Pro series
  12. 12. Superior Hardware Design 1/2 Built-in Advanced RAID Configuration with Hot Swap Design • Through DIGISTOR NVR, user can configure JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 in local display or web-based interface. • Hot swap design allows users to replace failed HDD without turning off the server. High Network Throughput for High Megapixel Recording • DIGISTOR NVR provides network throughput up to 360Mbps/ 150Mbps for high megapixel recording. Up to 3TB Storage Capacity • DIGISTOR NVR supports each hard disk drive up to 3TB. Built-in GPIO: 4 in 2 out • DIGISTOR NVR supports built-in General Purpose I/O for both choices of setting digital input and output.
  13. 13. Superior Hardware Design 2/2 Automatic Recovery from DIGISTOR NVR Power Outage • DIGISTOR NVR will automatically recover when the power resumes after an outage. • DIGISTOR will also recover the recording file which was not saved because of an outage.
  14. 14. Quick ConfigurationTrouble Free Installation in 5Steps
  15. 15. Real-time Remote Monitoring 1/2 Various Features for Remote Monitoring • IE browser monitoring • 1/4/9/10/12/16/20/25 & 5+1/12+1-channel display • Sequential modes monitoring • Control of PTZ camera and speed dome cameras • View preset positions of the IP camera • Digital Zoom in & zoom out • Take a snapshot • I/O device support
  16. 16. Real-time Remote Monitoring 2/2 Multi-NVR Server Monitoring • DIGISTOR NVR can be a multi-NVR server to involve other DIGISTOR NVR and select a maximum of 144 channels. • Simultaneous live monitoring of other remote NVR sites without installing any extra VMS software.
  17. 17. Powerful Event Management• When an event is triggered, such as motion detection or digital input, DIGISTOR NVR can do various actions such as recording video in the server and sending a video clip instantly to user by E-mail.
  18. 18. Excellent Video Recording 1/2 Compression Formats • DIGISTOR NVR gives users high performance megapixel recording and supports MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. Flexible Threshold of Recorded Video • Users can set recording percentage or days for keeping videos to overwrite the oldest video files automatically. Various Recording Modes • Users can set different recording schedules for each camera in high megapixel recording. Continuous Schedule Event Audio Recording Recording Recording Recording
  19. 19. Excellent Video Recording 2/2 Multi-stream for Monitoring & Recording • DIGISTOR NVR supports multi-stream to let users set video format, frame rate, resolution and others in different conditions to save bandwidth for remote monitoring and recording.
  20. 20. Intuitive Multi-channel Playback User-friendly Video Search • Users can search the recorded video by selecting date, time, channel number, normal record, event and recovered file. Exporting Recordings • DIGISTOR NVR allows exporting video files in AVI format to PC. Taking a Snapshot • During playback, users can also take a snapshot and save it in PC.
  21. 21. Advanced and Reliable Security System 1/3 Stable and Secure Standalone Linux-embedded System • DIGISTOR NVR is a Linux-embedded operating system so it is efficient to avoid virus attack & hacker intrusion. • Compared with PC, Linux-embedded system offers more green and power saving.
  22. 22. Advanced and Reliable Security System 2/3 User Power Management • Administrator can add multiple user groups like power user and user to configure live view and playback access. Flexible Permission and Prohibition of IP Range for Controlling the Access • User can specify IP address or network segment to permit or prohibit specific IP address as white or black list from live view or playback access.
  23. 23. Advanced and Reliable Security System 3/3 Powerful Log System for Trouble Shooting • With over six clear log systems, users can do quick trouble shooting and security control of DIGISTOR NVR.
  24. 24. Smart Mobile Enhancement Monitoring Everywhere via iPhone & Android Operating System • No matter where you are, you can monitor live view through iPhone or Android phone and control PTZ camera.
  25. 25. Efficient USB BackupBackup with Day, Hour and Channel PresetUsers can preset a maximum of daysand hours to backup the latest videofiles and configure the specific channelsin advance.Efficient Hardware USB Backup ButtonAfter setting the time and channels,users just need to press USB BACKUPbutton and then export the video filesto external USB device.
  26. 26. Various Network Services DDNS Service • Users can register a domain name from a dynamic DNS (DDNS) provider and enable DDNS in DIGISTOR NVR. NTP Server • DIGISTOR NVR supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) by selecting time zone for synchronizing the date and time. Static IP , DHCP & UPnP Search • Users can flexibly set static IP or DHCP server to enter the network video recorder . • Also, users can add camera via quick UPnP search in the LAN. Windows Networking and FTP Service • With Windows networking and FTP service, DIGISTOR NVR allows users quickly access the video files.
  27. 27. Why DIGIEVER
  28. 28. DIGIEVER Channel Strategy DIGIEVER (Manufacturer of IP Marketing Video Surveillance Solutions) & Technical Support Authorized Distributors System Integrators Dealers Resellers /Installers End Customers Enterprise Residential Telecom/ISP Banking Healthcare Government Educational Industrial Retail Transportation
  29. 29. Why DIGIEVERIntegrated Surveillance Solutions and Services2012 Q4 Coming Soon!! VMS 2012 Standalone PC-NVR 2012 Q3 ComingAvailable !!! NVR Soon!!!For more information, please visit our website:
  30. 30. Q&AThank you !