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Digital Signage Myths Demystified by InfoSignz
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Digital Signage Myths Demystified by InfoSignz


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Digital signage myths are demystified

Digital signage myths are demystified

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Digital Signage Myths Demystified
  • 2. Myth 1 – Digital Signage Software is complex
    • Fact: InfoSignz digital signage software platform is ‘simple’
      • With an easy to drag and drop interface and intuitive product component makes it very simple to create, schedule and manage a digital signage network
      • Irrespective of the number of screens you deploy in your network, InfoSignz still remains simple to operate
      • The entire intelligence works at the back to ensure a smooth and efficient signage network
  • 3.
    • Fact: InfoSignz is secure, stable and scalable
      • We have taken enough measures to ensure that the 3 things are met. We use 128 bit encryption on all transaction pages.
      • InfoSignz powers digital signage networks, small and big, across the globe and we take enough measures, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that our client networks run smoothly and securely
    Myth 2 – software accessed over the web is insecure
  • 4.
    • Fact: InfoSignz offers its digital signage platform on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
      • This means that there is no upfront licensing cost, no server software or hardware cost and no setup cost
      • What you pay is purely based on pay-per-use model. Your initial investment is very low and so is your recurring cost. You can use your surplus cash for your other business needs
      • Your investment on software is minimal, still you get the best product with latest features
    Myth 3 – Digital signage software is expensive and involves huge investment
  • 5.
    • Fact: InfoSignz offers a unique platform which can control your network screens on dynamic IP address
      • This would mean that you still get the features of controlling content and point cast flexibilities but you do not need to invest for obtaining static IP’s from your network provider lowering your network cost
      • InfoSignz capability with dynamic IP configuration helps even when you have different ISPs / network providers at different locations. You can even change your provider at will, InfoSignz will still work
    Myth 4 - Digital signage applications need static IP address to control end players / locations
  • 6.
    • Fact: We at InfoSignz realized this dependency offered by many signage companies and so we have built our solution to run on any make of hardware, specifications
      • What you need on the hardware PC or thin client is an operating system, Flash 9, Java Run time environment and a web browser. That is it!
      • You can use low end or high end or a mix of these two builds for your signage players. If you need to display only text and images and some news / text tickers then a very basic low end machine will also meet your requirement. If you want to display high quality video, live video or other heavy content where quality of content is more important then you can invest in a better PC/thin client player
      • InfoSignz doesn’t need any proprietary hardware or software to run its platform. InfoSignz works and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Use Linux to save even more!
    Myth 5 – Digital signage software can only run on specific proprietary players / hardware.
  • 7. Myth 6 – All digital signage software’s need expensive routers, signal boosters and transmitters
    • Fact: InfoSignz dynamic signage platform needs only a PC, display screen, cabling and an internet connection
      • No other hardware attachment needed at the end screen location
      • You save money on everything
  • 8. Myth 7 – You need a constant network connection to run your digital signage screens
    • Fact: InfoSignz narrowcasting and digital signage software can deliver content, manage and control signage network on all types of connectivity - limited or interrupted or dedicated connectivity
      • We have tested and optimized the platform to run on broadband, LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, dial up and data card connectivity. Our unique offline viewer remotely manages the content, playlist and schedule and live updates 
      • So whatever is your connectivity your signage screens, powered by InfoSignz PRO,  will always display updated or scheduled or default content but will never go blank (blue screen) 
  • 9. Myth 8 – Software’s are upgraded once in a year
    • Fact: InfoSignz offers instant upgrade of software application
      • InfoSignz product teams are working continuously to launch new features and components or improving existing features based on customer feedback
      • As and when we release newer components or improve existing components and features they are delivered to all our existing and new customers, online
      • You always use the latest and advanced version of InfoSignz digital signage platform without doing anything
  • 10. Contact us for more information
    • Email at [email_address] for more information on how we can help you with your digital signage needs
    • Create your account now at and immediately start your digital signage network