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InfoShell is innovative russian company, dedicated to development of client-server applications, web-applications and software for mobile
platforms (iPhone, Ipad, Androide) as well.

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Mobile developing-english

  1. 1. Intelligence for your successComplex client-server solutions for your business and life
  2. 2. Who we are «InfoShell» represents wide line of services in area of developing applications for mobile platforms Paradigms of "InfoShell":«InfoShell» company was founded in 2008 year by creative and high-quality employees; Ÿthe group of high experienced and ambitious quaility and on-time delivery of all level tasks; Ÿexperts in area of Information technologies, design effective business and software development processes; Ÿand marketing. introduction of marketing solutions to promote; Ÿ introduction of Modern solutions in IT area; Ÿ Growth of our clients business; Ÿ Orientation to long-term well-wishing partnership. Ÿ Main focus is developing for following mobile platforms: Ÿ iPhone (iPad); Apple Google Android; Ÿ Windows mobile; Ÿ BlackBerry. Ÿ OUR GOAL: Promotion of clients companies via high quality implementation and integration of new ideas. We are driven by our partners success.
  3. 3. Why do you need applications?Application development gives us:1 Extending mobile access to services2 Increase of managing ability of company3 Increase of recognizability for brend/company4 Promotion of service/ware5 Increase of sales volumeDue to permanent growing trend for mobile life style and commerce, mobile technologies takecentral place in the business-related world. Amazon, Gucci, Bentley, GAP already use this technologies!
  4. 4. Strategy directions of our work We offer following solutions for mobile platforms: 1 Development of mobile applications 2 Development of complex mobile solutions reflected to your personal needs 3 Integration of solutions for mobile platforms inside corporative systems 4 Multimedia applications 5 Integration of existing application with different mobile platformsWhy we?Ÿ colloborate with high-qualificated experts in area of software development;weon-time delivery is our corporative paradigm;ŸŸoffer development of any level complexity applications;weŸ offer development of applications for different mobile platforms: Iphone, Android,Windows Mobile,we BlackBerry.
  5. 5. Our servicesWe provide service for development ofapplications in following areas:cars;Ÿfinance;Ÿhealth;Ÿbusiness;ŸŸ of life;styleŸ and travelling;restŸ estate;realMASS-MEDIA;Ÿelectronic commerce;Ÿsocial networks;Ÿ Application may begames and entertainment systems;Ÿcomplex solutions: integration with the web site, integration with the intranet,Ÿ integrated with : integration with CRM and ERP, integration with accounting system.Also, we develop business management systems on pads: 1 E-mailiPad, android, BlackBerry. 2 Google Maps 3 GPS 4 SMS
  6. 6. Development process 2) Preproject 3) Requirements1) Concept specification preparation 6) Design 5) Splitting into 4) Pricing scenes7) Product 9) Publication & developing 8) Testing maintance
  7. 7. AppStoreOnline supermarket of applications, where an amountLoadings has exceeded a 10-milliard mark Peculiarities: AppStore users have access to wide lin of different applications represented in 20 different categories. Certain of them: health, games, background materials, traveling and so on… Ÿ are both paid and free applications There represented in AppStore. Price for most of them is from 0.99$ up to 9.99$. Ÿ are more than 350 000 applications for IPhone, There IPod Touch and IPad from 90 countries all over the world represented in AppStore. Loaded more than 10 billions applications from Ÿ AppStore by 160 millions of users. Applications easy and quick expended via AppStore. Ÿ
  8. 8. View of IPhones User 1 Business public 2 50 percent of users are From 30 up to 35 years old 3 93% of users are AppStores users as well 4 Active users of mobile purchasing systemsŸ than 33% of IPhones users use GPS and Maps 10 times per monthmoreand more;Ÿ than 93% of users load applications daily; moreŸ checking is a most frequently used IPhones feature. More than 70% of E-mailusers check their e-mails not less than once per day;Ÿ of users use internet services not less than once per day . 60%
  9. 9. Promotion of applications in AppStoreŸ Overview placement on specialized web-sites: AppCraver, 148 apps, AppVee,, illseThis,AppleiPhoneSchool,, iPhoneApplicationList,TUAW, AppsSafariŸ SMMŸ PRŸ Banners network in applications;Ÿ E-mail marketing㟠Ability to Integration with social networks: FacåBook, Twitter, LinkedlnŸ Mobile bar-codeŸ Signature in e-mailŸ Update of companys profile in professional catalogues
  10. 10. Our contactsNew clients are always welcome for us!InfoShellRussia, Saint-Petersburg BC "Kristall", Sedova str., h.3, of. 605b (812)