iPhone and iPad Application Development


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iPhone and iPad Application Development

  1. 1. iPhone and iPad Application Developmentadvanced IT-solutions
  2. 2. Have you ever faced any of these problems? advanced IT-solutions1) Do you need to receive relevant business information anywhere and at any time?2) High expenditures on staff that performs single type actions?3) Thinking about increasing the mobility of staff?4) Want to provide your customers with mobile access to your services?5) Need to attract new customers?6) Do not know how to increase customer loyalty?7) Want to expand into new markets?
  3. 3. How we handle these problems advanced IT-solutionsWe offer the following solutions:1 Providing information and business management anytime, anywhere, with the help ofbusiness management mobile systems for tablets (iPad).2 Reducing business costs by process automation.3 Promo games – a bright and efficient marketing tool for drawing the attention to your promotional offer and increasing sales.4 Mobile applications that allow to promptly inform customers about products and services, the locations of offices or retail outlets, working hours, etc.5 The use of online markets (App Store), which allow to make purchases from any place and at any time.
  4. 4. Who needs applications advanced IT-solutionsApplications are in demand They already have their apps:in the following segments: џDonna Karan, џPizza Hut,џ banks џHugo Boss, џCarling,џ construction and investment companies џZara, џReebock,џ shops џH&M, џKleenex,џ boutiques and shopping malls џNewYorker, џPupa,џ car dealershipsџ yacht clubs џRado, џMan’s Health,џ online stores џAmway, џAdidas,џ publishing houses џCosmopolitan, џHPџ medical facilities џLufthansa, џand many othersџ SPA-centers and beauty salonsџ social networks џBMW,џ travel agencies џGroupon, џAudi With the ever growing trend towards mobile lifestyle and commerce, mobile technologies are central to the business world
  5. 5. Audience of the iPhone users: advanced IT-solutionsLevel of income Age of users iPhone users are mostly affluent middle-aged people, ready to spend money. according to the СomScore, The Nielsen Company
  6. 6. iPhone statistics advanced IT-solutions 93% of iPhone users are using the AppStore 70% use mobile payment systemsџOver 33% of iPhone users use GPS and maps at least 10 timesa month;џMore than 93% of iPhone users download applications on adaily basis;џ60% of iPhone users use Internet services at least once a day.
  7. 7. AppStoreonline application supermarket, where the number of downloads advanced IT-solutionshas exceeded 10 billion mark Features: AppStore users have access to the huge variety of applications, submitted to 20 different categories like business, news, health, games, reference materials, travel, etc. AppSore contains both free and paid applications. џAppSore contains both free and paid applications. The cost of the majority of applications is ranging from $0.99 to $9.99. џThe AppStore offers more than 350.000 applications for the owners of iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad from 90 countries around the world. џ160 million of iPhone users have already downloaded over 10 billion applications, which are easily and quickly spread through the AppStore.
  8. 8. Application promotion in the AppStore advanced IT-solutionsџ Reviews of applications on specialized websites.Examples of such sites: AppCraver, 148 apps, AppVee, iPhoneAppReviews.net, illseThis,AppleiPhoneSchool, AppStoreApps.com, iPhoneApplicationList,TUAW, AppsSafariџ SMMџ PRџ Banner network in the applications.џThere is a possibility to place banners in the applications.џE-mail marketing.џApplications integration with social networks.џMobile Barcode.џE-mail signature.џUpdate of the companys profile in the professional directories.
  9. 9. Our services advanced IT-solutionsWe provide the iPhone and iPad applicationdevelopment. These can be :џ information applications,џ promotional applications,џ games and entertainment systems,џ comprehensive solutions: website integration, intranet integration, integration with CRM, ERP and accounting systems, The applicationџ development of business management systems can be integrated with: for iPad tabletsџ and any other application based on your ideas 1 E-mail 2 Google Maps 3 GPS 4 SMS
  10. 10. Examples of applications: Mobile business management system advanced IT-solutions for the tabletMobile application for iPad integrated with Microsoft DynamicsCRM.The application allows to:- continuously monitor and analyze the current situation withsales, customers, employees work;- get reports on open and closed transactions, the sales pipelineby stages, plan/actual reports for employees/divisions, KPI;- work with data from the CRM-system on possible transactionsand sales plans.Sales staff can use a unique product catalog to advise clientsabout the benefits of the products or services directly in theclients offices, as well as to quickly form a potential transactionand agree upon the price.
  11. 11. Examples of applications: advanced IT-solutions Electronic menuElectronic menu is a system consisting of aninteractive multimedia menu, order controlcenter and kitchen software. The system is anadd-on to the existing automation system for arestaurant. It allows to make the process ofselecting dishes simple, convenient and fun.Electronic menu is a replacement for a usualpaper menu.
  12. 12. Examples of applications: Promotional game advanced IT-solutions for the Philip MorrisThe application is a promotional game for the advertising campaign of thePhilip Morris tobacco company. The game simulates the process of picking akey to the Ferrari California 2010.Anyone who picked the key to the Ferrari California 2010 gets the chance toride it as a passenger.
  13. 13. Examples of applications: Informative application “Obama 2012” advanced IT-solutionsFreeware application informs the user about the events related to the presidential elections in Americain 2012. It allows you to watch the latest news, photos and videos, find the location of pre-electionevents and appearances. In addition, voters can message the presidential candidate.According to experts, this is the best way to communicate with voters online.
  14. 14. Examples of applications:Info-application for ZARA advanced IT-solutions The application allows its users џ to keep updated on the new products, џ get information on the latest promotions and special offers, џ add your favorite things to the wishlist, џ share information about favorite clothes through a social network, џ locate the nearest store using a GPS system.
  15. 15. Examples of applications:Promo app for Coca-Cola advanced IT-solutions The Magic Coca Cola Bottle answers all the questions of theusers, both personal and universal. In order to get an answer simply shake the iPhone! “Do you have a question? I have the answer!” Coca Cola promises.
  16. 16. Examples of applications: Promotional game advanced IT-solutions for the AUDI GroupAudi was the first car manufacturer to release its own application for iPhone. It announced a gaming application “Audi A4 Challenge” that uses the built-in iPhone accelerometer to drive the virtual model of Audi 2009 A4.
  17. 17. Examples of applications:Promo application advanced IT-solutionsfor the Carling brand This application turns your phone into a virtual beer mug that you can drink from!Free program designed for advertising the Carling beer has quickly gained immense popularity. As a reward for the game users can drink a virtual pint of beer.
  18. 18. Examples of applications: Application for the HP company advanced IT-solutions“Even more printed photos!” - the slogan a well-known printer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard uses for its new application. It allows you to print photos from your iPhone using the HP printers connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Working with the application is pretty simple: run it on your iPhone, select the photo you want by tapping on it and the application sends the file to the printer through Wi-Fi.
  19. 19. Examples of applications:Application guide advanced IT-solutionsfor the Adidas brand The Adidas Urban Art Guide application allows all Berlin residents to find places with the most interesting graffiti in the city with the help of maps. The map contains icons, tapping on which you will be taken to the gallery, where you can enjoy each drawing. If the drawing is not enough, you can find it in the city using the maps from Adidas. Naturally, the program strongly emphasizes the fact that its author is Adidas. So, the bottom panel is made in blue and contains the company logo.
  20. 20. Examples of applications: Application guide advanced IT-solutions for “Van Cleef & Aprels” The application “Une journée à Paris” is a romantic guide to one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The usercan get shorts descriptions of the five most famous landmarks, find routes, view the wonderful videos, related to thecollection and the city itself, as well as get acquainted with the exquisite collection of jewelry. Moreover, the users will also be able to find out where they can buy exquisite pendants, earrings and rings by Van Cleef & Aprels.
  21. 21. Examples of applications: Application for the advanced IT-solutions Absolut brand The Absolut brand has released an application for selecting cocktails. The application is calledDrinkspiration and, according to the brand, is “an interactive encyclopedia of drinks,” that allows to pick drinks, taking into account many criteria - geography, color, taste, popularity, ingredients, time of the day, etc.
  22. 22. Examples of applications:Application for PUMA advanced IT-solutions In the Puma Index app clothes disappear as quickly as stocks are falling. Your stocks went down? Indexes fall? Do not despair, this application will cheer you up free of charge. This branded application clearly tells about the market ups and downs with the examples of several stock market indices.
  23. 23. Examples of applications: Electronic magazine app advanced IT-solutions for the Mens Health brandPreviously, the readers hadonly the magazine and thewebsite. From now on, MensHealth application moves tothe iPad.Now, the tablet can become aMensHealth magazine withadditional videos, interactivequizzes, slide shows andspecial effects!
  24. 24. Process of developing an application development: advanced IT-solutions “Translating ideas into action” 2) Preliminary 3) Technical 1) Idea task preparation Support 6) Design 5) Storyboard 4) Pricing 9) Publishing and7) Development 8) Testing warranty support
  25. 25. Warranty and further technical support advanced IT-solutionsFree 6-month warranty technical support:- application performance monitoring- advice on the applications functions and characteristics- correction of errors in the application- the response time of our employees might take up to 2 days.The Infoshell company is ready to offer these and other services after the warranty supportexpires. We offer and recommend to conclude an agreement on the further technicalsupport of the developed software product.In addition to the standard package of support services we also offer cooperation onthe further development of your project.
  26. 26. Current offer advanced IT-solutionsWhen ordering the development for two platforms (iPhone, Android) clients get a 10% discount the offer is valid until 01.11.2011
  27. 27. Company advanced IT-solutionsThe InfoShell company is a team of skilled professionals in Principles of the InfoShell company:information technology, design and advertising. Ourextensive experience and specialized education allow us to џ Friendly long-term relationships with customers, partners andachieve the best results and ensure the highest quality of employees.our work. We help you grow your business, using a wide џ Quality and timely execution of tasks.range of technical tools. All this allows to quickly meet the џ Strict adherence to deadlines and budgets.most demanding customer needs. џ Improving the efficiency of the clients businesses. џ Creativity, self-expression in work. џ Well-established business processes. џ Using the latest information technology. Development for mobile devices: џ Apple iPhone (iPad); џ Google Android; џ Windows mobile; џ BlackBerry. InfoShells mission: Promoting the welfare and development of the client companies customers through creating and implementing new IT concepts.
  28. 28. advanced IT-solutionsCall us to get free advice from the InfoShell experts:Telephone: +7 (812) 64-26-0-26Skype: infoshell.companyInfoShellRussian Federation, Saint-Petersburgmail@infoshell.ruwww.infoshell.ru