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  • 1. mobile marketing MOBILE MARKETING IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Market analysis By Michiel Veefkind, Willem Bleeker & Paul van Keulen
  • 2. AGENDA Company name Our pitch Market analysis Further steps Questions mobile marketing 2
  • 3. WHY INFORMATIVE? Our company name in·for·ma·tive (n-fôrm-tv)adj.Serving to inform; providing or disclosing information; instructive. mobile marketing 3
  • 4. ELEVATOR PITCH: OUR BUSINESS IN 60 SECONDS Customer experience Trends New ways of communication (personalized and cross-media) Continuous customer service improvement The hospitality business is traditional in approaching customers Problem There are no direct customer feedback systems and little personalized information Mobile marketing system with feedback function, using SMS messages as a starting point, followed by smart phone applications Solution For hotels: direct interaction with their customers and customer service. Customer loyalty will be improved. Value creation For customers: better understanding of their needs, instantly better service and personalized information about hotel and city.
  • 5. SOME PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF OUR SYSTEM Welcoming to the city Last minute room changes Conference delays Reminders of: payment, bookings and check in times Package up sells & offers Restaurant menus Information requests (matches, cinema, sightseeing) Feedback questionnaires in order to improve customer service “Target specific guests at specific times with specific messages” mobile marketing 5
  • 6. MARKET ANALYSIS Target market: Hotels Very conservative market > opportunity 2009: tough year due to financial crisis Market segmentation: High-end vs Low-end Hotels Stand-alone vs Groups mobile marketing 6
  • 7. MARKET ANALYSIS Market size The Netherlands: 2200 hotels Nr of overnight stay’s in 2008: 32,6 million Avg stay: 1,8 night 18 million visitors Nr of tourists in hotel: 8 million Nr of domestic visitors: 10 million Source: CBS mobile marketing 7
  • 8. MARKET ANALYSIS Market growth rate (source: CBS) Nr of hotels will stay the same Nr of overnight stay’s decreased in the first eight months of 2009 (-3.5%) Increase in domestic tourism Market trends Hotels want to innovate (hot in USA) Nr of mobile phones + their app’s are increasing 8
  • 9. MARKET REVENUES Decrease overall: -8,8% Source: Misset Horeca, 2010 9
  • 10. FURTHER STEPS: NEXT WEEK Meeting with coach Arranging more interviews with hotels Distributing our survey Contact SMS gateway suppliers Develop branding mobile marketing 10