About Greenwich PhD thesesHow do I search for a PhD or other research thesis?You can search for them on the Library Catalo...
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Phd Theses Guide


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PhD theses at University of Greenwich.

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Transcript of "Phd Theses Guide"

  1. 1. About Greenwich PhD thesesHow do I search for a PhD or other research thesis?You can search for them on the Library Catalogue. Our theses are also listed in the GreenwichAcademic Literature Archive at: http://gala.gre.ac.uk and on Ethos: http://ethos.bl.uk/Home.doWho can borrow printed theses?University of Greenwich staff and students registered on a University undergraduate or postgraduatedegree programme including Greenwich courses at one of our UK partner institutions. You can searchfor them on the Library Catalogue and borrow from the library helpdesk. They are loaned for referenceuse in the library only. You will need to produce your Greenwich staff / student ID card and sign acopyright declaration form. At Medway you will need to complete a form to request a thesis which isstored off site. Items must be returned to the staff at the library helpdesk before it closes. Note that ifitems are not returned on time you will be charged an overdue fine.How do I borrow a PhD thesis if I am a student or staff member at anexternal institution?You need to request PhD theses via Ethos.What is Ethos?Ethos is the British Library repository website for research theses offering a central access point to UKPhD theses. The majority of universities in the UK are members and you can search across 300,000theses including those available for immediate download.How do I use Ethos?You must first register as an individual on the Ethos website in order to make requests for PhDs. Ourlevel of membership to Ethos requires that the first person (or their institution) to request one of ourtheses must pay the cost of digitisation to the British Library. Thereafter the digitised copy of the thesisis freely available in Ethos in perpetuity to everyone.Drill Hall Library studentsStudents on courses at the University of Kent or Canterbury Christ Church University should makerequests for Greenwich PhD theses via the Ethos website. Please read the information available onthe Drill Hall Library web site for more guidance http://bit.ly/n1h3btWhere do I get more help?Avery Hill and Greenwich Campus: docsupply@gre.ac.uk | Medway: DH-ILL@gre.ac.ukOSCARS Off-Campus Support: www.gre.ac.uk/oscars