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A guide to electronic books at the University of Greenwich.

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E-books Guide

  1. 1. About e-books at GreenwichWhat are e-books?E-books are electronic books published in different formats such as ePub, PDF, HTML and Kindle.Academic publishers make electronic versions of their book titles available for indivi duals, institutionsand libraries to purchase or subscribe to. Due to the terms of the licence some titles are not availablefor libraries to purchase for their members even though they are available for individuals to buy.Who can borrow e-books?University of Greenwich staff or student members (includes UK or overseas Partner students),studying or teaching on Greenwich undergraduate or postgraduate courses.How do I find e-books?Locate them on the Library Catalogue and search within the e -book platforms via the Library &Computing tab in the University portal.What e-books are available?  MyiLibrary consists of nearly 7,000 individual titles across a wide range of subjects.  Dawsonera is a multidisciplinary e-book platform. You can access nearly 2,000 titles we own. Additionally you can search, preview and rent books from over 200,000 titles from a wide range of publishers. You can read online or download to a PC/laptop using Adobe Reader.  Cambridge Books Online comprises a total of 981 titles from th e Economics collection, Film, Media, Mass Communication collection and titles published between the years 2006 to 2010 from the Sociology collection.  Incredibly Easy e-books consists of 11 titles from the ‘Incredibly Easy’ and 2 titles from the ‘incredibly Visual’ series.  Oxford Scholarship Online comprises 433 titles from the Business and Management, and Economics and Finance subject collections. .
  2. 2. Continued...How do I access e-books?The University uses single-sign on via the portal to authenticate our students/staff and provide accessto our e-books on and off campus. This has to be done via the University of Greenwich portal. Log in tothe portal http://portal.gre.ac.uk/ with your computer ID and password (not the 000 student ID number).  Click on the Library & Computing tab  In the e-Library channel click on the Databases, Journals and e-books link  On the Library Databases page the e-resources are arranged alphabetically by title  Click on the letter of the alphabet at the top of the list or scroll down to the resource and click on the name to be transferred into the resource.  Select either MyiLibrary, Dawsonera, Cambridge Books Online or Oxford Scholarship Online.A note about off campus accessWhen you search for e-books in the Library Catalogue on campus from a networked University PC youwill be able to click through to the full text of the electronic title because you are connecting from withinthe IP range of the University.When you are connect from outside the University network or from home, it is simpler to access e-booktitles by following the steps above to enter individual resources. When you try to connect from theLibrary Catalogue link in the portal off campus you will be required to select the ‘Uni versity ofGreenwich’ from a drop-down menu list or by following the ‘Institutional Login’ link on the page. Do notselect the Athens Login link because we do not use individual Athens usernames and passwords toaccess resources at the University.Other information about e-booksVisit the E-books web page: http://bit.ly/hQlKt9 or view one of our tutorials: http://bit.ly/pn09dRWhere do I get more help?  Avery Hill: ah-librarians@gre.ac.uk  Greenwich: mg-librarians@gre.ac.uk  Medway: dhl-librarians@gre.ac.uk  OSCARS Off-Campus Support: www.gre.ac.uk/oscars