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Business Databases


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A short handout for students in the Business School

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Business Databases

  1. 1. University of Greenwich Library ServiceLibrary Databases: Business School Database Title Coverage Access MyiLibrary Most of the individual e-books that the Library has bought for the Business University Portal School are held in this database; Almost every subject is covered, from public relations to international business and tourism. Oxford Scholarship The Library subscribes to two collections of e-books: University Portal Online • Business & Management Corporate Governance; HRM; Organization Studies;e-Books Strategy; Marketing; etc. • Economics & Finance Econometrics; Macro- and Monetary Economics; Microeconomics; Financial Economics; etc. Cambridge Books Physical, medical and social sciences; includes subsections on: University Portal Online • Economics from on campus only Economic Theory; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Financial Economics; Econometrics; Labour Economics, etc. • Management Ethics; Governance; HRM; Organisation Studies; etc. Dawsonera Allows you to identify and recommend e-books not currently in stock. University Portal Business Source Contains over 2000 journals; University Portal Premier Covers all subjects within the business discipline; Content Type: • Scholarly Journals; • Magazines (trade publications, newspapers); • Plus: company profiles; industry profiles; market research reports; country reports. Emerald Contains approximately 200 management journals; University Portal • Especially strong in the areas of accounting and finance, human resource management, strategic management, and marketing; Content Type: • Scholarly journals;Journals • Plus an archive of research series, 1991-2010. NBER Working Papers The National Bureau of Economic Research [USA] University Portal (Note: Use the Publications link to access the Working Papers) from on campus; Proxy Server from This type of publication is used to disseminate initial research findings to the off campus broader academic and professional communities; Key working-paper themes include: • The Chinese Economy; • Innovation Policy and the Economy; • Market Microstructure (securities markets); • Organizational Economics; • Risks of Financial Institutions. OECDiLibrary The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development University Portal (Note: More OECD data is accessible through the Datastream and ESDS from on campus; International datasets.) Proxy Server from off campus The Library has full-text access only to the following titles: • Papers (Annuals & Outlooks section); • OECD Economic Outlook; • OECD Economic Surveys; • Statistics (Databases section); • Main Economic Indicators. 1 of 2 
  2. 2. University of Greenwich Library Service Database Title Coverage Access JSTOR Archive of multi-disciplinary scholarly journals; University Portal Includes: • Economics; Finance; Management & Organizational Behaviour; Marketing & Advertising; Transportation Studies. Sage Journals Multi-disciplinary scholarly journals; University PortalJournals Includes: • Economics & Development; Management & Organization Studies; Marketing & Hospitality; Research Methods & Evaluation. SwetsWise Enables the cross-searching of many of the University’s databases. University Portal Warc Marketing case studies. University Portal from on campus; Proxy Server from off campus BRAD Connect Provides detailed information (audience size, advertising rates, etc.) on the Request username various forms of advertising media: business; consumer; digital; and password from newspapers; radio; television. Business Librarian ESDS / ESDSI Economic and Social Data Service / ESDI International University Portal (Note: This is a free service to higher-education students, but you must register with the datasets provider.) Coverage: • A collection of datasets from various national governmental and international sources (IMF, OECD, United Nations, World Bank, etc.); • Contains national and regional macroeconomic data: Economy (exchange rates, interest rates, prices, employment, GDP, BOP, etc.); trade; industry (tourism demand, etc.); investment (FDI); transport; population; social conditions; environment; etc. Mintel Oxygen Market intelligence reports, providing data and descriptive text on a wide University Portal range of UK service and product sectors, including: Fashion, financialDatasets services, food, health, household, leisure, media, technology, travel, etc. Also contains the Travel & Tourism Country Reports. Passport GMID GMID (Global Market Information Database) provides market analysis for a University Portal wide international range of products and services. Information is presented in various forms: statistical data; articles; country reports; company profiles. Also provides contextual economic data, such as: the business environment; national and household income; consumer expenditure, etc. Thomson One Banker Designed as a tool for investment bankers; University Portal Coverage: from on campus; Proxy Server from • International scope; off campus • Company financial data (typically up to 5 years) Balance sheet; income and cash flow statements; ratios; etc. • Price data; • Mergers and acquisitions; • Ownership profile; • Directors and other office holders. Datastream Coverage: On campus only • Worldwide company accounts data; • Worldwide stock market indices data; • National and regional macroeconomics data; • Plus: exchange rates; interest rates; commodities; derivatives. Last updated: 02.09.2011  2 of 2