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Teen Library Behavior

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for NEFLIN, November 18, 2010

for NEFLIN, November 18, 2010

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  • 1. r ebina IN W 010 NEFL ber 2 N ovem or: io r 101, y Behav Teen Librar G ard en: in the Fair Be asts ong Li b rary Users a s Lifel ating Teens Cultiv way by Bet h Galla ted Presen
  • 2. Resources:
  • 3. ebiph obia? u have eph Do yo
  • 4. Disruptive Library Behaviors
  • 5. Dangerous Library Behaviors
  • 6. Differentiate Between the 2 Ds
  • 7. Why Do Teens Act That Way?
  • 8. Teen Behavior Influences
  • 9. Frontal Lobe
  • 10. Myelin Sheath
  • 11. Dopamine
  • 12. Serotonin
  • 13. Melatonin
  • 14. On Rules
  • 15. Set Boundaries
  • 16. Exa mple d some ere, an ruptive over h the dis to o noisytudy. If leave. “Jo hn, it’s rying to s ked to t ll be as peo ple are nues, you wi r conti e level b ehavio r th e volum e to lowe ose to leave. choos can cho You can or you y, a nd sta
  • 17. Exa mple meone ave so e limit, p, we h the tim e r ti me is uviolate nded. omput ntinue to suspe your c you co will be “Mary, iting. If vileges a ter pri w y our compu re time get mo n ow and for 2 days. o log of f r access oose t ompute You can ch lose c r tomo rrow, o
  • 18. der! Remin t of the e ens ou d out of t kick t es kicke s do no emselv “ Li brarian s get th avior.” en h eir beh lib rary. Te because of t the l ibrary, L ron, NYP ~ Nick Bu
  • 19. Correcting Behavior * follow your instincts
  • 20. Follow Through
  • 21. Create Raving Fans
  • 22. Cultivate Relationships
  • 23. Meaningful Participation
  • 24. Be an Excellent Librarian!
  • 25. Excellent Customer Service
  • 26. CS Tip: Give ‘em the Pickle!
  • 27. Excellent Reference
  • 28. The Reference Interview
  • 29. RI Tip: Smile like you mean it! Thibault, Pascal; Pierre Gosselin, Marie-Lise Brunel and Ursula Hess. “Children’s and adolescents’ perception of the authenticity of smiles.” Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. Volume 102, Issue 3, March 2009, pages 360-367
  • 30. Excellent Reader’s Advisory
  • 31. RA Tip: Incorporate Media
  • 32. A Room of Their Own
  • 33. itute’s arch Inst The Se tal Assets pme n D evelo / rg ns titute.o .s earch-i /lists ://www ts http t al-asse deve lopmen
  • 34. Reminders for Librarians
  • 35. Homework Assignment: Moment of Truth
  • 36. Thank You!