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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. What’s a Wiki?
  • 2. What’s a Wiki?
    • Hawaiian for “quick” or “informal”
    • A webpage with content created by and edited by multiple users, with immediate results visible to all
    • The software used to create such a webpage
    • Source:
  • 3. Interesting Facts
    • The oldest known wiki is the WikiWikiWeb , created by Ward Cunningham in 1995:
    • Wikipedia saw a 154% traffic increase last year (Hitwise)‏
    • Wikipedia was recently cited as the #1 reference source on the web (HitWise)‏
    • Has spawned a parody site, the Uncyclopedia , filled with misinformation and utter lies:
  • 4. How Are Wikis Used?
    • Collections of articles or documents
    • Themed booklists
    • Collections of shared materials (Ellison dies, equipment, etc
    • FAQs on a topic
    • Collaborative student projects (i.e., poems, fanfic, art, book reviews...)‏
    • Editing policies or other documents
    • Scholarly communication
    • Other???
  • 5. Advantages
    • Anyone can edit
    • No HTML required
    • Changes are immediate
    • Pages and links are instant & automatic
    • No one knows everything, but everyone knows something
    • Many hands make light work
    • Edits are easy to view and track
    • Use Web Standards
    • Other???
  • 6. Disadvantages
    • Anyone can edit
    • Misinformation may not get fixed immediately
    • Unfamiliar style (no HTML)‏
    • Mostly text, few bells & whistles
    • Authority of authors questionable
    • Fictional entries
    • Citation can be challenging
    • Other???
  • 7. Why Do Wikis Work?
    • Everyone owns it, so everyone is responsible and feels a sense of ownership
    • Small groups of volunteers are very dedicated
    • The cream rises to the top
    • Wikis generate a culture of knowledge
    • and respect
    • Discourse is courteous
    • Other???
  • 8. When Do Wikis Fail?
    • Spam, though discouraged and deleted, still rears it’s ugly head
    • Disagreements occur
    • Entries and threads get off topic
    • Fictional subjects are taken as truth
    • If you feel a sense of personal ownership over your writing, wikis are not for you!
    • Pages not maintained may disappear
    • Other???
  • 9. Examples of Wikis
  • 10. Wikipedia
    • Free online encyclopedia with over 2 million articles in English on a variety of topics
    • 350,000 contributors
    • 25 languages
    • 2 million entries
    • Five times more popular than Google News, Yahoo News or BBC (Hitwise)‏
    • Nearly as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica
  • 11. WikiNews
    • A wikipedia spin-off that allows anyone to become a journalist
    • Free textbooks and book-based texts, (similar to Cliff’s Notes ), subdivided into books for youth and academic titles and projects
    • http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki / Wikibooks
  • 12. Examples of Library Wikis
  • 13. LIS Wiki
    • The Library and Information Science wiki that anyone can edit, with over 200 articles on topics ranging from advocacy to virtual reference
    • Resource of best practices for libraries; articles on collection development, reference, technology, and programming
    Library Success
  • 14. YALSA Wiki
    • Advocacy, Committee Work, TRW/TTW planning
    • For use with blogs and photos
    • http:// teacherlibrarianwiki . pbwiki .com/
    Joyce Valenza’s Teacher Librarian Wiki
  • 15. EDCO Wiki!
    • Web 2.0 resources
      • Waltham High School Wiki about wikis by Kendall Boninti
    WHS Wiki
  • 16. CT Nutmeg Wiki
    • Student selected (like the MA Children's Book Award from Salem State). Great model for online book discussion for students.
      • Resources about bibliotherapy. Only a few booklists! Contribute!
    Bibliotherapy Wiki
  • 17. ALA TechSource GLLS2007
    • Used to promote the event, and then presentations (audio, video, ppt, handouts) were archived here. Excellent resource for Gaming in Libraries!
      • Resources about bibliotherapy. Only a few booklists! Contribute!
  • 18. Resources
  • 19. Web Resources
    • Wiki Matrix , for comparison of wikis
    • Wiki Design Principles , a list of concepts by creator Ward Cunningham
  • 20. Print Resources
    • Cunningham, Ward and Bo Leuf. The Wiki Way: Collaborating and Sharing the Internet. (Addison-Wesley, 2001)
    • Ebersbach, Anja et al. Wiki: Web Collaboration. (Springer, 2005)‏
  • 21. Wiki Glossary
    • Wiki Farm – website that hosts wikis, so you don’t have to download, install or host anything on your own server, or worry about the programming end of creating a wiki.
    • Wiki Gnome – anonymous poster who bats cleanup, tirelessly making minor edits.
    • Wiki Squatting – using a wiki as free personal webspace
  • 22. Wiki Glossary, cont.
    • Wiki Tags – elements that add formatting, such as bold, italics, etc
    • Wikipedian – avid contributor to Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, created and maintained by its users.
    • Sandbox – wiki page for testing and playing
    • Orphan page – abandoned page, often with no links
    •   Walled Garden – a series of Wiki pages that link only to one another
  • 23. MA Summer Reading Wiki
    • Artwork, Booklists, Resources for the MA SRP
    • http:// masummerreading
  • 24. Basic Wiki Tags
    • * = bullet
    • ! = headline
    • ** = bold
    • '' = italic
    • | = box
    • NewPage = new page (two or more words strung together with no spaces and capital first letters creates a new page and a link to that page
    • [url|link] to create a web hyperlink