Meenal ashtikar analytics in event management 2014 jul_ieg


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Customer Analytics in Events Management

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Meenal ashtikar analytics in event management 2014 jul_ieg

  1. 1. Information Excellence Harvesting Information Excellence Information Excellence 2014 Jul Knowledge Share Session Meenal Ashtikar, ACROTREND Customer Analytics in Event Management Context Hosted by
  2. 2. Meenal Ashtikar: IEG Session 2014 Jul Customer Analytics in Event Management Context Compete life cycle case study in improving the event turnout and success.
  3. 3. Meenal Ashtikar 3 Meenal heads the Customer Insights and Analytics team at Acrotrend. She has over 15 years of IT experience delivering excellent results for multiple FTSE clients. She is engaged in helping their clients’ Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions apply Customer Insights and Analytics(CIA), BI, Data Discovery technologies and concepts to realize business value from their customer acquisition, retention and profitability programmes. Meenal also regularly facilitates workshops on Customer Insights and Analytics for executives, CEOs, VP and Line-of-business Heads, preparing them with outside-in approaches, frameworks and methodologies to apply for successful CIA programmes. Meenal Ashtikar Head, Customer Insights and Analytics ACROTREND
  4. 4. Customer Analytics in Events Management Meenal Ashtikar Head – Customer Insights and Analytics Acrotrend
  5. 5. Customer Analytics Events Management Industry Customer Analytics in Event Management Industry Questions… Agenda
  6. 6. Businesses are asking hard questions about how to improve their customer experience in a limited resource environment  How do we reengage our core customers?  How do we sharpen our focus to attract new customers?  How can I optimize my sales force?  How do I get more from my existing customers? Sales  How valuable are my customers to me? Do they all provide the same value?  How do we speak to the heart of customer wants and needs?  How do changes in price impact our customers?  How can we strategically target customers to reduce marketing costs? Marketing  How do we improve customer retention?  How do we allocate resources more effectively to improve the service experience?  How do I align channels, service requests, and customers to optimize service? Customer service
  7. 7. View on Customer Centricity Customer Create a Unified View of Each Customer Build Innovative Customer Experiences Learn from Each Customer Interaction Personalize Each Customer Interaction Present a Single Company Personality  Deliver on real-time  Perform event-based communication  Gain immediate feedback  Provide Insights linked to customer touchpoints  Create consistent segmentation and interaction rules  Move towards personalization  Tailor interactions to individual  Tailor content to individuals  Conduct CRM data analytics for customer acquisition, growth an retention  Convert customer insights into actions  Improve continuously  Manage multi-channel customer contact  Build brand personality  One company with consistent rules  Analyze and track customer interactions overall all customer contact channels  Consolidate customer data  Utilize Internal and external data
  8. 8. A variety of critical customer data inputs can be used to answer sales marketing and customer service questions through Customer Insights & Analytics solutions Customer experience audit Third-party data Behavioral data “Voice of the Customer” Voice of the company Sales Customer service Inputs Outputs Enabling capabilities  Single view of customer  Contact history  Change management and organization design  Business process redesign  Performance measurement / business intelligence  Analytical systems  Data warehousing / architecture  Knowledge management $ 1234 5689 Businessvalue Customer Insights & Analytics Customer value Businesschallenge Marketing
  9. 9. A few Event Management Companies Reed Exhibitions, UBM, Gartner What is their Business Model? Who are their customers? Overview of Events Market
  10. 10. Analytics-based strategy Demographic Data Subscription Information Social Data Mobile Data Event Data (Badge Swipes, Class Attendance, etc.) Email Data + External Data (Profile Information, Behavior Data) Customer Analytics Product Strategy Marketing Strategy Pricing Strategy
  11. 11. How we started Business Workshops with Steering Co Understand business drivers Current business processes Functional Aspirations Reality Check Information requirements and availability Low hanging fruits Business value Ready to go?
  12. 12. Suggested ‘All-inclusive’Targeting Online and Live Event Content Engagement Topical Metadata Topical Metadata Topical Metadata Topical Metadata Events Topical Metadata Lead Nurturing Topical Metadata Webinars Topical Metadata • Metadata generated from content created and engaged with from live events • As users engage with these products, metadata gets attached to them with a weightage assigned based on level of engagement, recency, etc. • As the promotion is underway, the matched users get highly personalized emails inviting them to attend certain events
  13. 13. Sources Reporting Component Advanced Analytics Component Generating a holistic view of customers by: • Merging Customer data from Online and offine sources • Ensuring data quality and consistency Create an integrated View of customer ff Provide visibility to customer information Solution Summary Content Data Reg data Marketing Data Social Data made available in Data Warehouse Providing coherent information to aid decision making by: • Storing Customer information across time and across event • Ensuring availability of relevant information Data Warehouse Component Data Integration: Extract Transform Load (ETL) Component Develop complete understanding of customers • Report on customer sources • Report on customer, content consumption & registrations • Report on customer behaviour Generate insights to improve customer engagement • Identify potential attendees based on their personas • Customer • Demographics • Payments • Registration • Click throughs • BEhaviours
  14. 14. Results Delivered Analytics-driven emails were opened at an average of 16.03% – compared to an average of 12.57% for general marketing emails. 27% Uplift
  15. 15. Thank You!
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